How To Boost LPM?

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When I first started GSA Ser, I was getting nearly 40 LPM, then it started gradually slowing down, not sure why. 

Right now I'm around  .17 LPM, although I average about 1 LPM.

Any ideas?

I try to import all the urls that I want to post to, but even after importing nearly 500,000 urls the LPM was still 1.

Running GSA SER with Captcha Sniper, GSA Indexer, and scraping links using Gscraper


  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    You finished all of the easy links and now GSA is having trouble finding more platforms.  There are a finite number of installations of each engine in the wild and once you've got most of them, you're looking for new installs.

    One way to boost your LPM is to create new campaigns.  This will artificially inflate your LPM, but that seems to be the goal for a lot of people.
  • Okay, so it seems that if I added another 100,000 keywords or so I should be fine?

    Right now I don't even have 50,000 keywords total. 
  • OzzOzz
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    if you are only using scraped lists than adding more keywords to SER doesn't have an impact. 
    safe your log to file for a while and upload it to a hoster.
  • Im using public proxies, scraped daily, verified daily.

    I have it set up to also use search engines to find links. My tier 2 only uses google,yahoo, and bing/msn, and my tier 3 uses all English search engines.
  • its the public proxies then. buy some private proxies.

    just do it.
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    yep just do what Dr. @Ozz says !!! i started with SER a long while ago .. with tons of public proxies .. now i use ~20 priv and got much much more submissions / verified than with thousands of that damn lousy public proxies
  • wht about me? having 11 camps with 3 tiers each and stuck on 3/4 lpm! i have tweaked everything, engines, keywords and have 25 private proxies, and i cant go faster. Everything is setup on my 100mb vps 4 core i5 with 4gb ram.

    Am i missing something?
  • And then i have another vps running 12 main camps with 3 tiers each and 350 private proxies and i cant manage to go over 20/30 lpm.

    This is frustrating
  • whìch messages are in the log? save it to file and start to investigate.
  • i have a lot of already parsed, the pings i have already sorted out. i think the problem could be the search engines! Right?
  • OzzOzz
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    most important thing is that there are not dozens of "download failed" messages.

    "already parsed" means that SER has already tried to post to that site so its not trying again. you can "delete target history" to give it another try when submission weren't successfull, but you should do it only once in a while because it makes no sense to try to post to urls again and again when they won't allow your submission.
    apart from that the SEs give you the same results all the time which will cause in many "already parsed" messages. this depends obviously on how many of the sites are available for certain platforms. some of them are very limited in numbers and some of them are nearly unlimted (like wordpress blog comments for example). 
  • Wht does the download failed error mean? i saw it a couple of times
  • most often your proxies are not working as they should = no connection = download failed
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    Screenshots would help of your campaign settings as well as your global settings.
  • Yeah...I would be frustrated too. There must be something wrong. Probably one of those dog gone stupid things that you will kick yourself later for - but frustrating none the less. With just a little work (and decent settings), it should not be too hard to get to 20 LpM.

    Like @ron, I run SER on my home PC (quad-core, 8GB RAM & a good internet provider) and I don't have any problem running 20-30 Lpm (with 100 threads) - and at times up to 50-60 LpM. I think others are even doing a good bit more than that on similar setup.
  • ronron
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    You can do more than that @DavidA2. I have 30 semi private proxies and doing 300 threads. Same quadcore, ram and internet as you. Man up! :)
  • @ron - Are you calling me out? A good old fashioned pistol duel may be in order. I have been reluctant to really give it a kick in the pants - for fear that it will tie the whole PC up. I still use this PC for most everything else too. Maybe I should "let 'er rip" and use my laptop for my day-to-day stuff.
  • ronron
    Dude, lift up your skirt and let it swing!
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    Here is my summary :

    1. Never use public proxy, my recommendation is semi-private proxy at I have terrible experience with proxy-hub never going to use them again. How many proxy, the more is better but if you have more then 15 project, you need at least 30 for the best.

    2. Number of thread is depend on your computer spec, try 100 at first and increase the number to the max

    3. HTML timeout 130-140 seconds

    4. Search engine time out 10 seconds

    5. uncheck  "collect keywords from target sites" and uncheck "use collected keywords to find new target sites", it slow down the GSA SER

    6. Tier 1 use automatic verify and don't check on other

    7. Tier2 use custom time with minimum 1440 or above, try it

    8. Search engine i use : 1 google international, 3 google CA,UK,US, 1 Yahoo US and 1 MSN US ( i still try this )

    9. Always do check and only use the engine that produce the most backlink, follow this thread...

    10. Always remember this : PUBLIC PROXY SUCKS..... NEVER EVER TRY TO USE IT...!

    11. ( I NEVER DOING THIS ) Add more footprint. Inside the GSA SER folder search for - Engine Folder. Please take a time to analyze which engine give you more verify link and add more search term footprint to those engine. By doing this you will get more search result to post and will increase your LpM. I never doing this since the Engine always overwrite when i update so i didn't do this step.


    by doing above you should get a higher LpM from average GSA SER member.

  • Just making sure, by #5 you mean don't check the "collect keywords from target sites" button?
  • ronron
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    Yes, @darman82 means do not check either of those boxes.

    And if you really want to boost your LPM, disable verification on lower tiers where you build a lot of links. I then do a manual verification every 3-4 days or even once a week. It really helps.

  • 11. ( I NEVER DOING THIS ) Add more search term inside the GSA SER -
    Engine Folder for the high verify rate engine. By doing this you will
    get more search result to post and will increase your LpM. Since the
    Engine always overwrite i didn't do this step.

    What does it means ? we have to do this or not, if yes then how

  • 140 seconds for HTML timeout? I go with 90 seconds on 800 threads.....
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    5 is something I have never tried. I have that set and still get a decent LpM

    I find helps it keeps ser running with less maintenance of keyword lists etc

    It will also help find more target sites

    Chances are, keywords that you might have missed

  • @LeeG even on T1?
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Im a grumpy lazy old git

    If your using global sites lists and that option ticked on lower tiers, your still going to be hitting the same scraped sites on the upper tiers

    It just helps to keep ser running and pulling constant places to post links

    Less time doing maintenance, more time working on ways to push ser to new limits

  • ronron
    I'm anxious to hear if @DavidA2 changed his settings after all that guff I gave him, and what his results were.
  • I did change my settings. Bumped it from 150 threads to 300 threads. Did not see any difference in number of links as a result (for 1/2 day run). I had been getting 25-30 Lpm and 30-40,000 submitted/day. That is what I am still getting.

    I am kind of surprised. Like I mentioned before, in the past couple days, I also changed some other settings I thought would boost things some (removed engines that were getting poor results, reducing verification times on "junk link" projects, etc.) and added a bunch of new projects. I expected to see a pretty significant jump in results, but it has not happened. Not sure why at this point.

    One thing I have noticed since I made all these changes is that, even with running more projects, my network utilization is down pretty significantly (maybe 50% or more). I surmise that this is because SER is not "wasting" time and resources with sites that don't work, and is not verifying as often.

    BTW - Bear in mind, the LpM I am getting is running the current release (5.49). It seems very stable for me so far. CPU utilization is down from what I was getting while running 5.30 (always 99%).

    Anyway, looks like I have more "testing" to do to see if I can bump the speed up some more.
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    DavidA2 Try changing your set-up in options for proxy usage. 

    1. Uncheck the PR checking option
    2. Uncheck search engines or select private
    3. Uncheck proxies verification

    This gave me the speed back that I had before.

    Hope it works for you too.....
  • @01971 Will unchecking PR disable it completely?

    For verification you don't need any proxies at all, all it does is go to the URL and see if a backlink is there.No way for your original IP to be marked as spam and it's faster w/o proxies.
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