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My results so far using - GSA + ACW, TBS,



  • Insane, pls add some commentaries on the data field for your spam project eg Article Title, Article, Guest comment, Image comment, Description etc. BTW, do you use any content generator?
  • @insane yes bro screens would be great. with information. I bought all softwares but just never started anything yet just bcz i am doing reading reading reading .. nothing else... when i feel i got some good strategy then i will apply on it. 


  • @theguruland they are usually 1-3days old
  • @theguruland
    I use forum platforms for all my tiers. It works pretty well for me.
    I dont think its much 200-300 links per day for a brand new website, just imagine like 10-15% of the links i build are indexed the same day (i guess). So practically 20-50 indexed links a day wont be that much actually. Anyway i am allways kinda agressive with seo as i want to rank faster, i am doing seo for the past 8 years
  • @ KayKay yes yes, this is the typical shit people are talking, but it's not correct. the mentioned sites are ranking for more than 6 months in the top three, so its definitely no problem.
  • hey guys I just uploaded my settings for one project that made it to #1 and #2 for its keywords.

    The only difference between this one and my other projects is that:
    1) Some of them I didn't choose all engines 
    2) Some of them I used Lindexed and some of them I just used GSA SEO Indexer

    Eitherway, I received similar results.. so I think its just luck of the draw.

    Don't forget, 50% of my projects never even appeared.

    Cheers, lmk if I can help anywhere else
  • @zuluranger I used ACW and TBS for spinning the articles / descriptions.

    As for the blog comments / image comments / guestbook comments, i just left the generic one in GSA
  • insane, what sort of ROI are you seeing now that you are in the number 1 and 2 spots, is it a goldmine as we are lead to believe? :)
  • @spunko2010 Haha to be honest, I'm in quite a technical field.. so its one thing getting them through the door, the sale is something else.. 
    For my business, it's just a bit of cream on the top.. more of an awareness if you will..

    However, now that I know how its done.. I am definitely looking into other industries where #1 google spots are crucial to the business.. so watch out :)
  • ronron

    I'm waiting for you @InSaNe :-SS

  • ^:)^ no-one compares to you my friend!
  • @Insane Thanks for the screenshots , I've adjusted my test spam campaigns to test this out.
  • ronron
    Too funny. It's great to see people having success.
  • InSaNe

    How many anchors you use per project ? From the screenshoots it looks like you use just a few.
  • @ron, thanks man.. i wouldn't have had success if I hadn't have read millions of forums and posts by you and the rest of the GSA Geniuses.. so again, my hat off to you sir!
  • @danhoff

    yep, i try to use only 2-4 anchors.. I don't know why, but i have a feeling if I load it with more it might not work.. worth a try though.. will do that tonight and keep you posted on this forum (if you do the same let me know your results!)
  • Are you kidding me. For this setting have achieved great result in google? 
    the question is for how long?
  • 2-4 anchors ... interseting .... no secondary anchor texts ?
  • @danhoff - no secondary anchor texts

    @lucus81 - i know, i also tried tiered campaigns which until today have not appeared anywhere (as explained above). 
    As for timing, its not long (2-4months so far.. who knows, some of them may last longer), but to be in the  #1,2 and 3 position for 15 keywords, i'm happy to do some hard work (1hr every few weeks)

    and as @ron said, we all spam :)

  • ronron
    Heading out on vacation finally. I wish everybody the best spam possible :)
  • Bloody hell. I'm stupid to try making this tier's projects for weeks to see my serp NOT IN TOP 100 RESULTS.
    I have also found a few people on other forums claiming they achieved great results only using SER for tier 1 project. What to add... simplicity is always the best :)
  • @insane I ask because I am not seeing much difference between earnings in rank 4-5 compared with rank 2-3. Haven't hit number 1 yet.
  • By the way insane I have setup a similar project to you and will report back. It's not to my moneysite though, just a Twitter page. :)
  • InSaNe  could you check the competition keyword for your keywords to see if any diffrence?
    I mean just quote them "keyword" in G


  • Have a nice holiday Ron!
  • hey @insane all these project you have ranked #1 are websites? no fan page or web 2.0 or twitters? only some emd?

    and you say you don't do keyword research but its any of those keywords you have ranked a good money maker? or you picked some random keyword with good search per month to see if this work?
  • @unikbit - can you explain yourself a bit please?
    @ron - happy holidays!
    @rodol - yep they are websites. some are emd some are not at all, i think the emd works better though. as for the money making, yes, one of them is actually quite good.. need to work on it a bit more but it makes around $200 a day (for minimal effort) so i'd say thats a pretty good outcome.
  • @spunko2010 good stuff, i'd appreciate if you let me know how you go.. so we all can learn from each other.
  • Insane. Are you making $200 from affiliate marketing or adsense?
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