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★★★★★ Link Processor: Indexing + Crawling + Link Pushing - The Best GSA Indexer - $9.95



  • Is anyone still using this? Have you seen any further increase in serps after using this service alone or done any indexing tests? Cuz I'm considering dropping it.

    I'm mainly just using it to try to re-crawl my own scrapebox blasts to my tiers because of the high 150k daily limit but I haven't seen much new feedback either positive or negative. I've got ExpressIndexer and re-subscribed to Indexification again using the monthly allotment of links instead of daily.

    The "link-pushing"  of LinkProcessor is pretty much pointless as those indexer-whois-stat site links never even get crawled on their own.
  • We ping whois sites several times.
    There are more then 500 active subscribers right now.

    Special discounted prices at 6 months subscription plans.

  • Hey, is there any possibility to buy a package without the monthly subscription? Somehow paypal won't let me complete a subscription.
  • @kenny

    yes, just send me PM and I will give you paypal email where to send payment manually
  • Bought a subscription, but it says I have 0 links left for today. whats going on? account name: kendotx
  • I have replied to your PM at other forum and fixed it.
  • any chance for gsa member? looking for discount code if you can gimme some thank you before
  • Prices are already discounted, there is no option for coupon code.
  • What's up? When trying to log-in now I get redirect to a payment page.
    It used to work perfectly last 6 months+
  • It was small issue we fixed in few hours. If you need to contact support at any time - the fastest way is to contact us directly via contact page at our website.
  • Just quick update - we have small downtime of 15 minutes and it is fixed now.
  • @linkprocessor

    is this service still up and running?
  • scam product and you can't cancel. Their support emails is not working. 
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
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