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My results so far using - GSA + ACW, TBS,



  • ron said: PR is yesterday's game, not today's game.

    Well i would be not so sure. Of course you can rank with and without PR, but i am 100% sure it is easier with some PR then without it. And with PR i mean PR of exact URL where your link is, not just PR of domain.
    Check this KW as an example - "bleach episode guide". 22k exact and a guy is nr 3 for a long time already with actually just 3 backlinks - on high PR very low OBL sites (his sites probably) with zero onsite content.
    PR is also the reason why guys are ranking so well with paid SAPE backlinks. PR just mean that a site has some age and already some strong tier2 backlinks :)

  • Also have to agree here. Was hammering a very competitive term with high PR blog net posts and it was on the bottom half of page 1. Stopped with the blog nets and just concentrated with GSA and now it has dropped out of the top 100.

    I am sure it dropped because all the posts have slowly rolled of the home pages with PR over the last few weeks.

  • no, I dont go after dofollow directly....... but I uncheck "nofolow" engines like mediawiki.....
  • InSaNe...

    how fresh were those domains when you started this project?

  • @traged I think what @ron said holds merit. Would it be easier to rank specifically targeting certain PR's? Up for debate, only Google knows.

    However, is it worth the speed decrease to check for PR? That's up to you.

    Inevitable even with PR checking turned off you still get some high PR links.

    Interesting PR article here:
  • you should get a ration of 100 PR1 sites to 1 PR9 sites if possible. that would be the best broscience advice from the warriorforum..
  • I think You think about PR in a wrong way. For me site with PR 1+ is a sign it's not penalised by google. I don't want my links to go to PR n/a sites
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    Cor blimey, I hope you are joking.
  • I feel so great when I  can express irony in an foreign language ;-)
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    As i allready have alot of target sites to post to, i do use PR filter just to filter the massive global list of mine. This is how my campains would look :

    I only work with my own global site lists that GSA saved for the past 10 months.

    20-30 private proxy's - use proxys for Everything

    Indexing :

    For indexing i use Indexification service and thats all. I also ping the backlinks with the Options > Indexing > Submit backlinks URL to blog search engines. I usualy build 3 tiers (depends on the keyword competitin). But i mainly use tiers to bring seo value and index the previous backlinks.

    Safe seo method :
    Tier 1 :
    Filter - PR 3+(on domain level), avoid posting to same url twice, skip sites with more than 100 OBL, also skip unknown PR, put url to places where it can clearely seen as SPAM
    I also use 86 adult/casino keywords to skip sites with the following word in domain/url.

    Platforms - Article (all platforms, even mediawiki checked even though they are nofollow they bring alot of seo juice as i have around 5000 mediawikis), Forum, Microblog, Social Bookmark, Social Network, Web 2.0.
    This are my tier 1 links, i mostly get incontent dofollow links from this platforms with the following success (bare in mind this are PR3+ on domain level):

    Tier 2 :
    Filter - PR 1+(on domain level), avoid posting to same url twice,  also skip unknown PR, put url to places
    where it can clearely seen as SPAM
    I also use 86 adult/casino keywords to skip sites with the following word in domain/url.
    After tier 1 is done posting i want to strenghten them with PR 1 sites+ with the following :
    I use forums because they bring alot of backlinks that will stick in
    time, mostly are dofollow and i want more diversity even though they are
    not incontent.

    Platforms -  Article, Blog comments, Directory, Document Sharing, Forum, Guestbook, Image comment, Microblog, Social Bookmark, Social Network, Trackback, Web 2.0
    You will want diversity.
    Success live links for my tier 2 :

    This campains from my images are not done so they will get slightly higher numbers in time.

    This is my 'safe' method doing things for my clients websites. I only use this method if i want to play as safely as i can as they are important long term websites.

    Microniche or small low competitor keywords :
    If i build links to micro niche websites or any other new websites i just turn Tier 2 into Tier 1.

    Youtube Campains :
    Filter - keep it as unfiltered as you can
    Check Put url to places where it can clrearely seen as SPAM, Avoid posting url to same domain twice
    For youtube promotion i just spamblast them ending with around 30k+ live backlinks :
    In this case i only checked 6-7 platforms.

    I want to add that my gsa harvesting for new urls is only concentrated for incontent platform backlinks. I decline to scrape blog comments, guestbooks, trackbacks or so

    I have been successfully ranked about any competition level keywords over the past 10 months i use GSA SER. I might start a case study thread, or a my success story with GSA and explain how i only use GSA for my seo campains.

    Forgot to state that i only use Captcha Breaker to submit with GSA SER. No third party captcha service active. So all the successfully live links that i screenshotted are created with Captcha Breaker only(different domains). Captcha breaker is by far the leading captcha software tool on the market with the highest success rate also! I absolutely LOVE IT <3 aswell as GSA SER.
    I could probably get around 400% more success if i use captcha services? dunno i just predict

    Here are some of my resources, maybe they help you guys @Insane
    Top 100.000 searched keywords from the web -
    badwords -
    877.000 more keywords list -
    cattegory one per line -
    cattegory, with, comma, separated -
    generic keywords one per line -
    generic keywords allready spinned -
    Top 100.000 searched keywords from the web -
    badwords -
    877.000 more keywords list -
    cattegory one per line -
    cattegory, with, comma, separated -
    generic keywords one per line -
    generic keywords allready spinned -

    PS : how do i add images to this forum ? The insert image function wont work.
    PS 2 : sorry for my low english as this is not my native language.
  • Wow thanks for your efforts mate!

    Looks great in theory - how about real experience? Could you tell us some rankings you have achieved with this approach - exact searches of your KW and position in SERPs? You know, to keep us motivated :)

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    hmm i thought Tiers are contextual sites only !?! Since your Tier2 uses not only contextual .. ? .. it should be better to seperate your non contextual sites for a tier to secondary links so you can handle them better
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    @traged Hey sure, i just got my domain expired because i let it expire i dont wanna own that website anymore, so i ranked with the second method "Microniche or small low competitor keywords :" on keyword "khaki pants" 22,200 exact global searches google .com place 6-7 i ranked. I just built 2 campains. One had around 5-6k tier 1 links (contextual mostly) and after built tier 2.

    @kaykay well i try to make tier 1 with as many contextual as i can, but not only. I also want some diversity.
  • I am trying to get my ytbue channels and videos ranked too.

    do you just blast them with "all you got?"
    do you use any related anchors?

    how long does it take to see results?

    how many submits per day approx per video do you do?
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    @thisisalex Yes i check all platforms from gsa ser but i skip indexer, pinger, refferer and video because first 3 are mainly for indexin purpouses.
    I tried different formats and different anchor texts but what i find out yesterday is that you can build links with 80% your main keyword as anchor text without any issues for youtube videos. I just ranked yesterday 2 videos on youtube.
    Well i blasted 3 days ago 2 videos, and now they are ranked VERY VERY well. On quite medium competition, i mean medium twards high competition.
    I blast as much as i can, usualy i do 15-25k backlinks in a day twards a video.
  • @eLeSlash btw thx for the lists
  • @eLeSlash thanks for jumping on board and supplying with all the information.. good to know a lot of it. Also, really appreciate the lists and all your images.. One question actually, when people talk about mediawikis, tikiwikis and all of these platforms.. you mentioned you have 5k mediawikis.. what does that mean? Do I need to load extra platforms to the ones already in GSA? Where do I find these platforms?

    @nicerice They were 0-1weeks old when I started
  • Also, @eLeSlash, would be great if you started a page with your progresses and systems too.

    I thought I'll do a quick update on my test projects:

    Project 1:
    Tier 1 has 134links
    Tier 2 has 960 links
    Tier 3 has 2535 links

    There has been movement up and down between position 25 and 20 the past few days, I feel like something wrong has happened and it will start dropping now, unfortunately not making it to position 1 or even page 1. I feel this could be because of several reasons or just one:
    a. Not chosing contextual only platforms
    b. Not using private proxies
    c. Maybe needing to use better anchor words?
    d. Perhaps I'm not creating the right content - I've dropped a URL in each article, but it is also listed in the title and sometimes at the bottom of the article - could be an overkill?
    e. Maybe I should have given Tier 1 less of a push.. 134 links in 2 weeks might have been an overkill

    I'll have to tweak and test these out, but if anyone has advise on this one that'd be appreciated.

    Project 2:

    This was my complete and utter spam project. Although, I'm only at 2,500links after 1-2weeks, which makes me think is not enough compared to the numbers others are talking about.

    The position is still the same as it was 4days, hasn't moved up or down.. position 19 in G..
    Not really sure what's going on here.. but will pause the campaign and see where those links might take me and then maybe un-pause it early next week if nothing happens.

  • @InSaNe can you please tell me what ACW + TBS gives for copyscrape rate ?
  • Hey @KayKay do you mean uniqueness?
  • ACW on it's own typically gives around 90-95% uniqueness because although every sentence is from another article, they are all mixed up. This would be even higher with TBS added into the mix.
  • @collywobbles love your program, typically my industry needs quite specific medical descriptions, so I tend to grab those sentences and add them manually to my Tier1 articles.

    @KayKay to be honest, as mentioned above, I use ACW to an extent.. mix it up with my own manual sentencing and then use TBS for synonyms and other lines.. 

    After about 3hrs of work I get around 90-95% on +500articles, and for the native-english speaking people, they're quite readable too..

  • @KayKay just saw ur PM, hope it's all answered here :)
  • @InSaNe .. indeed answered all ,) thx
  • "After about 3hrs of work I get around 90-95% on +500articles, and for the"

    I use word and dragon dictate for that ;-)

  • haha i'm still learning the ropes man!
  • InSaNe we're going to be adding a feature where you can add arbitrary text (sentences, affiliate code etc) to the articles.
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    Can anyone explain what this option does please?

    "Check Put url to places where it can clearly seen as SPAM"

    I'm completely confused by it!
  • SvenSven
    Move the mouse over it and get an explanation.
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