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My results so far using - GSA + ACW, TBS,



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    I am using seo link indexer but none of the link is indexing even after 14 days. Are your backlinks getting indexed? what are you using to index your tier 1 links?

  • I was using SEO Indexer and have switched to Lindexed around 8days ago.
  • "Something must have happened on G over the past 16hrs to make it jump up an entire page and hit the top spot.."

    @Insane From the 15. March to the 18. March there was major update of the google algoritam called PANDA. Read about it. That is reason why your site jumped over the night...
  • @dexterlab it might be nothing to do with the 'panda' update though, it could just be that google started indexing some of his backlinks....
  • Hmmm.. interesting, i have no idea - i just put another 10different domains to the test last night with the same settings, lets see what happens to them.

    What program do you guys use to check which backlinks have been indexed? 
  • i use ahref and majesticseo
  • i found out, that most backlinkchecker like ahrefs or majesticseo dont work for me...
    for one spam-project i have over 10k direct links, indexed but only shown far away from this!
  • mmm i didnt understand... you say you have 10k links indexed or submitted?
  • indexed with gscraper checked! directly, but nothing big happened with ahres or majesticseo... so there database is old for me or they only show links, that are important for them, dont know...
  • hey, im using majesticseo for 4 years, their database s fine if your links are fine.. i usually have like 70% of my links there which is fine.
  • First of all, thank you all very much for the helpful information!
    Second - couple of noob's questions:

    1 - Regarding the secondary links/T2A/you name it - @ron mentioned that T1A should contain high quality modules and contextual articles, but what about the secondary links for Tier 2 and lower? is there any point in making secondary links for Tier 2? if so - what is the "quality" that I need to set for them? or shouldn't I set "quality filter" for them at all?

    2- Are wiki links good enough for tier 1? They're basically just profile links...

    3- Do you add more search engines that aren't necessarily relevant for our goal (let's say, non US engines)? Do they bring different results? if you do - what are the advantages over using US only search engines?

    4- I'm using currently only the built-in engines, are using any custom ones makes better results? if so - did you create them yourself? are they downloadable or something?
  • Quick update:

    Spam site is still #2 for 4 keywords.

    Tiered site (test2) nowhere to be seen yet.

  • wow, Still cant believe that..
  • Interested to see how long it lasts.  With so little effort, its worth setting up a spam campaign everyday!
    Are you doing anything to try and have your links indexed?
  • @horselditty

    nope, not doing anything... literally just spammed it and havent touched it in about a week now.. or maybe longer..

    I have a friend that has done the same, he's been #2 for around 4weeks now.
  • hear and read it everywhere; momently i think, its rather better to spam than to try the rank with white hat sites! fff***** g****le ; all the animals have made it even more worse whats appearing in the serps...

    like i said before, more quantity than quality of sites and projects, and dont care about the future; g++++le are going to pick up a new animal of there zoo and everything is different then before!

  • ronron

    What we do is spam - that literally is what we do.

    What separates the people who make money and who make little is:

    - how they create the spam

    - where they create the spam

    - how much spam they create

    - and when they create the spam (yes, timing the spam matters)

    Just remember what spam is: Link Building.

    It is science. So the how, where, amount and timing really matter.

  • yes, my opinion too! ;-) thanks for this resumee!
  • All in a day's work for a blackhat seo \m/
  • Concerning the spam campaign, it really has got me thinking about the ongoing debate about duplicate content. Sure, duplicate content doesn't rank, but does it pass on the yummy link juice?   Instead of using a crappy spun article that will get removed, is it better to just use a nicely written article and spam it around just like @inSaNe has?  I really dont want this thread to turn into a duplicate content debate though! Too many of those!!
  • i got ranking down even though i have 10k somewhat quality backlinks - max 50 outlink, bad filter keyword enabled

  • For me recently DIRECT massive spam works fastest. 3 level tiered quality campaigns can't seem to get to top. ALL stuck on second page for almost 90% of kws !!. I've been running the campaign for over 4 weeks now. Tier 1 is like 1200 to 2300 contextual links, tier 2-3x tier 1 amount, Tier 3 is over 20k.

    Any idea what's going on ?
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    hey @Insane any update on your projects?  cheers, interesting read this thread.
  • danhoff,
    maybe you have issues with your keyword research process?
    what is the monthly search of your keywords, how many results u have for "keyword" on google, how many backlinks your competitors has ?

  • Monthly search in 50k exact, 16 mil results, competitors have around Referring domains 500
  • ronron

    Whenever you are stuck, especially that close, that is a good thing, and it is a natural thing to happen in Google.

    Don't be too anxious to break through because that is a rookie move, and then you'll be dancing in position 500-600 and you'll put a gun to your head.

    First, try boosting the 'per url' upward on your lower tiers, **or add another junk tier pointing to your T1**, and give that a shot for a week.

    After doing that, and waiting a week, and if nothing happens, do a slight increase in your submissions on your T1. Like I might increase from 10 to 20, or 20 to 30. Something not that big.

    My ratio of an underneath tier is typically either 10:1 or 20:1. I usually start at 10:1 to get things started. I intentionally leave room for upward adjustments as I don't want to play hard in the beginning - then I have no room for escalation.

  • Golden information @ron thanks for the share.
  • edited April 2013
    @Ron - Yea, what @nicerice said.
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