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My results so far using - GSA + ACW, TBS,



  • @sonic81 and others interested:

    updates on projects are:

    Project 1(2nd trial) - tiered link building
    No movement, no showing on G. I've just today moved all the tiers up a notch, as @ron explained - 10 to 20, 30 to 40 and so forth.. lets see what happens

    Project2 - spam
    Still #2 and one keyword is #1!

    So it looks like I'm holding out.

    For those interested, i've start around 12 projects about a week ago using the same settings as my spam project but each one has 1 or 2 or no changes - just to see if there is a way to make this spamming better or worse - none of the sites have appeared yet but hopefully will in 1-2 weeks - i'll keep everyone posted on this as well.

  • @InSaNe qn: for your "spam" project what exact match is your google per month for that #1?
  • @insane thanks for that.

    i haven't found any decent results on blasting with my own sites i tested it on 1-2 domains i didn't care about and no results.  haven't risked it on other ones that make money.

    i'm getting reasonable results blasting a web 2.0 page with fairly concentrated anchor text but it's too early to tell if the rankings will hold.  i suspect not because i know the penguin filter is updated on a non-daily basis (every month or so) so i suspect it will trip next month.

    other than that using tiered link building and concentrating juice on contextual tier 1 links as @ron advocates has been getting me great slow but sure results.

    i adopt a 2 tier approach to my ranking 1 safe method which will theoretically bring in consistent $ and low risk and 2) blasting for quick wins as an experimental method to see if there is any blast and forget way to rank quickly on competitive niches.

    i'm interested more in #2 as a challenge if one method works theoretically can get multiple GSA licenses and roll this out pretty quick smart to some medium/high competitive niches.
  • i'm not dripfeeding my links anymore. 5k links at the first day and than waiting for the results, which usually come up after 5 - 7 days (page 1).
  • hmm @bekkolt .. but they wont last too long then ? i did that in the past sites been on top for a while then gone to hell ...
  • Hi all.. I just wanted to update everyone about my results - From now on I will only talk about the SPAM projects as the tiered ones are just not working for me and for my situation, I don't mind having 2-3month domains.. so it doesn't bother me if they disappear every few months.

    My original spam project is still #2 and bring me great results.

    I have since started several more projects (24 to be exact).. I can confidently say that at least 50% of the projects have popped up in the top 3 spots and 30% have hit the #1 spot.

    The terms I am getting #1 spots for have quite substantial exact match inquries (i.e. one of them is 10k, another is 25k and one is only 1k)

    I have tried to differentiate the projects to see why some get to #1 and why some don't appear at all. I have narrowed it down to a couple of things.. 

    1. it seems that the good ones must have the term in the domain name.. i.e. "dog training" should have dog + training in the domain.
    2. Every project that was successful, was with a completely new template that I have never used before and brand new wording.. this isn't to say make a 15-20 page site, as all my sites are now 1page landing pages with probably 100words on them.

    As for the actual engines used etc etc.. if anyone is interested I can detail what I have done, but basically ticked everything except video, used 4 anchor terms, 100k keyword list and pressed 'start' and usually I get results in 5-10 days.

    One of my sites took 21days to pop up, but it went straight to #1, without any mucking around (this was the 10k local search).
  • Thats Awesome,
    Just wondering if you are still just scraping any article and not spinning for the link-building.?  Also, are you just using the generic comment?  THANKS
  • hey @horselditty,

    Actually I thought I'll try both.. seems like the spun articles did better. so basically i create an article in ACW then I spin the hell out of it in The Best Spinner - seems to do the job, takes around 1min to do.

    Yep, using general comments.

    Also, putting anchor text in the subject lines (not sure if this matters) - so for example, if my anchor text is {dog training|train my dog} then my subject line is usually something like "Dog Training"

  • Cool, sorry one more question  [-O< Are using any indexing service.  THANKS AGAIN
  • Hi Insane

    Can you please elaborate your process?
  • @horeslditty I split the projects into three categories:

    1. No indexing service
    2. Just GSA SEO Indexer
    3. SEO Indexer + Lindexed

    The ones that did the best were in category 2 and 3 (no difference though). Option 1 was still a strong contender and will probably just take an additional few days to creep up.

  • How many links per day if you start a new project for new site ?
  • I just let it run.. the average verified over 3-4 days is around 5-8k and then I just stop it and never run it again.
  • edited April 2013
    @insane one question mate 
    You said about using new template ... what means by that "new template" and you said we dont need to make 15-20 page website. so basically you are targeting only one main landing page if i am not wrong???
    plz clear on it thanks 

  • @naseemhaider I just buy something from themeforest and yep, only load up a landing page on it.

    However, I have 3 projects with complete websites on them (I just copy paste the same website over and over) and they worked ok too.. 

    I'm just saying that if you're in a rush, landing pages work too :)
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @InSaNe - interesting post and thanks for sharing. I have been following closely. Super useful when people post what's working and what's not!

    Wanted to ask about your spam campaign - do you just build a total of 5k to 8000 links and then stop completely? 
  • edited April 2013

    "After tier 1 is done posting i want to strenghten them with PR 1 sites+ with the following : 
    I use forums because they bring alot of backlinks that will stick in 
    time, mostly are dofollow and i want more diversity even though they are
    not incontent."

    You blast your tier1 with forum profiles? This is a different campaign from the ones you posted photos?

    Also for microniche websites ( what is a microniche for you ) you blast the microniche website like its a tier 2 website? If its a microniche shouldn't it be easier to rank it with less links? 

    If I understand well you only use expired domains?? What type of expired domain you buy? And what if you start with a fresh registered brand new domain? 

    I will experiment your advices and tweak my own campaigns.

    @ Insane I blast websites too like you do and they rank well for couple of months generally , some website can even stick ( expecially in adult niche) but usually at some point I get my websites deranked. I hope it will not happen with you.. what is your on page optimization? 
  • @theguruland hey,

    Yes i use forums as a tier 1 aswell. No different, take a look at a more updated post here (more detailed and edited some things
    A micro niche is a medium or low competitive niche website that you newly build (usualy).
    I blast my micro niches as in the "Safe SEO Method" tier 2. So tier 1 for my micro niche is tier 2 from my safe seo method.
    Nope, i allmost allways buy my new personal domains, not expired, even though expired domains are a good ideea.
  • Ok I got you , but I still do not understand if after you create tier1 then you ADDITIONALLY blast them with forum? I mean you run for example GSA forum blast on your tier1? Also I readed that thread , thank you and would like to ask : 

    "250 verified backlinks per day for the first week, then climb to 350 next week etc untill i end up with 7-8k backlinks."

    Thats not tooom uch for a BRAND NEW micro niche website ???  I got many old domains banned for much less .. and I wonder if a brand new domain can stand all of that generic links ...

    What you think? I would like to try this advices you give here , I m kinds new to GSA but experienced in SEO and other tools . Thank you a lot for you kind answers . 

  • InSaNe I'm interested in trying my own test project using your spam idea. When looking for keywords do you take into account competition levels in the Top 10, or do you just go for it?

    If you do, any criteria you are following with your approach?
  • yeah @InSaNe please go into details think i will try somethink like that too with a domain thx
  • @insane yes mate plz go into a bit of detail that would be great thanks buddy.

  • i cant improve my rankings over 2 months
    still cant find the reason
  • @InSaNe do you run the spam campaign without - Pause project after x submissions ?
  • @AlexR - yep I just do that and then forget about it.

    Just last night I decided to pick 3 of the projects and restart them.. so i will stop them at around 11k and then see which ones get better..

    so all in all, good question, i'll update results in the following weeks / months to see which was better.
  • Hi @wezza - i just go for it.. To be honest I had a look at the competitiveness of the words on G Keyword Tool but just for my own interest.. (maybe its lucky for me that the terms are only 1k upto 25k local exact searches per month)
  • For those that want details.. would you like me to just screen dump by settings? would that be helpful?
  • One more thing for everyone.. like I said, around 50% of the links are popping up.. god knows if the other 50% ever will.. so keep that in mind.. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't..

    AND i started each project around 1-2hrs after the other, so I didn't press START on all of them at the same time.. 

    (just little things i'm remembering that thought might impact)
  • Insane how old are your domains?
  • Yes. it would be great if you go with screen shots
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