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The Incredible Indexer With Integrated API [Highly Recommended GSA Indexer]



  • Trevor_BanduraTrevor_Bandura 267,647 NEW GSA SER Verified List
    I'm interested
  • I'm interested
  • My tier 1's are usually very low, and get indexed in no time from T2's so I won't be of much help, however, I could send you My T2's, about 300 links and most of them are struggling to get indexed.

    Hope it's good and cheaper than existing solutions :)
  • Interested
  • ronron

    Count me in. It would be great for everybody if this works as well as you demonstrated above.

  • Im in if you still need testers..
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    I've just sent out requests to all interested reviewers!  We will have to cap it at 5 members max unfortunately.

    Thank you all who have applied, we'll announce when the service will be available for real use! 

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    Ok. Here is my honest review.

    I have tried Indexification, Linklicious, Lindexed, Link Centaur, NLI, BLI and even the great new service from BHW, UltimateIndexer, and the service @cloudattack offers is I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E. I sent him 500 crappy links (even with some links pointing to them and already sent to Indexification service) and just 5 minutes later, he sent me the amazing results: 50% of them already indexed. I just cannot believe it...

    Keep working on it @cloudattack: best and quickest indexing service ever!
  • hi there
    I've been using this service privately for several months now from it's early stage.
    Dunno how much it's gonna cost but will buy it deffo

  • Well, I got a spot and here is my review:

    I sent Mike a list of about 2K links (T3 of my main site), all of them not indexed and previously checked with Scrapebox. Links being  "T3 Quality" wikis, social network profiles, blog posts, video site profiles and doc sharing profiles.

    After 3 hours, around 55%-60% of the links (and increasing) are already indexed in Google. This is hard to believe!!!, and most of the current services guarantee "at least a crawl" or indexing in a time frame of 2 weeks or more. I'm sorry for not believing Mike when he told me "you'll be shocked actually how fast we'll index this", truth is, I'm shocked! ^:)^

    I'm pretty convinced that if this service can deliver this same quality for larger volumes (and Mike confirmed it's very scalable), it will be the best commercial indexing service available.

    Thumbs up!

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    I've used this service on about 20 URLs in the last couple of months when it was in development mode. URLs I've used have been brand new domains, set up 5 minutes before sending them through the system, and also new posts on my existing sites. Out of those ~20 URLs about 15 were indexed in 2 minutes or less, the rest took longer, up to 24h. So pretty happy with these results.
  • Sign me up! When is the launch date?
  • I'm interested to see how this compares to Indexification.  Happy to write a review if you add me in.
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    My review
    I used this service and I gave him 39 links that were not indexed and in 3 hours 50-55% of the links are all ready index. Can't wait for this service to go live, thanks for letting me be a tester.

  • ronron

    I sent in a list of around 2200 links, and Mike ran them right away. This list went from 0% indexed to 50% indexed within an hour.

    This is pretty exciting stuff.  =D>

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    Wow if this is true I am all in. Hit me up when it goes for sale.
    Also, if you ever want to launch this full scale hit me up. I have the resources to promote it heavily :)
  • I was able to test this indexing service myself and was very impressed to say the least, especially since I'm unsure about most indexing services.

    I submitted a small sample of tier 1 links, 447 to be exact, only 38 were indexed with 409 yet to be crawled.

    I checked back a few hours later with 279 of 447 crawled. Awesome!

    Much faster than other indexing services, I'll be waiting anxiously for the service to be released :)

  • Sounds interesting
  • Wow, sounds very promising! Any ETA on launching publicly?  Any list to sign up for to make sure we don't miss it? Count me in.
  • Yeah... Missed out on a review spot. Would like to know a ETA as well.
  • Hey, I'm interested in using this, as long as it is less expensive than Ultimate Indexer. Do you have any ideas on how much you're going to charge for this service once it comes out?
  • Update: Thanks for all the reviews so far. We will be launching today around 5pm EST. 

    Ron has recommended some interesting ways to price this service, it'll all come to light

    Stay tuned! 

  • ronron

    Yeah, 18 hours later and now my indexing went from 50% to about 65%. So this keeps getting even more impressive.

    I have never been one to beat somebody up over pricing if the service is really great. However, I do believe there is an opportunity here to knock out a couple of competitors that I think are too expensive (which is why I don't use them anymore). If this gets priced smartly, the word will spread quickly because everybody has noticed the difficulty of getting things indexed in the last few months. So go get 'em @cloudattack!

  • Ok so we are officially launching the service here

    Or you can visit:

    Let's start indexing some links! 

  • Hi
    Do you have API or GSA SER integretion coming?
  • very very expensive :(
  • The actual price isn't bad at all considering what you get (and if it continues to work as well as all the testers have experienced), BUT... I would like to see smaller packages available, if at all possible. 

    Then again, if I had to guess, I could imagine that the way you're pricing it is so that "nickel and dimers" stay away and you can focus on the more serious operators (could that be Ron's input? :P)

    I'm paying for a couple of other services, so if this is as good as it seems, AND it works well on the more difficult links (i.e. non-contextual stuff), then I would say it's a bargain price, even if it's a larger than average monthly commitment.
  • Hey @cloudattack

    Do  you mind considering adding pay as you go packages?.

    What I mean is instead of charging monthly packages, have an option to select by links quantinty

    Something like this:

    7500 links for $24.95
    30000 Links for $54.95
    60000 Links for $99.99
    150000 Links for $169.99
    210000 Links for $234.99
    300000 Links for $339.99

    Why I'm proposing this?... because I like to submit my links for indexing after i finish my campaigns and do my link checks. I don't want to throw every link to index process.

    I like to sort out the links by PR and Dofollow. I know this can be done by GSA but I like to control that step.

    If you can do this i will be one customer and believe me i build a lot of links!
  • ronron
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    This is pretty darn good pricing if I can say so myself. By the way, I had nothing to do with the pricing other than to offer encouragement to keep it as low as possible, lol. I don't even know @cloudattack and never communicated with him until this little test.

    My analysis is pretty simple. Until now, my opinion of the best indexing service out there was NLI. I dropped them a long time ago because it was too expensive. @cloudattack has priced this at least 50% below that service. So if you want something that works at a very fair price, then this is the ticket.

    Those first tier links are having one hard as hell time getting indexed lately. It used to be a bunch of crap links (T1A junk tiers) to a page, and that page (T1) gets indexed. Now that is becoming pretty ineffective. Having non-indexed T1 links is a real waste of effort on our part. The other troubling part is building a ton of links (junk tiers) underneath T1 properties that aren't even indexed.

    As with any decision, you have to figure out what are the necessary tools to rank and make money.

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    From 0 indexed to this LINK in 5 Hours
    Faster indexer ever... recommended!
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