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Manual vs SER Tier 1's

AlexRAlexR Cape Town
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I have a number of manual web2.0s I've created. I also have GSA SER create some tier 1's. 

Just neatening up my VPS's to make them more manageable and working on a system.

1) Is there a way to import these manual web2.0's I've created into the other tier 1 project so they are seen as target's URL's? 
I.e. so I have a master tier 0, that builds links to the moneysite, and this is my tier1, and below this is a tier 2. I'd like to add these manual Tier 1's into this process, so the they also get tier 2 links built to them. Do I just import "Target URL's" into the tier 1 and it will see a link is there and then include them in the verified list?
2) Or would you advise creating seperate project for manual web2.0's and try and rank them?
3) I don't want profile links getting tiered links, so I have a duplicate project called "Contextual", and I extract all the verified actual contextual links and delete profiles. What's the best way to only move these actual contextual links into the "master Tier 0 project" so that they get Tier 2 links built to them? Again, do I just export the verified URL's and then import them into the "Master Tier 0" as a target URL? 


  • SvenSven

    1) yes that should work if the chosen URL on submission (in case you have more than one) is the same as on the URL you have imported

    2) no go with 1.

    3) delete profile links from verified urls.

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    To do 1, do I just import "Target URL" which is the URL of my manual web2.0, even if the platform is not supported by GSA SER?

    (I can't set it as a Fixed Target URL, since it is a Tier project)
  • SvenSven
    Naw you don't have to define any "fake engine". As long as the URL is found on the site it is moved to the verified urls. Another option would be to simply go to the verified urls dialog and import the urls there, do a re-verify and you even have anchor text, PR and so on on it.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Thanks...just wanted to confirm before I do this for many projects. :-)
  • hey @globalgoogler ... double click on your project > go down to Tools > Show URLs > Verified
    in that window  right Click > Import Verified Urls > Source
  • can i import the web 2.0 which i created manually as tier 1 ?
  • yes, if the link is in the article gsa will find it, if you do what i said
  • problem what hand made, unique t1 ranks highly, but money site looks like get only partial benefits from such t1.
  • edited July 2021
    I've tried to learn, it turns out that it can and I've applied it to tier 1 which I manually created I placed to build tier 2 using GSA, but sometimes for url verification something fails, and I also try to create a pro url redirect which I enter as verification has been entered and done by GSA SER to get a tier below it, no need to enter it in the target url but open it directly in the verified url and import it there AlexR berkata:
    Saya memiliki sejumlah web2.0 manual yang telah saya buat. Saya juga meminta GSA SER membuat beberapa tier 1. 

    Hanya merapikan VPS saya untuk membuatnya lebih mudah dikelola dan bekerja pada suatu sistem.

    1) Apakah ada cara untuk mengimpor web2.0 manual ini yang telah saya buat ke proyek tingkat 1 lainnya sehingga dilihat sebagai URL target? 
    Yaitu jadi saya memiliki tingkat master 0, yang membangun tautan ke situs uang, dan ini adalah tingkat saya1, dan di bawah ini adalah tingkat 2. Saya ingin menambahkan manual Tingkat 1 ini ke dalam proses ini, sehingga mereka juga mendapatkan tingkat 2 tautan dibangun untuk mereka. Apakah saya hanya mengimpor "URL Target" ke tingkat 1 dan itu akan melihat tautan di sana dan kemudian memasukkannya ke dalam daftar terverifikasi?
    2) Atau apakah Anda menyarankan untuk membuat proyek terpisah untuk web2.0 manual dan mencoba dan memberi peringkat pada mereka?
    3) Saya tidak ingin tautan profil mendapatkan tautan berjenjang, jadi saya memiliki proyek duplikat yang disebut "Kontekstual", dan saya mengekstrak semua tautan kontekstual aktual yang diverifikasi dan menghapus profil. Apa cara terbaik untuk hanya memindahkan tautan kontekstual aktual ini ke "proyek master Tier 0" sehingga mereka mendapatkan tautan Tingkat 2 yang dibuat untuk mereka? Sekali lagi, apakah saya hanya mengekspor URL terverifikasi dan kemudian mengimpornya ke "Master Tier 0" sebagai URL target? 

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