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    if your payment comes out automatically (like a sub through paypal) no it won't be deleted. You get a email reminder just stating its due, ignore if if you have a paypal sub.

    The server was down for a few hours last night, we did another database cleanup. We are trying to do it in a weekly basis, so if you go to the site, and it is down, that would be why.

    Manually links being entered is working fine, I've checked a few peoples accts and it is working fine for them too. If it doesn't accept it, it is likely because something is wrong with the URL structure.  @ boghi  Send me a list of the URLs in a TEXT file to  I will see what the problem is.

    Again, Please join the group guys

    It gives immediately notes on if a database cleanup is happening or what date indexing is on. I don't send any crap to the FB users, It is just a place to easily give you guys the support quickly. I don't get notified from GSA forum if there is something wrong with the server / indexing, on FB group I do.
  • @greeny1232 Just joined the group but do not see any information regarding my issue. Could you explain which links should I submit manually ? For last 2 - 3 - 10 days ? I want to be sure none of them is missed.
  • We are trying to fix something on the phpadmin side .. site will be down for a few hours while the API goes offline.
  • Website don't let me pay my invoice .It is said ,it has been already paid .Also i have preaapproved transactions to you ,but i don't know why it doesn't go automatically .. Maybe you could help me ?
  • @greeny1232 - in which time zone do you operate ? I want to submit missed urls manually.
  • Since I got subscribed to this indexing service 5 days ago there has been too much server downtime. Anyway am not complaining. I've cancelled my subscription today.
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    All they are doing is expanding their servers to create even more room for the new users. Their communication on all of this has been A+, and they are an excellent service provider.

    The key point to get out of all of this is that as their capacity get maxed, they keep getting more equipment. So what if some indexing gets set back a couple of days? Learn to work with people that are growing. Just letting you guys know how I see it. And by the way, I support all indexers at this forum as I believe they are all providing excellent value for ranking websites. So this isn't a friend or anything like that. I don't even know this guy's name, lol. I always stick up for people that work hard, communicate well, and provide a quality service.

  • What do you think about expressindexer ?
    I am using their services but truely I am not very happy with results, I am indexing only contextual backlinks  but I am not getting more than 10-20% of indexation, have anyone better results with them ?

    I am wondering to replace their service to something other to find out is it their problem only of it`s something wrong with my backlinks ):
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    @thomas73 From what I've read, contextuals are difficult to index but I never really checked. Try out a different service and compare, that's the only way to get a clear answer to your question.
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    I use Incredible indexer and Indexification and GSA SEO indexer myself and in the past used several others.

    I personally think that this getting indexed thing is just over hyped and a clever way to make money for some people.
    Come on face it if a new post  \ page is created or you leave a comment on any site or image, the changes that a Google spider  will crawl that page and see your link is almost 100% sure and it will possibly follow the link  at one time or another is almost 100%, whether it indexed the link depends whether it is total crab or there are actually something worthwhile indexing.

    All that indexing does is create more backlinks to your existing backlinks so they are found faster. You can easily do this yourselves by building a tiered GSA campaign where the lower tiers use the verified links of the tier above it -- The end result is exactly what a indexing service does create backlinks to your links so they are spidered faster and then hopefully index them eventually.
    IN fact i think the gsa ser tiered approach is better, because it is done naturally over time ( depending on how you setup gsa ), content is relevant and you have control over the anchors being used.

    Ofcourse you could spend the money and also use the indexers and that create more backlinks to your backlinks, a total over kill and it is not a natural approach.

    I will continue to use the indexers but slowly starting toward leaning the other way.

  • royalmice: Are you suggest indexing 1st tier that way I mean by indexers could be risky ?
    It seems it is better/safer to allow index backlinks that way only for a 2nd+ tiers and let those tiers index 1st one right ?

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    @Thomas73, if you use strict filters in gsa and possibly good unique content then i see no reason why it is risky to build your tier 1 links with it, so long as it is done nice and slow and you use good keyword list, with carefully selected target urls )not global site-list and not search engines ), like 50 submissions max per day. Of-course the better but more costly alternative would be to build manual buffer sites  between the Money site and then use that to build tiers in GSA.

    Either way it is still a better option i believe that using a indexing service, of which u are not really sure where the links go and what anchor text if any they would be used with.

    Not trying to rip off the indexing service, as mentioned i do use it, but just sharing my thaughts on the pros and cons
  • But as you said I still have not control over anchors, places where indexer service owner will place my backlinks to my 1st tier etc. so no matter what quality will be my 1st tier backlinks - indexer service can burn them, so it seems indexing thru 2nd tier seems a lot safer way for me. Do you index your 2nd tier at once or are you using drip feed ?
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    @thomas73 I've only just seen your comment, I would appreciate it if you would talk to me about any issues you have so I could possibly look into it as I have done so for many others.

    Sorry for intruding into this thread, this post will mostly likely be deleted like the rest but I am not wanting to slaughter TII.

    @thomas73 I have looked at a couple of your submissions, I picked a couple at random, this one was drip fed 14th February, which makes it 7 days since submission and I find that you have over a 50% indexing rate just after 7 days, even though, my service offers great instant indexing results, this depends on many factors.. and because you do not experience a high "instant index rate" does not mean you will not see an increase of indexed links within a time frame I have noted on my service site, we go a few steps beyond with this service and it does not happen instantly all at once.


    I must say, I feel a little dissapointed considering your indexing rates are much better than what you have stated, please record index rates properly.(over a period of time)
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    I dont index any links, the search engines are the ones doing the indexing, so if you build a page, post a comments or get someone else to do it for you the search engines will eventually find and index it no matter what tier it is, unless there is a robots.txt telling the serps to ignore it.

    Anyways -- enough -- i don't want to hijack the OP's thread

    Incredible indexer is a great service, nd i highly recomend it
  • TIM: I don`t say your service is bad, I think it`s comparable to others, I just wondering why I am seeing on many of my projects lower than you specified indexing rate, it is maybe because many of my backlinks are profiles despite I`ve checked only contextual sites I discovered recently many of Social network sites in SER are able to create only profiles not posts/articles, so maybe that`s the reason. So, I disabled such target sites recently and testing, hope it will increase a bit now. But anyway, I am wondering is it 100% safe to index that way 1 TIER. I am not saying I will cancel my subscription just thinking about switch all projects to index only 2ND + tiers, I think it`s a safer way. I must test it.
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    royalmice: you have right probably thats the best way (safest) but anyway I think I will give a shot to the IncredibleIndexer next month just to test them and have some comparison.

    Are you using IncredibleIndexer in your 1st tier ?
    If so, have you set it to dripfeed (how many days ?)

    Sorry for the questions but have not big expirience with indexers yet (:
  • Tim89Tim89
    @thomas73 I take no offence in opinions, everyone is entitled to one, but things should be tested thoroughly prior to making such comments..

    as far as indexing tier 1 links go... yes, it is safe to index tier 1 links, but over a period of time to avoid triggering any google algo's that may cause ranking turbulance...

    to be safe, you could, as you said simply index tier 2's and 3 links... but! this will not allow you to control the rate at which your tier 1's become indexed.. which *could* impose negative impacts.
  • TIM
    I just saying what I see on my side, I have a lot of active projects, some of them have 50% indexation rate some 10%, some 20% so that`s what I see here, so I just wondered is it normal or maybe is it something wrong with my backlinks/content, thats all. I am not saying it`s the fault of your indexing service. I wil ltest it longer but for a 2 tier since now parallently with IncredibleIndexer to see the difference.
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    Hey Guys. Sorry for the downtime we have had this weekend. We found a bug that wasn't removing the process URLs, and it just kept on pulling the same URL's. It took us 2 days and ended up doing a database backup to recover from the bug.

    I am trying the best to get the word out when it goes down, hence why I have sent numerous requests to join the FB page.   Realize that we have just under 200 users and to mass email them several times a day, I think they would get a bit pissed. It is so much easier just to post on the FB page that its down for a hour or such to fix a bug, or to do a purge. We process well over 10 million URLs on a daily basis, and we have to purge it every few days. Usually a purge takes a few minutes, but the last one created a database bug and it took a long time to attempt to find it.

    Once each server hits there max users, then we order a 1:1 server, takes 72 hours to have it created.

    Regarding different results on getting indexed. There is always going to be different results for different users. Certain web 2.0 index better then others. Private domains and blog posts on private domains index at 100% in almost all cases. Even shit links can get 50% indexing. It just depends on what your posting on.
  • @greeny1232 - seems you missed my question. In which time zone your servers operate ? I ask because if you are in US and post about server downtime it can be night in Europe. Afterwards when I read the message I have no clue which urls should I resubmit manually.
  • I am in CST timezone. Join the fb group Ray, you can see it within seconds if the server goes down. Everything was ran that was put into the server.
  • @greeny1232 Last procesed links are from 25th february for me... Dont think indexer is working for me anymore :(
  • It has been purged, and we are working on moving people off S1. If you would join the FB group, then you would be aware of all of this. The S1 is indexing from 2/26 currently, the load has gotten too high for that server, hence why we are moving people.
  • Think I'm affected as well (I'm in the fb group), when logging in I see links processed for the 26th but nothing for 27th, today 0 processed and 5k pending out of ~20k sent...

    So the people that got moved, will they be notified in any way? Will the login URL change to check/upload links?
    Will links for the 27th have to be manually uploaded again or are they still somewhere in a queue in your system?
  • Same here, nothing processed for the 27th. Please let us know if links get processed or if we need to reupload.
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    The indexer is working on the 27th, you guys should see things getting processed for the 27th now. DO NOT reupload. It is working double time and I am moving another 50 users off this server tomorrow. When you are moved, you will be notified via email that you log into the indexer with.
  • Hi,

    This is not a complaint its simply a question.. I do have patience but wanted to ask anyways.

    I signed up for this several hours ago.
    I added nearly 7000 backlinks to the indexer.

    It says instant indexing however after several hours passed they were still in "unprocessed" so I am really confused with the wording that says instant. Instant submit and wait? (No sarcasm, just a question).

    Now I logged in and checked again after several hours and I no longer see my links anywhere.. no in the processed or unprocessed list .. both of my list show "0".

    Ok, now I am really baffled with this instant indexer. Please explain, I have already read the entire thread which is 15 pages long. Trust me I want to be a customer but I need to understand whats going on and how long till each list is processed and if they disappear are they gone for good BECAUSE I have deleted them from my hard drive as well and we know the next answer is OH MY GOD if they are gone from your system. because I could have added to my other service.
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    @jamieB34 it usually takes up to 24 hrs or less to process the links. You will be fine if they are submitted, your links will be processed within this time frame. 
  • Ok thanks for the answer I was really worried that they are gone and I cant see them in the processed or pending windows either one. They are simply missing. So I guess its normal for them to be gone like that?

    Many thanks for the speedy reply..
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