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My results so far using - GSA + ACW, TBS,



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    eleslash, how fast do you build your tier 1 links for your micro niche sites?
  • thanks @InsaNe for that answer and thanks also for the kw+category resources too :)
  • @Sven yes that was obvious, I should have tried that before posting! Thanks.
  • @velocity well depends, if its a brand new just purchased domain, i will want to start slow with 150 backlinks per day for 4 days then rise it up with 50 backlinks every 3 day.
    So its basically like this :
    Today 150 (verified backlinks)
    Tomorrow 150 verified
    3rd day 150 verified
    4th day 200 verified
    5th day 200 verified
    6th 200 verified
    7th day 250 verified
    9th day 300 verified
    12 day 350

    And i usualy stop at 500-600 backlinks per day in the end.
  • eLeSlash that is super fast link velovity for new sites. Does it work good for you ?
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    The easy way.

    create a website with your desired keyword, please add absence from Google  add the code to the sides of the web pages.

    register a www. url that the key word relate to only.

    your on page 2 already in Google with that keyword by doing above.

    know submit to directory's around 5.000 will be good enough.(power submitter ok)

    know add back links with your keyword, let it run all day and night for 2 weeks.

    after two weeks page 1 in goggle but at the bottom and can go easly.

    know let make sure it stays there for years.

    get chimp or any  spinier ok.

    create a 500 word article about your project, keyword in mind.

    submit  500 article's that are spun, add article to high pr7 or above article websites, like(ezine articles).

    know  create a 30 word sentence, about your project ,spun it 500 times, submit to pr7 or above blog websites like(word press) .

    know create a video to your project, your keyword in mind, add to YouTube.
    title keyword.
    discretion keyword.

    know create a  three slides , your need tell them your keyword x3 times on each slide,
    add this to upload

    know go to  how to and ansaws with yahoo .com, create x2 account, can not post on account till 1 week yahoo rules,
    when you can post add a question with your project / keyword in mind that using 1 account.

    3 days later log into the other account, and ansaw to your first post , but add your ansaw pointing to your web site with the adsence.

    last one go to face book add a account with project and keyword in mind create a advert in facebook.

    .............. so know your in Google at the middle first page, your also in yahooo directory so the link stays there in Google, you got a video from YouTube and slide shere your staying in Google you got a Facebook advert.

    carry on posting links for around a month or so, until you beat the top competitor  in backlinks.

    watch the traffic watch your earnings massive .

    yes this method can even be better with more social link adverts.

    your looking at 50.000 month do it wright.

    best regards redarrows.

    you can use all gsa products to do this....recommended.

    ------------------------remember this--------------

    back links is for google to see how many links are linked to a website,
    but remember the pr0 to pr9 are also in mind.

    if your got all pr9 backlinks to a competitor website,  they still might be above you in goggle,
    know you need to see how many article they got, then see how many videos they got, then see how many images they got,and how many slideshow they got and how many question and an saws they got on the .net,
    i am sure if you get more then they got criteria then of course your be in front of them in google.

    remember if you are going to beat a person goals then make sure at least thumb of rule double up.

    if the got
    videos 100 you get 200 in Google
    images 100 you get 200 in Google
    article 500 you get 1000 in Google

    as you can see this is all white hat, not black hat.

    all the above will last for years in google....

  • Looks like a WSO!
  • thats great. I will test that yahoo thing..

    YES, localized available :

  • hard to read and yes it looks like a WSO
  • hmm i even remeber to have that read somewhere else a while ago lol at least the same way .. 500 articles and so on .. seems to work @redarrows ? ;)
  • @ron I have been following your post about focusing on article sites and I have been doing that for about 2 weeks and the links are sticking.  I too am using ACW and it works just perfect.
    But one area I am confused about if I thought I had read that when your selecting Articles to promote that in your project settings you do not search by keywords but via the global lists.
    I may not be getting this correctly.  Thanks to you all for these posts.
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    Adsense - ARG!!!  The only issue with this is those of us where we reached near the 100$ level at adsense only for them to close our account.  I have not had a adsense account for over 5 years because of their ways.  If i knew I could open new account without them knowing my other one I would do it. But since my mailing address and name is the same I do not think its ever going to work with them.  Wish there was something as close and as good $$ as adsense without them closing accounts when it reaches the payout limit. :)
  • My anasaw was not a wso but i am on the warrior forum and yes a internet markter and yes good articles work perfect sorry if no one understod my post yes i am crap at exsplaining things i try to help that all i wish it was a wso for sale lol
  • ehhe that was no offend @redarrows ! just looked very similar ,)
  • I agree mate afther you buy loads of wso like i do maybe im writting what iread so i agree mate sorry if it offends anybody hope not
  • Another thing i must add if your spinning articles they must make sense as google going to scan them for unreadable content

    I heard that the best spinners are chimpmunk and thebestspiner remember only going by other members else where.

    There a keyword application that can do nearly everything and tell you value off Adsense clicks and get backlinks and sort them via pr forget the bame it $99
  • Spyglass that the name check it out very impressed
  • Quick updates for everyone and myself :)

    Project 1
    Moved up a couple of spots, was doing the google dance for a bit though still.
    Tier 1 - 200
    Tier 2 - 1280
    Tier 3 - 4036

    Project 2
    This was my complete spam project, I am now at position 16 (3 up from last update)
    Links - 3607

    Yesterday I purchased Lindexed as I've been reading about it.. it seems to be a lot quicker than GSA indexer and seems to do the job quite well - anyone else find this?

    Also, anyone seeing similar results / have comments about my volumes of links etc etc.. am I playing it too safe, or does this look ok to the experienced bunch? :)

    One more thing, I am not doing any other SEO, SEM etc etc.. just using GSA.

    Cheers all.
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    "Another thing i must add if your spinning articles they must make sense as google going to scan them for unreadable content"

    I thought this was only done by human moderators on some web 2.0's?

    Have I missed another Google innovation?

    Does this mean all articles created by KM, WAC, etc are now useless?

    Can you confirm where you got this information from please @redarrows?
  • Don't you think Lindexed might leave some nasty footprint ?
  • danhoff, how come?
  • ronron
    Lindexed is fine. I use it for everything. No footprint.
  • Quick update on the progress.

    Project 1 - the Tiered Link Building structure has been slapped for some reason.. not sure why, it was only on page 2, last position and now it's on position 5 of page 4.. hmmmm.. unsure why? I think its because there is a penalized site being 301'd to it.. can't really think of any other reason why..

    Project 2 - my complete and utter spammed site has magically moved up 7 spots. it's now still on page 2 but instead of the bottom it's 2nd from the top.. the way this is going, perhaps it will make it to the top spot by next week? Lets see if it does and how long it lasts!
  • how long was your time period for both period starting automatic linking till now?

    how is your tier set up?

  • @Ron - As always, your posts are so helpful to us young SEO pups - Thanks man!
    @eLeSlash - Thanks for the files and your input on this thread. Much appreciated!


  • @thisisalex

    its been just under 4weeks since I started both projects.

    Tier is set up as explained in the first post, unless there is something I missed out that you need to know?
  • thanksß keep us informed.

    Ok, remember that time yesterday when I mentioned how my projects are going? well I have some very interesting news..

    Project 1 - no update, still stuck on page 4, I think this domain is ruined somehow, will keep it going but already started a new one a week ago just incase..

    The good news.. my spammed site is #2 on G!!!!! 
    It's #2 for my favourite keyword and #5 for 3 other keywords..
    Something must have happened on G over the past 16hrs to make it jump up an entire page and hit the top spot..

    I guess I'll have to wait and see now how long it will last there as I've heard in many places that they only last a certain amount of time.. sometimes a week sometimes months..

    Good to know that G can still be fooled ;)

  • That what happen is Panda update...
  • Sorry I don't understand your english?
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