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  • I got mail, that my account moved to server 3 but the link is not loading "" - it is down?
  • edited May 2014
    Yes s3 is down, I think it just needs restart, just woke up guys. It went down overnight or something it looks like.

    Edit --- It's back up folks.

    We also have 3 backup servers now too.
  • i can not log in anmore. Renewed on the 11th
  • @greeny1232 Admin is the 3rd day I cant submit links to site. I am on server 4. My username is gopo2k
    I will not renew my subscription if this doesnt fix soon.
    I always get 504 geteway timeout when I try to submit my links.
  • i cant log to server 4 at all. you even care to check official FB page? 

    Please recommend me more serious service guys
  • It would be nice if you guys read your emails. We have sent emails over a week ago that we have moved people, and if you didn't get your login information or it wasnt send to respond via email so I could reset your guys accounts. You are getting a 504 because you trying to submit too many links at once. Your crashing the server, so submit 5k at a time and it should work.

  • Tim89Tim89
    edited May 2014
  • Hi,

    Is drip feeding supported yet? Just asking, would love to have that built (already an option inside SER for the supported indexers) as I can see many people do love to have that option.
  • No replies? Is support active?

    I am having close to 29-30% indexing rate on contextual links these days - not sure if that is normal.
  • @pratik yes support is still very well active. At the moment, we have no plans of drip feeding, but we may consider it in the future.
  • please reply to PM !
  • @cloudattack

    Thanks. However, I do think it is high time to add drip feeding to stay in competition. Just giving my 2 cents being several months old member. :)
  • RhymRhym Mājās :)
    May I ask why is nobody answering on the support desk or skype messages for the last 3 days?
  • I also cannot contact
  • I sent everyone emails last night, didn't you guys get them?

    New sign ups are closed and will remain closed until further notice.


    We don't have a support skype, so not sure who you are trying to contact there?
  • RhymRhym Mājās :)
    Thanks! Just received new login details.
    Well, I contacted you via skype because you are on my skype list from infinitum skype group times. ;)

  • We are moved over to the dedicated server now, hopefully we will have better luck over there and it will be more stable. I will be in Orlando for the entire week, so if anything blows up, but the tech guys will be keeping a eye on it.

    Membership is open again for the time being.
  • @greeny1232

    My subscription is saying in the log 100000 daily limit after moving to the new server !

    I'm on the 200k daily limit not 100k !

    Please fix this asap.

    Check your PM for my email.
  • I m unable to index any links! i have mailed support and admin several times but no reply!


  • I can't log in to for days now and my links aren't sent to indexer.

    Please respond to support ticket.
  • S6 was down the week I was out of town. It is being worked on now, its not us, its on the HG side.
  • I see you blame HG for downtime several times on this thread,why didn't you moved your business to a better host or go directly to theplanet/softlayer (hostgator is just a reseller)? Is this downtime going to repeat on monthly basis? This is my first month and already there was at least 8,9 days of downtime.
  • Hey @greeny1232

    My links are not sent for several days!! I can't believe it you have such a very high percentage of downtime ! every single month !!!!
  • Does this service still experiences huge downtimes? Is anything fixed about it?

    If yes, I'd like to try it out for a month and share the experience.
  • We have just moved from hostgator (who kept turning off the api and finally kicked us off). Now we are on a dedicated server and currently moving over the other 7 servers now. We are hoping that it will run smooth once we get the other VPS over. We are having a timeout problem when people are adding in 10k+ links at a time. Hopefully moving off HG will fix this problem (which those will be moved over this week)
  • can anyone report if this service is still working !!! what indexing rate ?
  • ronron
    @Milan - I use it every day. Haven't looked at the indexing rate in quite a while, but it was solid when I last checked. And my rankings are good, so I haven't bothered to check lately to be honest.
  • edited June 2014
    Ive been trying to sign up but it wont let me when i click payment it doesnt click thru just stays on the pre payment page.

    Actually i see there are no payment options at all now whcih indicates they may not be taking new customers.
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