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My results so far using - GSA + ACW, TBS,



  • @shan ;I only have one moneysite and it's affiliate marketing (%of sale)

  • hey @insane what you do for your main site content? you write it yourself or you buy it? how many words? and you use keywords on titles and inside body in bold or anything else?

    Thanks for sharing and congrats. 
  • @rodol some of my sites have under 100words.. and some of them are 10-15pages of content
    I write everything myself because:
    1) its my own business so i know best about it
    2) i'm not going to pay someone to write shit content when I can do it myself
    3) writing 100 words take around 2mins ;)

    as for titles / headlines/ headings/ bold etc etc.. I don't pay any attention to this

    The site title is the only one i pay attention to.. I usually insert an anchor word here.. for example, if my site is about 'dog training' my site title will be 'Dog Training'.. 

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    what are the numbers which G returns when you search for "your keyword", this is some how an indicator of keyword competition.
    To see if there is any correlation between ranked keyword and unranked because of competition.

  • what I think about this strategy is that is working only on new websites, because Gdon't have any data about the domain and you crate 10k links in 1 month it considered like a viral one
  • I will do a test to a 2 years domain, PR2 to see how is going
  • Insane -  if you are making $200 per day just from 1 money site then think if you more than 10 money sites. Anyway, how much competition is there for your desired keywords? i think it's insurance niche.
  • Nice thread. Thanks for insight InSaNe.

    I'll try this on a pack of new test domains.

    To this moment I produce 20-50 page content sites with Adsense monetization and use safe linking methods. It takes up to 3 months to rank. And sites tend to drop in rankings after an year or so, if I don't add more links.

    For every 10 sites I make - 6-7 of them appear in a top 10.

    I already have about 2,500 sites, 2 full time writers and 1 linkbuilder.

    It's a real nightmare to manage this farm.

    In terms of money, they make approximately $3k per day from Adsense, Amazon aff program and Viglink/Skimlinks.
  • Wow these are quite huge numbers. 200$ is not bad 3k is incredible :) And 2500 sites with 20 - 50 pages, this is even unbevlievable :D

    Would like to know how much Ron is doing...
  • @traged 3 years of hard team work, and it's done :-)

    I had up to 6 full-time writers and 3 link builders while I was building a lot of sites.

    Now I build much slower and with better content and link quality.
  • @crownvic, this is very impressive!

    Can i ask you mentioned now you use 'safe linking methods', could you expand on this as could be helpful?

    Thanks in advance

  • @Friji, register domain and immediately add 10 pages of good content, then add another 10-20 pages within a 3-4 months.

    First month: press release about a new site, some bookmarks with, blog comments (nofollow, do follow - who cares?) on Google trusted blogs (especially moderated ones), like this:

    Second month and beyond: all the usual stuff. web 2.0, article directories, and so on...
  • @Insane

    Can you post a picture of your verified links pie chart on the project that has made it to number 1. I am interested to see the link distribution compared to mine. I am also running some test projects (based on your method :-)) and will post results here.

    I am thinking this could be why some are successful and some are not, GSA will not build exactly the same links each time you run a project so perhaps the successful ones have something in common. E.g. less profiles and more articles or something.

  • I see GOD everyday. 3k/day, unimaginable. Prefer let Google slap all my sites rather than let you guys slap me like this.
  • @crownvic  how do you handle the link building only with 1 man? I have 500 websites and just doing link exchange and some sites didn't touch from 2 years
  • @unikbit I rarely build links for old sites. The only case if a site is starting to drop in rankings. And I don't build new ones anymore.

    Sure I will hire more linkbuilders if I start to crank out new sites.

    But I'm here because I bought the GSA SER and who knows, maybe I can just use a few copies instead of new linkbuilders.
  • Crownvic. Are you getting ranking in serp by doing the backlink method you described above as safe method?
  • @shan Sometimes yes, sometimes first month goes without any rankings. Approximately 50% of my sites rank in the first month with safe linking methods only.
  • @Dunce I just treat it like a regular business. I was an owner of a few relatively big offline businesses, but sold everything and use this capital to create businesses online.

    I'm also experimenting with mobile apps now (iOS and Android), plan to release some titles in the end of this year.
  • @Crownvic - thanks for sharing your numbers and background - I am also an offline to online converter.. may we all prosper!
  • @Velocity
    Here is a pie graph of one of my #1 sites.
    I had a quick look at several of them and this one did justice to the 'average' way they are all laid out.

    I also tried a different one with no trackbacks and that one worked quite well too (took longer than others but did the job)

  • FYI everyone, I just created another 6 projects today.. so i'll post results over the coming weeks.

    The only change I made to one of them is that I combined all the verified URLs I have into one project (100k) - so I'm wondering what the hell is going to happen to it lol

  • @Velocity here is another one just for the sake of it..

    I think I paused the trackbacks half way on this one.. (Not sure why, just thought it might be worth trying)

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    @crownvic Not asking you to give away all your secrets but do you pay to have all those sites hosted, or do you host them yourself on your own server? Which is better? I would think the web hosting company would eat up too much of the profit?

    Also what is a good type of site to place your affiliate ads on, do you create blog sites or something like that or do you sell your own merchandise on the sites?

    I'm what you would call an "offline" guy looking for a way out of my 20 year day job. 300 bucks of profit a day and the boss gets my resignation letter, lol. Thanks.
  • @Mike, I host everything on different shared hosts, including well-known like hostgator, dreamhost and etc. It's better for me in terms of different C-class IPs and diversification. And this 3k a day is after all the fees. Sometimes I host up to 20-40 sites on the same shared account if a hosting company allows that and don't switch my account off if I overuse resources. I tell them upfront that I'll rather pay overuse fees than be offline.

    I create theme-based affiliate sites and do not sell my own products. Various site, magazine-style blogs with good content like this one (not mine, but I use similar custom-made layouts):
  • @INSaNe how many links show the ahref for the websites with 7399 links?

  • @InSaNe That makes sense. About 20-25% nofollow links is pretty natural for Google. I still don't understand why people avoid nofollow links. Google will filter you out if you don't have enough nofollow links.
  • @unikbit
    43k backlinks
    1.3k referring

  • @crownvic yeh, thats what I heard, so I just kept it on.. looks more natural

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