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  • Just thought I would actually check my stats after reading this thread and it is showing 0 processed in the last 30 days???? I have sent several thousand?
  • Is there some comparation between all indexers on market ?
  • Guess my links aren't the only ones disappeared then..

    If my links don't re-appear today after 24 hrs then I am cancelling and want a refund. I definitely dont want to join a program that I have to babysit daily. Inside my acct there is still not a single link out of the near 7,000 I submitted showing anywhere.


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    Just remember that when the server gets to be full capacity, we order another server and move 50 users there. We don't order them ahead of time, bc they might sit ideal for a few months and it would be a waste of money. I moved 50 users on Friday I believe it was, and I'm moving another 50 users today. At the moment we have 4 servers. S1 has a massive backlog which is why we are moving people off it. By massive, I mean its a day in a half behind on links. S2 is running within 15 minutes of submitting your links, S4 is running 10 minutes of sumitting your links (this is where I'm moving another 50 users) S3 should be ready to accept another 50 users tomorrow also.

    Your links are NOT disappearing. What happens is that at the end of the 24 hours, the stats reset themselves. So if you submitted 7k links on 3-2, its now 3-3 and your processed and pending won't show what is in the backend of it. This will be correct once I get these guys moved over.

    We are just growing faster then we expected and we have to take it server by server at a time.

    JamieB34 send me your name that you signed up with, NAME and email please -- I will make a point to get you on S4 today.
  • JamieB34  your active on S4, MAKE sure you DO NOT change your gsa api, as I stated.
  • Mine's running perfectly as always ;) Just saying. 
  • Okay the other 50 users are moved to S4. Hopefully that makes everyone happy at least for now lol
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    Why wait till a server max out and then start to moving people.

    By now you have a couple of servers running and should have a good idea how many a server can handle - so when it, lets say reach 90% max, you should deploy the new server and place all NEW users on the new server.

    ON the moment you are working re-actively, a better approach would be to handle it pro actively --  meaning dont wait for the server to max out and then start moving people around -- people will get annoyed and confused with all the emails about move and welcome to new server - you need to pro actively handle it before it becomes a problem.

    Great service but you need better manage your server load.
  • For anyone whos having any issues or any fence sitters out there looking to get in on this he is going to take good care of you and response times are excellent so support is definitely there.

    Wanted to let everyone here know that Greeny got me all squared away today and my links are being indexed as I expected.

    At the price this service cost and the high limits involved I cant understand why anyone would use any other service at all in all honesty. Once my account was up and running I had over 400 new indexed links in a matter of seconds.

    Nice service and excellent support. Keep up the nice work Greeny!


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    @JamieB84 - I know you are kind of kissing and making up here (which is appropriate), but people that are quick to pull out their pistol and start shooting are really a pet peeve of mine.

    This entire thread has covered in painful detail that no one loses their links. It was also mentioned several times that these guys are expanding and sometimes it takes a couple of days or whatever to get things squared away.

    You have to learn to choose when you want to stomp your feet and bang your fists on the table. We are all entrepreneurs, and not everybody has the capital to just expand in advance, even as @royalmice suggested above (although his point was reasonable and pretty much spot on).

    I have thought many times about offering various services, but I'll be damned if I am going to share some of my processes and get hunted down like a rat by somebody who has an itchy trigger finger. In fact, that is why I keep revisiting this thread. It kind of reminds me of why I don't want to be a vendor to the seo crowd.

    I said my piece. Enough said.

  • From sales page it was clear that service is not going to live long. Doesn't look much professional at all.
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    mikemike I do not need a "wow" sales page to have a service that is going to live long. This indexer has been in beta for over a year now and running in public since October. Who cares what the sales pages looks like as long as it does what it is suppose. Go take that crap somewhere else.

    ron  yes I agree with you in your post! It does get painful having to go over the same thing over and over because people can't read or they don't take the time to understand things. On a dailly basis we have to send refunds because people are double paying when they don't understand what a reminder means for payment, or OMG my links are disappearing. I feel like a broke record sometimes, but tis the life of a service provider.

    royalmice  You would of thought it would be easy to just mirror the server and get one up and running right? Well I did also lol. But I had the orginial coder get busy with his own stuff, the cron broke and I was in panic mode to find another coder to fix it. I have, but he is learning the code and the ins and outs, so even doing a 1:1 we couldn't. Even HG couldn't help us there bc its a complex code. But nonetheless, he figured it out this weekend and now we have 4 total servers. One of them has a few users and is somewhat of a server in reserve now.

    So I'm crossing my fingers now that everyone will be happy and I don't have to give so much support, well thats is my hope at least.
  • ^ I just had the same problem and sent an email about the same thing.
  • realize i was quoting something from 2 pages ago. But just read these last 2 pages, hopefully this is correct that my links have not disappeared even though nothing indexed in the last 48 hrs and doesnt show links in processing or to be porcessed. but also when I went to manually submit it wouldnt let me saying it is expired, but Im not.
  • tsaimllc  your account is fixed now right?

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    This is really an amazing service! I have not seen my links being processed before 24 hours so far, but I don't really care much about that. I have been running a few tests to see how many links this service could help me get indexed, and I would like to share my results with you, especially anyone who is wondering whether or not to get this service.

    The test I'd like to share is from a list of 62k links of complete garbage, where I thought the majority would never get indexed no matter how much you tried shoving it into google's face. Also, the backlinks were all created between 4-1 weeks before I started my test. I re-verified all my links before starting, but I have only done so once, so my most recent results are in fact even better than what my stats shows. I had also thought that I would see great results within a day or two, but it seems to me that I had to wait a little to see the true power of this service. Not that I mind waiting at all, I was just left a little disappointed after my first test.

    Before submitting my list to this service. These are the results I got from natural indexing.
    Indexed: 4598
    Not indexed: 57501
    Index %: 7,40

    About 24 hours after my list had been _processed_, meaning it showed up as processed in my statistics, and it was not the time that had gone by since submitting it.
    Indexed: 7953
    Not indexed: 54398
    Index %: 12,76

    The amazing results really showed after 6-7 days. However I don't know if these results came in any sooner, because I had did not done any tests in between the one above.
    Indexed: 23470
    Not indexed: 35116
    Index %: 40,06
  • ronron

    ^^Your point is well made, but your math is wrong (sorry, too many degrees in finance):

    23470 / (23470 + 35116) = 40.06% 

    Regardless, your point is absolutely spot on. It even gets a ton of crap links indexed. And the numbers are way better for decent links.

    I applaud you @fakenickahl for taking the time to do what I said. This is how you do it  =D>

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    @ron, I appreciate the kind words mate. Also thank you for correcting me, I have just edited and corrected my post with my results. I just tried dividing non indexed links with indexed links and did it the other way around because that did not look right. That's probably why I failed math :)

    But it certainly proves that this is a great service for junk backlinks. I would not know the numbers for quality backlinks, as I only do junk links but I am very satisfied with this service. I was just about to switch to another service until I saw my recent results, and I just felt like I had to share them. Also I feel like this $25 service has saved me 4 ser and cb licenses plus monthly costs of $500 on dedicated servers and private proxies for those licenses. It's definitely worth every single cent to get a solid indexing service.
  • Everything seems to be working properly again with the 4 servers up and running. Thanks everyone for being patient with us. I hope it will be smooth now from here and out!
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    touch wood
  • Hi, Do you have smaller packages ? I don't index that much of links everyday. I guess a 20 K links / day is fine with me. Can you provide a smaller plan ?
  • @mamadou Our packages start from $25/month, which is less than $1 a day, and overall pretty affordable for indexing. We don't plan on offering any smaller packages as it's already a low entry price for a lot of submission credits. 
  • There is an internal server error. Has something gone broken? Just checking in and making you guys possibly aware. Also SER says no links accepted which is expected as its throwing a 500 error.

  • yeah we are looking at it now, we had a purge going, it might be going still.
  • It's back up folks, sorry for the delay.
  • Just signed up... Waiting for login details
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    hey, i started campain on 02/24 for T1 contextuals, and got only 28/97 links indexed by now. It it normal? should i resend unindexed links or something?
  • Yes I would
  • Hello @greeny1232 I signed up on Friday and I'm yet to receive any login details. Can you take a look thanks?
  • @greeny1232 Tnx for the support lol
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