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My Compiled List Of Tips/Notes/Threads/Resources For Using SER

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SER is a real BEAST of a program! It can do so much that, in reality, @Sven probably doesn't even remember everything it does. (lol!) I always have a little bit of a soft spot in my heart for people that are just starting to use it. Especially for those that may just be starting with internet marketing completely!

It is hard enough to figure IM or SER out by themselves when you know what you are doing, but sometimes you don't even know enough to know what questions to ask.

Because of this, I thought I would try to "give back" a little to the SER community. During my "journey" of learning SER, I have been compiling a list of notes, threads, links, etc. that have been helpful for me. So, I thought they might be helpful for others as well. Often, when people ask questions in this forum, they are told..."that has already been answered, just do a search on the forum, and find it yourself". Sometimes that is an appropriate answer. Sometimes it may not be. Also, with the forum getting so large any more, it can take forever to weed through everything to find what you need.

What I am doing here in no way supercedes of replaces other threads that have already been set up for your benefit. There are threads at the top of the forum for FAQs, training videos, etc. that everyone should spend the time to go through. They contain much of the info you need (some of it you need and you don't even know you need it! - until you read these threads).

My intention in this thread is just to provide a list of common "types" of questions/problems and list resources that I have compiled that help with these. My thanks goes out to all those who have provided the answers/resources that I have included here. They have helped me immensely!

*DISCLAIMER* - Use this info at your own discretion. I do not guarantee the accuracy of it (although I hope it is). Some of it may be out of date and, as SER developes further, surely more of it will become out of date (and inaccurate).

So here we go...

- How should I get started with SER?
    Do not just "jump in" and start using it. Your time, at first, would be much better spent learning (at least on a basic level) how to get it set up properly.,.even if this takes you a week or two. Start with a good foundation and you will end up with a better building. Study the info listed here, in the FAQs, and shown in the videos.

- Good Training Videos from various people
(Many of these are included in the "Announcement" threads at the begining of the forum
    - Scraping Relevant URLs & using them in a specific project

    - Global Site Lists

    - Good YT Channel with several videos (this is @Santos)

    - FatSteve channel
            - Pick out the videos on GSA SER

- Can I use ONLY SER to get results for my sites?        

- Setting up campaigns (projects) properly

- Threads related to building TIERED Links
        - The thread that started all the discussions about "tiers"
        - Great diagram by @Ozz
        - Great diagram by @ron
        - Short comment by @ron about numbers of links to build, etc.
        - Good info from @eLeSlash with links to some resources
        - @ron comment - limit number of lower tier links & link to every url (Per URL option)
- How to set up email accounts
        - New program just developed/ far the best & easiest method
- What types of "maintenance" to perform on a regular basis
        - Recommendations from @LeeG
        - Recommendations from @ron
    - Remember to check periodically if any email accounts are getting blacklisted and replace them.
- What are the MOST IMPORTANT things to consider for improving performance of SER

    1.) You MUST USE private or semi-private proxies!!!
         - Where to get proxies from

         - Recommended settings for proxies (thanks @Ozz !)

         - Regularly check your proxies (YES...even though they are private/semi-private)
             - Best stand-alone proxy link...
                  - You don't have to install it, just unzip the folder and get to work.
                  - By default, it comes set to use "Internal Judge" and I found some recommendations on-line to use this setting. But I could not get it to work. Under "Connect Options", I set this to "External". Then under "Judge Options", click on "Test Judges". Delete all the bad ones. Right click on the best one remaining and click "Copy judge(s) to clipboard". If there are no good ones left, search Google for "proxy judges" and copy list from there into Charon and retest.                 

    2.) Provide more keywords for your projects.
    3.) Limit posting to platforms that are getting results.
        Here is how to check...

            Options > Advanced > Tools and then the stats there. Then compare the number Submitted vs the number Verified (or number Identified vs number Submitted)
    4.) Don't expect to be able to create huge numbers of links when you only have a few projects.
    5.) Run SER on a PC that can handle it, and that has a good internet connection. This DOES NOT have to be a VPS.    
    - Threads related to SER performance.
- Info about scraping and importing url lists into SER
    - Note from @Sven
        When scraping & importing files into should delete duplicate domains for all engines except blogs/image comments.
- Bad Word Filter List
- Searching for things on the forum.

    Using the "Search" function on the forum itself, it is often very difficult to find what you are looking for. It is usually much more beneficial to do your search in Google. You will get more "targeted" results than you do from searching in the forum.
    To search in Google use this... "enter your search term here"
        (The quotes are not necessary, but may help if you know "exactly" what you are searching for. Otherwise put in your search term without the quotes.)
- How do I get SER, SEO Indexer, or Captcha Breaker? (Maybe I should have listed these first.)

GSA SER sales thread...

GSA SEO Indexer...(I think the only place to get it is from their site.)

GSA Captcha Breaker...

There is, no doubt, much more that could go in here, but this should provide a good start for most people. Hopefully others will chip in with additional beneficial items as well.
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  • Yep as above bookmarked and thanks!
  • Hi, may I know why most of my posting are in (-) sign, is it my setting problem?
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  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Amazing! This will help so many people! Those are some great threads.

    I'd add at the top:

    Stop What You're Doing!
    Get A Pen.
    Get a Notebook.
    Get a Coffee.
    Turn OFF Your Phone.
    Logout of Your Emails.
    Lock the Door.

    Now You Are Ready To Begin! :-)
  • @AlexR - Thanks! Glad you liked it. I hope it does help!
  • Great list. Thanks for the resource!
  • thank you..nice me a lot as a newbie
  • Here's a different bad words list with about ~300 more bad words than the mediafire list:

    It has all the words deemed bad by Google.  I imagine Google updates this list from time to time but this seems pretty current.

  • In that bad word lists, can you say why there is an ":1" after each keyword?
  • @Svoabada - I don't see that problem.  Just tried it again.

    I would open it up in MS Word and do a search replace for ":1" with white space.
  • @DavidA2 -- you sir are a champion!  thanks for this :)
  • Glad it was able to help! Now put it to work!
  • Thanks can you give list of general keywords people are using ...... for scraping
  • @anudeepkanwar If you do not have ScrapeBox for scraping keywords, you can download a list of the 1,000 most common words in English, and then use a free keyword site like to generate lists of keywords to use.  That's what I did before I learned how to scrape using Scrape Box. 
  • A very quick question

    @Laubster what do you do to the thousands of keywords?
  • lrichard2112  you use them in the keywords section of SER to find targets
  • Just wondering about the first video by Fat Steve: mentioned above.

    Question: I went through quickly the three videos and after he saved those urls in the first video, I'm not sure what he used it for? Did he import the file of urls for project? If so, what's the use of this as opposed to the normal method of just letting GSA do its stuff? Thanks.

  • lrichard2112 - Yes. The URLs bar is the list of URLs on YOUR site that you are trying to build links to.  The anchor texts are the various keywords you will use in the anchor texts of the links you're building.  The keywords are used to help GSA find places where it can find links (it matches up the links with "footprints" from the various engines list on the left to find places it can build links). 
  • @Laubster - so i can put many keywords there?

    Thanks for the quick answer sir.
  • Thanks for putting everything together. It has really helped me to build my next quality campaign :) Also, just with some of the settings on above threads, I have moved my LPM from 3 to 10 :) Achievement for today. I keep coming back to this thread for more info.
  • "Run SER on a PC that can handle it, and that has a good internet connection. This DOES NOT have to be a VPS"
    You're sure not better with a VPS or a server. I've hundreds of projects ?
    What's the best PC configuration and Internet connection for get lots of Links on many projects ?
  • I am sorry to say that, but GSA captcha breaker is a limitation here, I can run at 1000 threads but GSA captcha breaker cant handle the amount of captchas,i have to lower that to 250 threads.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    What's the best PC configuration and Internet connection for get lots of Links on many projects ?

    If you're serious about running, don't try to run on your local PC, get a VPS. I go through 3+ TB of data on each VPS every month.  Call your internet company and ask if there is a problem using 3TB of data.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    edited July 2013

    I dont agree with you about not running on a home PC. It all depends on where you live and what internet connection is available, and whether your ISP charge per bandwith usuage like they do in South Africa or it is unlimited like what we have here in Thailand.

    I have a 50/5 Mbps fiber optic cable connection at home costing around $100\pm  - My Isp provide up to 200/15 Mbps line s and they are promoting it with High Def TV Streaming as ad on as well.There is no bandwith cap. Here is the sales page with options -- sorry it is in Thai ---> $1 =  Thb. 30

    I run my laptop, my main pc, my daughter's pc and a media centre on this line 24/7. The pc with GSA Ser on it runs at 500 threads 24/7 and has been for months. I have never noticed this pc consuming more than 4 Mpbs TX and 512 Kbps RX at any given time.

    Here is a screen shot of my total bandwith used for this month, only on the machine running the GSA Ser software.

    So again You DO NOT need a VPS to run GSA SER. All you need is a stable and good internet connection a average power PC with at least 8GB  RAM -- and you are good to go blast away 24/7.

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Try run SER in South Africa with a cost of $10 per 1GB....VPS is far cheaper! If you're uncapped then it might make sense if speed is good and depending on number of computers sharing the connection. 
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