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★★★★★ Link Processor: Indexing + Crawling + Link Pushing - The Best GSA Indexer - $9.95


If Search Engines Can't Find Your Backlinks
You're Wasting Time and Money!

Push Power to Your Backlinks and
Get Your Site Ranked Higher with Link Processor!

100% Guaranteed Link Crawling Service

Starting from $9.95

Easy To Use

Just submit a link to us and we will do the rest. All you need is to do is just copy and paste your backlinks and we will do all the hard work. You don't need to worry about the technical details.

100% Automated

Link Processor is a fully automated online service. The backend of our system contains strong servers that are working 24/7 to process your backlinks.

Integrate and Automate with other SEO Tools

Using API and RPC ping services you can integrate any SEO tool and send links from it to us automatically.

3 Circles Of Link Processing

We will send each and every link you submit to 3 circles of link processing. We will make sure that every link is getting maximum exposure.

Made by SEO Experts

Link Processor is a team of programmers and SEO experts who have over 10 years experience in the SEO business and understand how to use SEO and link building to give your business the boost it needs online.

Cloud Linux Scalability

When you sign up you get allocated CPU & Memory recourses. With this cutting-edge system our service can grow without any down time.


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3 Circles Of Link Processing

We will ensure that each of your links get attention from search engines, and get extra link juice that will pass power to all upper layers.


Circle #1
Multiple Direct RPC Pinging + Sitemap Pinging + RSS Pinging

In the first run we will take each of your backlinks and ping it directly several times.
Links will be added to sitemaps and RSS feeds and then pinged again. This is how all other link processing services works, but we don't stop here.

Circle #2
In-house Link Crawling Formula

On a parallel server we will process each of your backlinks through our proven in-house link crawling system.
This powerful formula will maximize the possibility of your backlinks being indexed in search engines.

Circle #3
Link Pushing through Authority Link Filter

Our 3rd cloud server will work on pushing your backlinks.
Each and every link will be submitted to authority filter sites like whois, redirect, stats... etc.
We will then invite crawlers to visit each of these links.
Depending on what subscription package you choose, we will send each of your links to 30 to 500 link pushing services.

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Here are some of reviews from GSA users during our beta testing. For more reviews browse the thread below.

"...I never ever had such a good indexing rate in such a low period of time (in a few hours)."

"I'm getting over 50% index rate. Much much better then other services..."

"Seems to be doing the job! Excellent indexing rate..."

"Indexing rate vary from 30% to up to 80%..."

"From 2000 Wiki live pages, after less then 24 hours, 1409 are indexed."



  • @linkprocessor - jus ordered your service, but do not see any statistics tab if using only API. Do not want to input all my urls each day manually. 
  • @RayBan -  you don't need to input URLs manually because there is API that will send links automatically.
    All projects and links are in "List Projects" page.
  • Are the prices quoted already 50% off? If not, how do we activate the discount?
  • Prices you can see are already discounted.
    It will go 50% UP once we get first 100 members.

    Even with 50% higher prices our service will be cheaper then competitors services.

  • @linkprocessor - can you remove the limitation to add only 2000 urls per submission (for one project). I just wanted to add 40000 old urls, but to do that i now have to split file and do it 20 times in a row.
  • Ah, missed the option to add a file, sorry, everything ok now.
  • Yes, you can upload 10MB file with one URL per line.
    I think it is much more then 40k URLs
  • @linkprocessor - is the discount of 50% an lifetime offer or just for the first month ?
  • @RayBan - lifetime

    Prices you see in sales page are final.

    So, if you subscribe with $19.95 plan, you will have that price until you cancel it.

    Once we get first 100 members prices will go 50% up, but those who took lower prices will continue to pay them.
  • I am using Linkprocessor as a Beta tester and I can recommend it to everybody. Nice price and index results.
  • Ok one last question, first 100 members for each plan or for all plans altogether?
  • @bangkoklad For all plans together.
  • When I get the 6 month 150k link per day plan now for $95 - will it renew automatically with this 50% off price for the next 6 months?
  • @Sammy262 Yes, it will.

    As you know, once created paypal subscription profile will stay like that until you cancel it.
    So, yes, whatever plan you choose now for subscription it will stay with same price lifetime (until you cancel it inside paypal account).

  • And let's say I take the 6 months for $95 now and I want to change to monthly from my 7th month on - can I get into the $19.95 then, because I still will be a member? If you say yes, you have a new customer.

    PS: Can you write Inspyder Software so that they include your API in Backlinkmonitor as well?
  • @Sammy262 Sure, as you are one of first who joined us you will be always at cheaper plan (even if you want to change plan).

    Ok, I'm sending email to inspyder software, right now.
  • Order placed
    using instant link indexer before going to try this service now
  • Awesome.. I just bought the 6 month package. Looking forward to the results.
  • What is index rate?
  • @jpvr90 take a look at reviews in first post (sales page).
    All those reviews are from this forum, from thread about beta testing.

    Like with any other tool index rate depends much from your links.
    So, users had different indexing rate...
  • Yes I know but my understanding those reviews from testers you gave free service too.

    Most indexing services have minimum % index guarantee. You don't have this for your service?
  • edited April 2014
    Testers didn't get anything for free. They gave us their time and we gave them service, so it was exchange.

    If you submit 1000 forum profiles and if all gone down after 24 hours (page not found), indexing rate will be 0%.
    If you submit 1000 top quality unique posts, they will be indexed by themselves even without indexer.

    So, there isn't way to have minimum indexing rate at all.
    Better try to measure real SERP results.
  • I can vote for @linkprocessor. His service is very very good.

    As a person which used pretty much the most well-known indexing services i can say that none of them comes even close to what LP is capable of doing.

    Arround 50% (minimum) of my links are already showing up in ahrefs within 24 hours. Within 48 hours 70-80% are already indexed (in some cases even 90%+). By day 3 i already have pretty much all of my links indexed.

    LP staff understands that as GSA users most of us build thousands of links per day and their packages are made to handle the high volume of links.Not counting the results (which are simply wonderful) the prices are very affordable as well, i would say that compared to the competition you can get way more links per day for the same amount. Afterall how many link services allows you to process 150k links/DAY for $19.95. None of them.

    For me as for many of you what matters are the results however money is important as well  LP in my opinion is the perfect balance between the 2 where you can get crazy results without breaking the bank .

    Considering the results i`ve got, the service ease of use and integration as well as the support i will give this service a 5 stars award !   
  • @seo4all Many many thanks for feedback!!!
  • @seo4all there is no point in checking links via ahrefs. Try SB and see if they are indexed by google.
  • goonergooner
    Just signed up, very interested to test this out. The service looks awesome!
  • Grabbed one to test
  • Welcome!
    I hope you will love it.
  • goonergooner
    @linkprocessor - I just add my API in SER and that's it?
    I'm not seeing any links coming through on your site, did i miss something?
  • GSA is sending all verified links to indexers via API.
    I'm not sure how often GSA send it, but just leave it work some time.
    Sven has already tested all that and it is working, but GSA need some time first to post links, to verify them and to send to indexing service.

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