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  • ronron

    @pclweb - It's like opening Pandora's box. It also opens the door to all sorts of negative seo.

    A person could just participate with some bogus test projects, send total crap in, and then get access to everybody's moneysites. Then everybody gets f*cked,


  • goonergooner
    I have to agree with the naysayers here. You would be crazy to share your links like that.

    Why? Because all i have to do it sign up for the maximum package, submit the maximum number of links per day (My links will all be dummy links of course) and i will get the same number of links from real users, in other words genuine links in return for my dummy links.

    I'm stealing your links and i can reverse engineer your money sites as @ron mentioned.

    Really bad idea IMHO... But each to their own :)
  • edited April 2014
    @gooner ; Good point!

    Very easy to abuse and I don't see any way to protect it.
    If anybody have any idea, let me know.

    Still we are very small community and if people trust to each other maybe it could work.
  • A lot of users will abuse it by sending 3/4 million links scraped from the internet in less than 2 hours then they will get access to our hard earned verified links. Very bad idea imo.
  • KaineKaine
    @ron @gooner ;This is a point not to be overlooked in effect... Damage.
  • ronron
    Well, @linkprocessor was looking for feedback, and that's what he got. That is the purpose of a forum anyway. Throw up some ideas. Get some feedback. It was all honest feedback. (I know that your intentions were noble, and that you are trying to help your users.)

    It's pretty easy to see that the most experienced users here know that this is a bad idea on many different levels. @Tim89, @pclweb, @mamadou, @Kaine, @gooner - Job well done! Many great points. It was good to see all you guys chime in.

    No matter how you slice it:
    • The lists will get spread all over the internet
    • They will get hammered until everyone gets penalized
    • Users can submit smaller lists to get 1000X more links in return
    • Users can submit bogus backlinks and get access to everyone's moneysites
    • Once people have moneysite info, they can negative seo everyone with porn links
    As I said, a noble idea with great intentions, but an incredible amount of damage will happen as a result. You can do what you want, but I would never do that if I owned an index service. I have given you my honest professional opinion. Good luck with your decision.
  • edited May 2014
    @linkprocessor ; No. No. Please don't share my links... I know I can opt in or out from this "new" service, but the fact that I know what you can do (or secretly do) with my links makes me feel UNSAFE sending my links over to you. Please totally scrape this idea from your head.

    Since moving to your new server, LinkProcessor has been working flawlessly, and it's fast. So, just keep improving it and your indexing rate. Plus I'm still waiting to see better submission reports, like "Number of links submitted daily"...
  • Are you not collecting your own central database of users links that are sent to your indexing service anyway? Hard to believe that you are not, it's really a prime position to be in having your own indexing service. There is no way of knowing but going off of the word of those who own indexing services. I'm weary of it, but there is nothing that can be done. 

    Terrible idea. Please try to not be so short sighted. Each communal collaboration like this drastically shortens the lifespan of GSA SER. We've ALL seen this happening already at an exponentially increasing rate the past year to year and a half. Contrary to popular belief, the default platforms that 99% of SER users rely on will soon be worthless.

    Everyone wants to shit where everyone else shits and I just don't get it. 
  • I'll never sign up for this.

    All indexing services own a huge database of verified links and I'm pretty sure most of them will go ahead and sell lists through other channels to maximize their ROI, which bothers me already. And you are talking about even more sharing. No way! 

  • Well said Justin. 

    I'll be opting out.

  • linkprocessor is a very good indexing service
  • As I said before, idea was
    "Only users who share link lists can access database."
    So, if one don't enable this option in user panel his list will be safe and not shared.

    Anyway - this was just idea and suggestion for new feature.

  • @deNiro72

    Yes, that is all. Just leave it now.

    > I have some links already built pre-indexer; will these be pick-up by GSA

    I'm not sure about this, you need to ask Sven how does GSA works, but you can always select all verified links and choose option inside GSA to send links to indexer.

    You don't need to create projects at LP side, GSA will do it via API.
  • Tested it with 8 manually created properties with almost no content.

    20h still none is indexed. Tbh I was expecting that 3-5 get indexed within 1h
  • KaineKaine
    I have links indexed but it is 3-4 days afters.

    Should be optimized guys :)
  • 84k verified links . only 11k sho up in majesticseo. It's after 4-5 weeks i think
  • @deNiro72 Send me PM with your account details and first please double check that you have entered correct API key in GSA.

    @komakino - 8 links??? Try with 800,000 links better. Page with no content will never be in google index btw.
  • Purchasing linkprocessor but i am a bit scared as i see good and bad reviews.
  • Don't be scared bro. We have some hard time in past because of DDOS attack, but not everything is stable.

  • I Actually purchased it,nothing indexed.Will wait a week and see if things work.
  • Sure.
    Today we are adding more WhoIs / Stats sites, specially those with higher PR
  • I already sent 4100 Links and guess what,20 indexed.
    A week and i am taking a refund because most of the indexer do some good jobs at start
  • I'm very happy with results from LP.

    I didn't check long time exact number of indexed pages in google before and after.

    But I have tested SERP results with LP and without LP and also had compared LP with other indexers.

    SERP results are really much much better on those campaigns that are using link processor!
  • KaineKaine
    edited May 2014

    "Today we are adding more WhoIs / Stats sites, specially those with higher PR" is not enought."

    I think the links are not "enough worked".
    Stop add a little be little, do your maximum for all links seriously. Whois take only domain. Add sitemap, rss and all that you know.

    Maybe add another server ?

    Frankly it not go at all, I suggest you grow up if you close your Bussiness.
  • edited May 2014
    Yes, we are doing maximum. 5 people are working full time on this project, from different SEO testings to full coding and administration.
    If you have any suggestion about some proven methods please send me PM or use email contact form at site.

    > Whois take only domain.
    Not all. Some are taking full URLs. And we use only them.

    >  Add sitemap, rss  and all that you know.
    It is there already from beginning.

    > Maybe add another server ?
    There are already almost 100 servers.
    With each new member we are buying new cloud server.
  • KaineKaine
    edited May 2014

    Yes i have edited, normally i index good link approx in 2 day. 


    Looks like they have are just pinged ...
  • @linkprocessor

    Why dont u reply to me ? 
  • khantahir Did you PM here?
    Didn't get it.

  • @linkprocessor

    No bro,i am asking you why is my indexing rate 5%
  • @khantahir I don't have idea what is wrong with your links.
    Other members reported better index rate.
    All members are getting the same system for link processing - except that on higher plans there are more link pushings - better processing.
    My advice is to compare serp results on sites that are using LP vs those that not.
    SE are aware of your links for sure because we have informed them several times with different methods.
    Are they going to include link in visible search database - that is not in our control. It mostly depends of link and content quality.
    Most important is your position in SE, so better look on that and not just on what links are in visible google index.
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