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The Incredible Indexer With Integrated API [Highly Recommended GSA Indexer]



  • @greeny1232 Did you manage to solve your hosting problems? I was a costumer of yours 2 months ago, in the first 2 weeks I was very happy with your indexing rate,  but then you started having problems with servers and I did not renewed my subscription,
    Can you confirm that you solved your problems ?
  • @greeny1232 same question as gopo2k
  • We have closed membership. We have no ETA of when we will open it back up.

  • @greeny1232 Closed membership?? That does not bode well! Whats the problem?
  • @jjumpm2 not really cause for concern, Greeny is obviously protecting his business and not overselling. I think it's a good move. I used them for a long time and wish I hadn't moved on. I totally recommend Incredible Indexer.
  • @Judderman don't get me wrong, I am a already a customer and have been for a while.. Just wondered if there was a problem!
  • it is cause for cencern if your not a member already, lol
  • link porcessor is total junk in terms of index rate and that seems to be widely the general consensus, was looking for something around the same price range.
  • edited July 2014
    We closed the membership because (a) we are moving all the servers to dedicated so we won't have downtime (b) I need to add in another 1k sites for the indexing process since we have more users, we need more sites (c) in general we are at our oversold point so its closed until the issues are fixed. There is a few bugs that some users are getting and we just need to make it more stable.
  • @greeny1232

    Holly, I presume? I already wrote you 2 emails regarding my API key for your service. Before you migrated your servers, your customers were able to obtain their API keys from our account dashboard. Then we received an email that you were going to migrate your servers and that we MUST NOT use the new API key shown in our dashboard, but keep our old one.

    My VPS crashed a while ago and unfortunately I didn't have a backup of my API key, so I contacted (twice!! as I've already mentioned) and asked for my old API key back. It took some time, but you finally answered only to provide me with my new API key which is shown in my dashboard (and which you earlier designated as not working).

    I replied and asked if you're 100% sure about this and mentioned that this isn't my old API key. I haven't heard from you since.

    Can you please confirm whether or not my new API key is the one I'm supposed to use or not? Because I obviously can't figure it out myself, since the dashboard isn't properly working, since it doesn't count the links received via API (and therefore my daily limit stays at 100k all the time).
  • the api in the email you sent me is the right one? I just sent you a message again.
  • @greeny1232

    I sent you a pm ..please check it.
  • @greeny1232 Are you ever going to fix the user dashboard? There are no links in the processing window showing for me and as of right now I don't even know which links have been processed and which are still going to be.

    I mean you probably already know this if you're not completely delusional, but your user dashboard never really was the best, but since you've moved servers it has become absolutely useless. I can't check my remaining credits for indexing links, it doesn't show my statistics for links being processed and having been processed.

    The only reason I'm still with you is because your pricing isn't too bad and you allow big volume. I don't know about results, because you are the first indexing service I've ever used so I can't compare.
  • @greeny1232 Is your service open for new signups? Did you manage to solve your hosting problems?
    Thank you!
  • Does it not have drip feeding capabilities? I checked drip feed in GSA but looks like they all got processed.
  • Can anyone say if that everything working correctly before I buy?

  • Mine hasn't been working correclty for a while now.  :/  I keep checking to see if URL's are being added and none are and i'm using the correct API.   Time to switch I guess. :/

  • So sad :(

    I will go with InstantLinkIndexer I think.
  • again this is not working like it should. I give up. going with InstantLinkIndexer now
  • @Hunar @MrAndersen

    What kind of problem exactly do you guys have ? it's working fine on my end.
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    Hey Guys. I haven't been here in quite awhile ... so just giving a update here. We have opened back up registrations for a few weeks. The load was getting way too high so we changed a bit of the code to make run a bit better. If you were previously on the server, I will be giving out 1 free month so you guys can test it again and make your minds up on whether or not it helped. I'm limiting this free offer to the first 20 people, that's it.

    We also have added in another 200 domains for indexing so the % should be as high as it was originally was.

    The upgrades are scheduled to be done tonight, so anyone that wants the free month (again limited to the first 20) send me a PM and I will get you sorted out tomorrow.

    We are also going to be looking at yearly subs. At 24.99 x 12 = 300.00  So we are thinking about doing a discount on that price. More news to come once I verify it can handle the load. We brought in 20 servers to fill the holes and problems we had. So lets rock it guys.

    Thanks guys and rock on.
  • Why you made new account for me with new api key when i have old one active? what is going on?

    P.S. I send you email with this issue.
  • Hello, I have left a couple of emails at your site already. The API does not seem to work with GSA. Can you please see to it?


  • Support is so bad, that i can't even describe it.. 
  • edited June 2015
    The incredible indexer is not doing forum support anymore, however we are still 100% open for new subscribers. Sorry for the inconvenience but we have decided to close the forum thread for support.

    We would like to thank everyone for trying out the indexer, the great reviews, and for those who stuck around.
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