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★★★★★ Link Processor: Indexing + Crawling + Link Pushing - The Best GSA Indexer - $9.95



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    EDIT: Recieved answer via mail.
  • @Nikodim Thank you!
    Yes, it is always fastest to contact us via email contact form.
  • What's your average indexing rate?

    I've been reading the entire thread and looks like your website / service was down quite a few times during the past few days - did you manage to fix this?

    Also i see on your website there's a 50% off for first 100 members - can you send me a coupon or whatever for the 50% discount?
  • dvolker the site has had a few issues but it realy has not been a problem - at least for me.
  • @dvolker current price is already discounted, it will go for 50% up after we get first 100 members.
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    Yesterday ,  I cancelled my subscription on " the incredible indexer " because it's was down and I wanted to subscribe to your service with the 300K plan. Today , I logged to your website to subscribe to discover that your service is down and the indexer's website now is up again !!!! Lol

    linkprocessor  Can you fix these problems and make your service stable ?
  • I am seeing this error,

    Error 524, A timeout occured...
  • Yes, this site is not stable at all...please fix these problems or people will leave and choose the others. I am one of them
  • too bad. your server down again . 
  • yeah, whats going on? I thought you changed servers for this exact reason. Cant tell me its server migration problems. if so, fire the person doing it its been a week ;)
  • We were down for 2 hours again because of ddos attack. We are still in process of migration to ddos protected server that will fix this issue.
  • @linkprocessor..You were down to 7/8 hours though not 2. How long the process of the migration is expected to take ?
  • @mamadou We are moving to OVH data center and we have paid 9 days ago for server that we still wait to get. Once we get server migration will be finished in one day with less then 5 hours of downtime.

  • @linkprocessor .. ok , I subscribed to your 300 k plan. I hope you stand by your service and keep it stable with high indexing rates.
  • @mamadou Yes, we are giving the best and investing a lot in this project. I'm sure you will be satisfied.
  • If you paid 9 days ago and they still dont even have your server you may want to try a different company? That is absurd. When I get a new server it takes 48 hrs max.
  • @linkprocessor ... What is the local time on the server ? do you reset the available credits on 12 am or what ?
  • @tsaimllc OVH is very famous and one of rare DDOS protected data center. Please google about them. Anyway they take some time to setup first server because they need to validate all documents (passport, id, etc..)

    @mamadou Credits are rearrested at midnights Chicago time.
  • @linkprocessor ... can you please put the current server's time (AM/PM) in the control panel or even in the footer ? Power users will run out of credits very fast and we need to know when we can get back on track. it's much easier for international customers like myself to be able to see the server's time in front of me.

    In php you can fetch the server time easily with
    <span class="pun"><?</span><span class="pln">php echo date</span><span class="pun">(</span><span class="str">"D M d, Y G:i a"</span><span class="pun">);</span><span class="pln"> </span><span class="pun">?><br><br></span>
  • i submit 9k links after 24 hours only around 200 show up on ahrefs/majesticseo ? any ideas why this happened ?
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    @mamadou here is timer -
    If you have issue with credits we can upgrade your account to higher limit.
    Prices are currently very low - 2 to 3 times lower then competitors.

    Anyway, we will add live timer in member area in next 24 hours.
  • @linkprocessor .. thanks! .. I'm already on the highest plan.
  • @mamadou We can create bigger plans if there is need for it. Just tell us how many daily creditst you would like.
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    Hi folks,

    just seen one of the reasons of errors during sendind links: it happens when your internet connection get interrupted or slow for shot or long time.
  • grax1grax1 Professional SEO, UK | White Label SEO Provider
    I have no idea what's wrong but it's REALLY frustrating, I asked Sven for help many times, also informed @linkprocessor about the issue, but problem is still unsolved. Sven tried to fix it somehow but he says he doesn't see any problem in SER. Result: I pay for indexing and links don't get to the damn indexer.

    I was using the linkprocessor both with API and ping, Sven recommended to use API. both options sends just small% of links. My today verified is ~12k and here's my plan usage

    Am I the only person with this problem? I have to pay for indexing but I can't use this at all. The only way to send links is to stop SER, select all links and click send to indexer. But I'm not buying VPS in order to check out SER daily, stop it and index links, damn API is to do it for me... Then again, it doesn't work
  • @XXXX maybe it is because of proxies. We need to ask Sven does GSA use proxies for indexing
  • @grax1 Don't look at credits counter but at project list. Does numbers there match your verified links in GSA.
    We will add soon daily log, so you can see total amount of links processed each day.
  • @linkprocessor .. thanks for adding the server time. The daily processed log will be another great must have addition.

    BTW , I love your service so far! .. Keep up the good work.
  • grax1  .. Same problem here. I have 210 k verified links but the api only got about 100 k !!!

    Please report your problem to sven on this link
  • Can you check you PM, I sent you a message
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