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  • VMart
    Hi sir,
    I'm new this filed, I'm planing to create tier project's to my YouTube channel, Is it correct? Kindly advice me.
    March 2016
  • gamertumbles
    I Need to post oly contextual links....
    eventhough we select oly the contextual link engines,GSA posting the URL in it..how to avoid that, any options available....??
    April 2014
  • gamertumbles
    In GSA search engine ranker,there is an option to post an image  automatically related to the article,
    but i need to post an image related to the keyword or anchor text of the project,how to do that..??
    Incase to change in the script means, how to change it...??
    August 2013
  • keith88
    Thank you so much for your input on things.  You thoughts are very much appreciated!
    May 2013
  • eprofitz
    Hi Ozz

    I hope you can help. I I'll like to post to mediawiki sites with keywords as the title of the page like http://www.stanford.edu/dept/pres-provost/cgi-bin/wiki/index.php?title=What_Should_Be_Done_For_The_Best_Water_Damage_Restoration rather than the user name being the title. Is that possible with gsa and if so how.

    Thank you.
    April 2013
  • thangben
    Hi Ron, I am Thang, from Vietnam. I bought GSA ranker a while ago. But i have got any success yet. Can you help me to set up 1 campaign please?? I would love to have your help. If you charge for a service fee, i am willing to pay. Hope fully i can learn something from you.
    March 2013