The Incredible Indexer With Integrated API [Highly Recommended GSA Indexer]



  • So, can someone please tell me the benefits of this service verses others?

    GSA SER has support for many indexing services. I want to know why this is the best one to use.
  • Not sure if I'm the only one.

    But I got an email today from the admin saying it's now 100k links/day for $25/month!

    HOWEVER, just a couple weeks back, I paid $169.99/month for 10k links/day!...

    Is anyone in the similar situation and feel a bit ripped off?... :(
  • @ joland  I sent a email last week when we implemented it. I always send it to your paypal address. Possibly you didn't check the email until today? We clearly state that people that have paid more will get credits until there "paid amount" is even. We also stated that on page 8 of this thread, so no we are not ripping anyone off. It's the easiest situation instead of refunding people that are different packages.
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    @glennf We are aimed at giving the best service for the price, when you compare us to other services they are charging a lot more for the same end results. 

  • @greeny1232 and @cloudattack, thank you for your explanation.  During the past couple weeks or so, it was true that I had no problem submitting all the links and seeing many of them indexed.  Appreciate you responding in a very professional manner and treating your customers well!  Thx
  • Just joined up and submitted my first set of links. Hopefully this will gimme a long needed boost. :)

    Do you know when you will be integrated with Backlink Monitor. I looked in the settings and you currently aren't.

  • Backlink Monitor said it was already integrated. Maybe update it? I don't use backlink monitor so I'm not sure how it works .....
  • pclwebpclweb UK
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    Already have, Express Indexer was added but not Incredible Indexer.

    Do you know when i'm going to start seeing some stats. Added nearly 100,000 links over the past day but nothing in stats?
  • can u PM me your name that u signed up with
  • Will do thanks :)
  • sent you a new account to use.
  • pclweb  regarding backlink monitor, this is what he sent me

    Yes, the update is in there now. If they're not running version 4.1 they may need to update. Tell them to run the app, then use "Help | Check for Updates" from the main menu.
  • @greeny1232 Haha an update has just been made. Checked this morning using the main menu check updates function and even went to website and looked at changelog. There was no update. I think he might of forgotten. :)
  • Hello, i just confused.. last month i already sign up for 24.99 package.. and the system already under paypal subscriptions.. then i got email (from incredible indexer) to renew my subscription.... so do i need to renew again and canceled previous Paypal subscription OR just let the paypal do the job with previous subscription.. because it is under same package.. i hope you understand what i am trying to say :)
  • iwebseoiwebseo The Internets
    Last night submitted 31 Web 2.0 properties for indexing (none of them were indexed), created with FCN - 10 hours later 18 indexed.

  • eyman  just ignore the reminder. It basically is just reminding you that a payment is going to come out. We are trying to get it stop sending reminders. I thought I had it fixed yesterday but I will go back and take a look.
  • I can't login to my account, it keep telling me session time out. reload/refresh/change browser all doesn't work. sent a email to alex but no reply, anyone here can help? maybe @greeny1232 ?
  • Dunce   sent you a PM on here.
  • How to join it?
  • Hello, i cannot login to the account... the payment already made through paypal subscription.. please help me.. i also already sent email to support..

  • greeny1232  Hi, for the last 2 days I am unable to use your services.
    When I login, I have the option to switch options, but all of them are showing just blank screen. 

    Has anybody else expierenced this ? 
  • OK, after waiting for 10 minutes I managed to get to add urls screen and after another 10 minutes links were accepted for upload. 

    I am still unable to view the statistics window, so not sure if it really accepted it. 

    For others> do you have any problems with this tool ? Want to switch to api mode. 
  • RayBan   I'm taking a look at it now. The database might have gotten to big and it needs to be purged. We will get it fixed as soon as we can.
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    Hey I submitted about 1500 urls over 12 hours ago and none of them have been processed.  Is the system working or am I doing something wrong?  I used the api key in SER.  I tried to find a support or help section on your website but couldn't see it so just posting here. 

  •  @greeny1232 - yesterday i uploaded aprox 8000 urls manually and they were not processed. 
    Today I was able to login into statistics field and saw that these links were not uploaded although the screen stated that they were. Anyway did the same again and now they are sitting in que. 
    @greeny1232 - can you confirm that the problems I had wont repeat again or should we try out other providers ? 

    So I guess @ambition you should should submit them once again. 
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    I saw my links in the queue yesterday but today those are gone but 11 more have been submitted but none processed still.  To clarify not a single link I have submitted has been processed (though they do show up in the queue of waiting to be submitted).
  • Tim89Tim89
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    This service is fantastic.
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    The server is running 120k links every hour, We will see if we can get it go faster and run it every 30 seconds to catch up. There is a back log that is all your seeing. If you are submitting links manually, then checking stats and you don't see them in the processing, then PM me your username/email. IF you are submitting them manually and they are in processing stats, then its working fine. At the end of every 24/1 day the server resets and your stats won't appear right until they have ran. If they have appeared in the processing, then they will run. They don't get lost in space.I may to run it off another server, I'll get that setup this weekend and send half of the users to that one. It can handle as many links as you guys put in, the links aren't getting lost or anything.
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