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  • Its about time people atleast get credited for the downtime .Most of us run businesses with clients on our backs.Downtime is the least anybody wants,.The system works , no complaints, BUT other stuff has to be sorted out too.
  • Boyd_CBoyd_C Southeast US
    >The system works

    It's working for you? It's been broken for about a week for me now, and can't even get to their site again.
  • it has NOT been broken for a week. You guys don't seem to understand that when we purge it, your stats are completely cleared out. So it may appear it doesn't work but its the only way to keep indexing millions a day without bogging it down. The server crashes (as it did today) when we don't keep up on the purging. It's being worked on right now.
  • Boyd_CBoyd_C Southeast US
    1) Recent days have showed I have about 10% the normal number.

    2) I have also had days that show 0 links, with days before and days after showing some, though still not nearly enough.

    3) I can look through SERs last verified URLS and many of the links are missing. For example, the last one will be there, then 3 skipped, then another one, then more missing, etc.

    So, it's been pretty broken for me, for about a week.

    Last month was NOT like this at all, and I DO understand your stats are wiped out when you purge.
  • It's back up, if you need to have a bigger limit then 100k a day to catch up some non indexed links, then send a PM to me. You will see NO stats as we have removed everything that was sent through the indexer. 
  • so the "(18746) List of pending urls for today (PENDING status)." I had a few hours ago that is now gone has been sent though your indexer ?

    the history for the last 30 days doesnt show up anything.

  • Is the registration stll closed? Can't seem to buy into the service.
  • hey man I sent you a pm
  • @greeny1232 It seems that I can only send 250 links? When I try to add manually it says ERROR: Daily number of links reached (250)
  • greeny, I sent you a pm 3 days ago, could you please get back to me? Thanks.
  • Is it just me or has the index rate/ time significantly dropped? Any tips to ensure things improve is welcome.
  • ^ agreed.Having a drop in the indexing rate right now
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    bencrabara  can you pm me the NAME and EMAIL on your acccount.

    johnmiller  I dont see a PM from you, can you resend it

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    Is this indexer THAT BAD or is it normal that more than half of my 1+ month old T1 contextuals with 2 more tiers pointing to them are not indexed yet (checked with SB)? Week after week am thinking about switch to other service, any recomendation?
  • @greeny1232 just resent my message, hope it got through this time. Would appreciate a reply, thank you.
  • yup i did john, i will get ahold of mike as soon as I can.
  • Is it me or are none of my links getting indexed?
  • I do only contextuals this time:

    May, 1st - about 30% indexed
    May, 2nd - about 10% indexed
    May, 3rd - none indexed

    I think these recent problems are about Google, not about indexer.
    It takes more time now.
  • I agree - i use several services and i can say that there is a problem not with them but with google. Maybe they are using the same method which become less efficient.
  • ronron
    I think the Google library has gotten too big, and IMHO, they may be looking for links that have better attributes before indexing. Like from better sites or more aged sites, or new pages that have more backlinks going to them, etc. At least that is what I would do if the library was getting too big - I would apply quality criteria.
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    The site is down a lot.
  • Hey greeny1232 , I have contacted you by pm on 7th may, 4 days ago about my account is suspended while I have payed for it. I would like to have compensation because of that long unresponsability..
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    Getting this error alot this morning "06:36:37: [-] ERROR! No links where accepted by TheIndexer (HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server ErrorConnection: c...)"
  • I just got back from camping .. Looking into the problem you guys have. Jakubsas I didn't get the email. Can you PM me it please.
  • looks like its working again, we had a out of memory problem.
  • ronron

    Just saw your email on the indexer being down. It helps when you give people the heads up in email.

    +1 Thanks. :)

  • greeny1232 - do you read my pm?
  • It's almost fixed now. We are doing the last checks now. I have to go out to pick up the kids and should be up in a the next few hours. thanks for your patience. We are going to be moving it off hostgator, this could of been a easy fix if they allowed us to do more then 1 backup.
  • Indexer is back up!
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    i am getting a lot complaints from my costumers in the past week that their backlinks are not getting indexed.
    I went and checked it for myself and its true. You service was great until 1 week ago but its not working anymore.
    Do you intent to fix this anytime soon? I also been transfered to a new server since yesterday but this one is not working too ( I get a timeout when I submit the links)
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