The Incredible Indexer With Integrated API [Highly Recommended GSA Indexer]



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    @tsaimllc all i get when going to the suggested service is the below cloudflare error, so seems like the grass is not all that much greener on the otherside of the fence

    Error 522 Ray ID: 11c144a152650835

    Connection timed out

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    I dont even what the system does to be honest.Does it ping ? or do sitemaps and rss or does it post them on static pages ? Its looks all secretive.Fine ,their business model.They have not even changed the "logo" after you login.Looks very cheap - and one of the most horrible user interfaces i have seen.It takes forever for me to upload a batch of ,say,50k links.Like about 10 minutes.The back button doesnt work.I would probably wait for my subscription to end and get over this.
    But after all this, i am seeing slightly better results than two of the services i have tried earlier- lindexed and linklicious-for about fraction of the cost.You win some,you loose some i guess.
  • currently they are being DDoSed, probably another indexer service ;)
  • @spammasta are you talking about this service or the one I mentioned. Because you cant be talking about the one I mentioned if you are saying 'horrible interfaces", you clearly havent seen this one lol
  • tsaimllc  was talking only about incredibleindexer.
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    yup we are down right now, trying to get it to come back up.

    **It looks like hostgator problem, so hopefully they will fix it on there side soon.
  • ronron
    That's funny - I just went through major problems with Hostgator the past 4 days. It was so bad I just opened up another hosting account elsewhere. Works like a charm. Just open up another hosting account, and then Hostgator fixes everything, lol.
  • It's back up guys. Regarding you guys not liking the interface. It was really built for myself and in that sense I don't plan on changing it. For 24.95 for 100k daily links, it is what I expect it to be and do. I've also had to go through 3 coders and at this point I have no desire to change the code to add something, no matter how simple it is. It was built to work through GSA api which it does. So thanks guys who have supported it.
  • "at this point I have no desire to change the code to add something"
    Which is exactly what I said. It may have worked when first released, but the competition is so high now with these indexers, it's nothing special. And the one I mentioned is $19.95 for 150K links.

    Well anyways, good luck
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    Not working for me on the moment
    Below is the message shown in GSA
    22:27:36: [-] ERROR! No links where accepted by TheIndexer (empty reply)
  • Do it working now? - cannot see the stats for last few days
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      the service is still down ...when you will fix this ??
  • did you receive my email or pm
  • midnight in were I am right now and service is still down
  • you guys, hostgator was down for almost 2 days. They had a data center power outage or something. There isn't anything I can do about this guys. We did a purge when it came back up, its up and running and working fine.
  • feyt333  sent you a message back.

  • royalmiceroyalmice WEBSITE: ---> | SKYPE:---> asiavirtualsolutions
    Host-gator was down but what was stopping you from updating the thread here for 4 days. Sorry but you lost me as a customer, to many excuses for constant issues.

    Wish you all the best forward 
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    Service seems to be offline. Cannot connect to the backend and gsa ser cannot connect via api...
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    sry for the double post...
  • greeny1232 - do links are processing normally? When i check stats i only see processed for 2014 04 17
  • +1 @royalmice ..Nothing prevented him from updating this thread. I cancelled my subscription as well.

    The other service looks good but it's down now as well !! ..I guess we have to make our own indexer !

  • jakubsas purged it last night. So you wont see ne links processed before 4/20. 
  • Boyd_CBoyd_C Southeast US
    It hasn't been working properly.

    I'm unable to sign in to the site now to even see what is going on.
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    yup we are working on it now. should be back up very soon.

    and new memberships are now closed until further notice.
  • server is back up and running better. we did a upgrade also while it was down. and a bunch of users are being moved off S1 again. check your paypal emails today. registration will reopen once people are moved
  • Hey man what is going on with your service my links haven't been indexed for 4-5 days now and there not even showing up in my backoffice
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    When hostgator went down, we took advantage of that time and did a whole database purge. They were processed and then removed to save room. If they didn't get indexed, just throw them in the indexer again. Let me know if you need your limit raised for a few days to push them through.
  • KaineKaine
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  • FYI, we are moving another 50 users today over to S3. PLEASE watch your Paypal emails. That is where you will be notified. The main site will have to get a reboot once the 50 are moved, shouldn't take that long. That won't happen likely for a few hours.
  • Boyd_CBoyd_C Southeast US
    This is getting a bit ridiculous, this service hasn't been working for several days.

    I have 0 links indexed yesterday.

    Is this going to be straightened out today?
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