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  • igorn
    "There is already a 3rd party tool available for duplicating campaigns that you can use on your local desktop, browse these forums."

    October 2016
    • igorn
      Please tell me the names of these programs.
  • halyosy
    hey dude do you have any trial ?? i've saw some member in gsa praised your services and want to use it to index the TIER 1 PBN to money site can i use it for that? i already registered at your site care to give me some of trial first ? my username diditz and email was
    August 2015
    • Tim89
      Hey Halyosy, we don't provide free trials currently, I'm sorry.
  • jayeseo
    Hi #tim89 I want to us just 200 links can you provide me.

    I have registered in

    My user is : jayeshseo
    March 2015
  • rocket123
    Hi Anthony, 
    I hope this pm finds you well. I was wondering if you had any good expereince with expired domains? 
    January 2015
  • rocket123
    @Tim89 - Thanks for your posts. 
    What spec's would I need to run 500 threads on a vps? PM if you like.
    December 2014
    • Tim89
      No problem, any typical vps with at least 4 cores and 4 gigs of ram clocked at around 2.9 - 3.5ghz should be fine for running 500 threads.
    • rocket123
      Sorry, I didnt see this. Thank you!
  • peterperseo
    Hi Tim,
    as I wrote on your thread yesterday, I'm thinking to try your indexing service.
    Do you have special offer for this forum? I couldn't read all that thread.



    Ps: I don't remember well but... are you italian?
    November 2014
  • peterperseo
    Hi Tim,
    would you mind to suggest me a good proxies provider for european proxies?
    Until now I'm using buyproxies, but I'm totally tired of that crep shit proxies!
    I will write now a public post.

    Thanks for any suggestion!

    September 2014
    • Tim89
      I do give my personal proxy recommendation out in the LpM guide I giveaway free when you purchase an Express Indexer plan.
  • keshabnayak

    hi bro .i was reading this thread :

    It is really not that difficult to achieve, as time goes by, you will accumilate your list(s), you can speed up the process by scraping, and defining a few tweaks within SER, I have a machine dedicated to scraping new targets alongside other people on this forum that do the same thing.

    If you would like me to give you a helping hand with footprints, PM me, I will gladly help, but I don't recommend buying or using someone elses list as this may have been shared/sold amoungst a lot of people.


    actually i am on the same to road to achieve . Can u please help me ,what u do to do that .. i think even u use public proxy by seeing that pic . :P 

    September 2014
  • haryono
    please explain me one of your package 15.000 links perday or permonth
    August 2014
    • BlackBurn77
      I'm also interested in this question, I aim on buying the 15k links package but not sure of it is per day or per month?
    • Tim89
      All packages are per month allowances.
  • zpydaman
    Hey, i have bough your indexing package...but you still have not sent me the bonus that gies with it...Please do send it to me...thanks.
    July 2014
    • Tim89
      Have you emailed me? Which package did you purchase? When did you make your purchase?
  • arturoseo
    The guide is in English right? is that I am Spanish and do not understand much English ...
    July 2014
  • clarkbl
    I saw your post regarding your issues with buyproxies.
    I just started using them and have been detting the same error message.
    Which provider have you switched over to?

    June 2014
  • - The Best Indexing Service on the internet, period.
    January 2014
  • lioncool
    could you add pay as you go i wonder how many for 25$
    October 2013
  • Tim89 joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    March 2013