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My results so far using - GSA + ACW, TBS,

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Hey guys, I've had a few conversation with several of you, and I've most definitely appreciated all the forums on here as well BHW.
I recently had a friend show me his profits from the online game and that's what drew me to become a nice little black hatter :)

I decided to ONLY use GSA for several experiments and although it's only early days, I thought I'd open a conversation about my results and progress.. hopefully in 1-2months I'll be able to post some better results. The main reason is to re-educate myself about my process and hopefully if you have picked something up that I've done wrong or you feel like giving an input, by all means have a go..

Anyway, after studying everything that was said by Ozz, LeeG, Sven, Fullspeed, ron and a few other key inputters on this site, I decided to build my first few campaigns.

Since this is a secondary marketing measure, I have no problem in letting you guys know what industry I'm testing everything on, because if you read this and you're not in my industry, maybe you'd like to give a tip here or there.. I am in the cosmetic / botox industry.. 

So I have two experiments going:
1) Tier system
2) Complete and utter spam

From all the forums I've read, I decided to use the following programs:
Berman Hosting

1) Tier system
If you are new like me, I recommend reading pretty much as many forums and discussions as you can possibly find about Tier building, their results, other people's methods and when you think you've read enough, go back and read more. I have read back on absolutely everything I've come across at least 2-3times. Then when you get the gist of it all, the only thing left to do is start experimenting:

I'm happy to explain and answer in detail the insides and how I built my Tier system, but for the purpose of this first post, I'll just give the basics:

I have my 'moneysite' 

Tier 1 - 
Very well spun manual articles pointing to moneysite directly 
(3 sentences for each sentence, 3 paragraphs in total, average uniqueness is around 78%) 
In the past 2 weeks I've had 80 verified links which is spread out between 10URLs
I'm only submitting to GSA's platforms: Article, blog, social network, 2.0 and trackback
Im submitting across 60 engines
I'm submitting 70 niche keywords

Tier 2
Similarly spun articles, changed a little bit here and there
In the past 1 week I've had 633 verified links (each pointing to a URL and has a limit of 100 pointing to it so there's still a few to go)
I'm only submitting to GSA's platforms: Article, blog, social network, 2.0, trackback and i've included indexer here
Im submitting across 120 engines
I'm submitting to 524 keywords 

Tier 3 - just started it today
Similarly spun articles, changed a little bit here and there
In the past 1 hour I've had 170 verified links (each pointing to seperate URLS in Tier 2, no limit, complete spam)
I'm only submitting to GSA's platforms: All except document sharing and video
Im submitting across 120 engines
I'm submitting to 6000 keywords and when it finds new ones just adding them automatically to the list

That's it for this Tier system. 

So, I started this project around 12days ago, it was nowhere to be seen on G till 4 days ago when it popped up on page 3, position 25. Hopefully now it will start to creep up to the top. the Tier system is on auto-pilot.

2) Complete and utter spam

I know this method is frowned upon and from reading and hearing about it, sounds like G has completely destroyed this option with Penguin and whatever other names they have for their updates, BUT...

I decided to run a spam campign, I've checked all platforms on GSA, I am only using 2 separate anchor texts, the blogs and content is not spun at all, same article everywhere, I have only URL, etc etc.. you get the gist.. basically a campaign with absolutely no care.

So I started this campaign last week, 7days ago, and the URL has been slowly creeping up. 4days ago it was in position 60, today it is in last position on page 2, god knows what tomorrow will bring..

I paused this campaign 3 days ago, and only today I un-paused it, so I'm interested to see what happens. I'm assuming I'll hit the top spot and then drop off as quickly as I rose up.. but you never know until you try!

So that's basically it... 

Things I think I should do for option 1:
I'm thinking I should increase the amount of keywords per tier
Change up the articles weekly
Find new web2.0 options for creating a better Tier1 - any suggestions?

Will update more when I get a change.. happy to answer any questions or discuss my campaign with y'all! :)


  • can you tell more about your keyword and competition.

    Exact local search per month.
    how is your top 10 competition.

  • ronron
    edited March 2013

    I have learned from experience to not mix the crap with the article type links in tiers 2,3,4,etc. What ends up happening is you waste linkbuilding on lower tiers (like tier3) building links to crap links like trackback and blogs on tier2. If you make that change, it will benefit you in the long run for a very long time.

    I spell it out here:

    I have found that T2,3, etc. keyword lists do not need to be relevant. Totally generic. The goal is to find more targets. But the list needs to be bigger. Try for 5k-10k.

    You don't need to change the articles that much. You don't need web 2.0's to succeed.

    Other than that, you are a fast learner, and I am proud to see somebody put it all together in a smart fashion.

    I don't know your level of competition as @rodol is asking, but even leaving that aside, I predict you will do well because of the way it appeared on the radar. That is very similar to how it happens for me.

    You may very well get away with Option #2 for a while. And a while can last from weeks to many months. It is smart to test it out so you can understand firsthand how that works. I know people that use that strategy to make money in a churn and burn deal.


  • @rodol Hi mate, can you spell out what is the exact information you need?

    I'll try answer it anyway...

    My competition is quite low and predominantly white hat, there is only 1-2 other guys in my local market attempting to do black hat tricks.
    Exact local monthly searches vary for all keywords, but let's say for my top 10-15keywords.. approx 10-50k local searches per month.

    Hope that helps, can I ask why you wondered?

  • @ron thanks for the feedback.
    I've read your article that you posted, and I must be retarded because I still don't ACTUALLY understand you "not to mix the crap with the article link type". Are you talking about the platforms I'm submitting to or the actual articles I'm submitting?

    So if it's platforms you're saying:
    T1 - submit to platforms like Arictles, Web2.0, social networks etc..
    T2,3,4 - also submit to those platforms and forget trackback, pink, indexer etc?

    If it's articles you're referring to, are you saying that:
    T1 - have amazing spun articles etc etc
    T2,3,4 - also have great articles and still care about these as much as T1

    Sorry for the confusion, please stick with me on this one :)

    As for the keyword lists, can I ask a few questions:
    1) Is it unethical of me to ask for a keyword list on a forum or from someone? Is that kinda like saying "hey can I have all your business and hard earnt work?"
    2) how do you classify a good list? For example, lets say I've been running a campaign for a while.. when I check on GSA for any additional words added, and it mentioned that the word "dog training" has been listed 57 times in its search and all other words are only once.. does that make that a good keyword in your mind? OR Is it just basic keyword search e.g. Google Keyword Tool and find all keywords with high traffic / volumes? OR is it neither and I'm a complete tool?

    I'm very interested to see what happens with both options, quite exciting to be honest..

  • ronron

    All I'm saying is keep articles, social network (and web 2.0 when we get them :) ) in only T1, T2, T3. These are your 'contextual tiers'.

    When you create those T1A, T2A, T3A tiers "from the side' so to speak, make those projects your 'crap' links - forum and image comments, blog comments, trackback, etc. Do not mix contextual platforms and engines (articles, social network, and web 2.0) with these crap links on T1A, T2A, T3A. You use these 'A' tiers to shoot juice into each contextual tier (T1,T2,T3).

    Just think of it as separating the good from the bad. When you do that, your LPM goes up and up.

    You can google generic keyword lists - they are all over the place. Look for word lists. Don't ask for a list, just go get one for yourself.

    Use relevant keywords on your tier 1. Use generic on anything underneath it - or else you will run out of targets. Generic means big terms that cover everything under the sun: mountains, red, jeans, italy, sharks, pens, carpeting, pacific ocean, etc. etc. The more generic the terms, the more results you will pull to create a link.  

    I don't know what you mean about keywords being added from GSA. If you are using that checkbox to collect keywords from competitors - don't do it. It's a waste of time.   

  • @ron You completely answered the one thing that was continually bugging me.. thanks heaps man.
  • edited March 2013
    I wonder about competition because thats the only way to meassure how your strat is working

    hey @ron ... are you using keywords for contextual platforms on tier 1 for the Tags thing or do you get more results scrapping contextual platforms with keywords?

    or you meant keywords for the T1A?
  • ronron

    It's more for the tags really. Hopefully one day we will have a tag field and then generic keyword lists can be used throughout all tiers.

  • @rodol did I give you enough information to measure my stats?

    So I can understand, what would you classify:

    1) Low comp
    2) medium comp
    3) high comp

  • @ron If I add more keywords to a Project while its still running, will they be scanned or will I need to

    a) pause the campaign and add them in
    b) restart the program
    c) start a project all over again with the new keywords?

  • @Ron - How much time do you put in to your keyword lists?
  • ronron

    @insane - I change projects all the time while they are running. Just do what you need to.

    @gtsurfs - On the generic lists, zero :D. On the first tier lists, 5 minutes max.


  • @ron you say we all should use this template:

  • pr filter dont make sense
  • thisisalex

    Why doesn't make sense ?
  • edited March 2013
    PR filter is waste of time and resources..When you see link profile of any gets links from all site - established sites, new sites, high pr sites as well as no pr sites..

    If you dont' use PR filter..SER will build links on HIgh PR as well as low PR domains..this makes your link profile look more natural..Just build lower tiers to High PR domains..thats it

    PS - many of my money sites are PR0 still they rank high in means even PR0 sites are considered as high quality by google :-)

    Only advantage of having link on high pr sites is - chanses are webmaster is not going to shut it down soon as he has worked hard to get high pr..with pr 0 site chanses of webmaster shutting down site are high
  • Did you test it, the no PR filter thing on your sites ? Do you got for hard kws or some lame 5k / month ?
  • ronron
    edited March 2013

    That's how the diagram looks physically, but I have completely different definitions for each box.

    I already defined the platforms my contextual tiers and kitchen sink tiers contain. I have no PR filters and no OBL filters.


  • no need to test....... use mind1.0 (mind2.0 you can save for more importan) , listen to ron + the others.

    I tried PR too, but got so few pr3+ article sites....... quick proxy or local IP bans, and so forth....

    "If you dont' use PR filter..SER will build links on HIgh PR as well as low PR domains."

    thats true. and it looks natural.

  • for the diagram..... quit the PR stuff.......

    if oyu do secondary links, do few.....
  • Hmmm interesting comments, I was using the PR filter only for my Tier1, so you genuinely think it's better to take this off? Doesn't google care?
  • Hmmm interesting comments, I was using the PR filter only for my Tier1, so you genuinely think it's better to take this off? Doesn't google care?
  • ronron

    @insane - I spent the better part of my life chasing PR. But since penguin, time after time, I have ranked in difficult markets going after large exact match terms - all without PR.

    All I am saying is, yes, we have all learned that. But things do change. That google algorithm changes all the time.

    I challenge and test things all the time, and so should you, and so should everybody else. PR is yesterday's game, not today's game. 

  • thanks ron. with your experience, this should be somehwere in the FAQs..
  • I have been thinking about PR posting a lot and this finally clears things up for me, I'm about to edit all projects to post to any PR now... Reason is simple... We know that google PR changes all the time (quite often then we think) and toolbar plugins got updated from time to time so I think about that like this...
    If I post a link today on any website, that website may not have PR now, but in 3 months it may have PR5 and even my article may have PR3 or so, and if I post a link on PR4 website, it may get back to PR1 in no time from whatever reason... So it's all game of quantity and velocity IMHO...

    Tnx for another great discussion. :)
  • well, you just gave another different reason why to quit PR-babbling ;_)

    quick check for PR is ok for general reconnaissance.. but for automatic backlinking sure not..

    I would rather go after alexa rankings..... but thats another idea..
  • edited March 2013

    another great thread with amazing info thx to @ron, @thisisalex and @senty4love
  • Yea... what @KayKay said
  • do you use Try to get only dofollow links for Tier1?
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