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This posting is so you do not have to make the same bad experiences!

I keep this brief. I dont like blabla, and those fake IM reviews selling dirt for gold.

From the best to the worst.

approx 80$ gone in 3 months. I hit them hard, approx ,7 to 1 TB of traffic a month.

On buyproxies and proxy-hub I tested semi and dedicated, but could not see any big difference over 24h period in ping,traffic or LPM.
+fast proxy, even from EU.
+no dead, no unable to connect
+great price, first month coupon available
+fast received
+FAST support
(there is no - ..)
-> my choice. will order them today again!
+fast proxy, even from EU.
+no dead, no unable to connect
+great price, recurring coupon available
+fast received
-2/10 were  pre-banned
- slow support
- unable to solve a simple banned proxy ticket

-> if price is #1, get them, but always get 10% more then you need, you never know if some are banned and the support does not understand you.

-can only bind to ip, sucks when you got DSL
-> seen this after purchase, I asked for a refund. Will see how long that takes.
-no support! every 3-5 days you receive a ticket telling you they need more information on your dead proxys (and I gave them all in one mail (ping, telnet, screencopy, etc..).
-did i mention slow, dead and NO support?
-after approx 8 days now they cant solve 2 dead proxy, and all this +20-40 pings (!) and dead or banned, I confronted them with a money-back, if they will not refund within 5 days I will contact Visa for fraud and make some threads on other IM-Forums. Hope they like that.

->never ever again

Why I do that? I like to test, do reviews, help other people find the best and get the best you can get for your $.

Like I said, I want to keep this brief.

Best for GSA SER: or


  • had a problem with proxy-hub too but chatted with the guy on skype and all got fixed quick ..
    buyproxies i use too and it has the little advantages thisisalex told above .. i use both of them ,)
  • Thanks Alex.
    I use proxy-hub, really SLOW in ticket reply, and that skype ID shows grey every time I need him(maybe different timezone). But it's no big deal as the proxies works fine for me.
  • thank you for your feedback! I appreciate that and that shows me I made a good review.

  • Heard of buyproxies but never pay a seriously attention. Just checked their website and found this.

    lmao. they really DO HAVE BALLS!!
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    If somsone could hack into  the gscraper software and output the proxies it grabs from there servers, you'd be worth a small fortune:)
  • I found this 3 months ago, and still love this:

    "No cheap words, just cheap proxies!

    See our REAL reviews on* (1903 thumbs UP, 1 thumb down).

    *=Sorry, we are to lazy to write those fake and juicy testimonials like other sites are doing."
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    Is there a discount coupon for buyproxies?
  • I have also used and currently use them. if you buy 250 private proxies they are a dollar a piece or 10 for $13. Not a bad price for private elite proxies.

    It takes them a while to deliver them and you don't get new ones each month. If you want new ones you have to cancel your order and submit a new order. Not a big deal in my opinion.

    They are also ip authenticated so no need for username and password. Just login to a website to authenticate and you are good to go.
  • for 300$ month you can get a dedi squid server.... somehwere .....
  • I just bought proxy hub proxies and they seem slow, I bought EU proxies because my VPS is in france so it would be faster but it doesn't look like it.

    I have my timeout set to 15 seconds in scrapebox and when I test them alot of the proxies timeout, I have to change timeout to 30 seconds for them to work. They respond almost instantly buy the Google test takes 15+ seconds whereas on my old proxies it all took <5 seconds.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    If you get problems with proxy hub, do a screenshot and submit a ticket

    Or contact them via Skype

    Skype id: Proxy.hub

    I run 40 shared European proxies from there with a vps based in America @250 threads, without problem 24/7

    A lot of problems can also be down to your vps and its spec



  • o.k. so I'm game to get proxies from but, how many do I need?

    I run GSA on two different VPS's and each one runs 50 threads and about 25-30 campaigns.

    Any suggestions or advice would be great!
  • ronron
    I started with 30 from them. Still use 30. They work great.
  • Thanks @ron I ended up getting 50 Private Proxies from them.. .so far ... so good... ;)
  • ronron
    Hopefully those were semi-private. You really don't need fully private - I think that is a big waste of money. I have had excellent results with them, and the proxies really hold up well with all my abuse.
  • When i use proxy-hub, their  support system was really bad, the admin always offline at skype and when i send email i always get respond above the 48 hours.

    I prefer buyproxies, cause my support ticket always got respond in bellow 12 hours.

    buyproxies is the one i recommend

  • @darman82 ...... thats true, they are slow , they should follow old business rule "to many customers and bad service? just raise price ;-)"
  • Thanks for the info. As giving all that info saves a noob like me serious time and money. I am using proxybonanza, and so far as i can see (not much) they are good, fast and most of all cheap. Not pushing them in any way..if someone with more experience wants to check them out.
  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    +1 for
  • proxy 51 is terrible...
  • Any RECURRING discount for BuyProxies? Only reason I'm with ProxyHub is because I get a recurring discount.
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    @ron Do you mean semi-dedicated proxies?

    Do you have dedicated or semi-dedicated proxies?
  • ronron
    edited July 2013

    I only have semi-dedicated private proxies. Dedicated proxies are a waste of money IMHO.

    I use buyproxies, and I couldn't find a recurring deal. I don't believe there are any. But buyproxies are probably the cheapest price on the internet (at normal price) for 30 or 50 proxies, so you are getting a good deal regardless.

    I have used them for about a year now, and I wouldn't use anyone else because I am very happy with them.

  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    @ron I'm also with Buyproxies. I first started out with the semi-dedicated(50), then tried the dedicated(30), not seeing that big of a difference between them. Proxies still get banned and they of course replace them as usual. I think i'm going to go back to the 50 semi-dedicated again.

    Thanks for your input.
  • @ron, do you use proxies for everything in GSA - including scraping Google & other search engines?
  • ronron
    edited July 2013
    Yes, I have it turned on for everything. If it caused a problem (especially with scrapes or pr checks) I wouldn't be able to get 140 LPM (average, sometimes close to 200) on 30 semi-dedicated proxies with no site lists and pure scraping within SER.
  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    @ron What is your time between searches?

    When I go lower than 60 seconds, I start seeing the proxy banned messages in the GSA log.
  • ronron
    edited July 2013

    I use 30 semi-dedicated buyproxies with these settings:


    You probably need to add more search engines. I use 120 SE's.

  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    I'm still testing what se's to use. I've read here to use only 6-8 Google, etc.

    When I read that others were using that many also, they were always being told to use less.

    Back to testing. lol
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