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    2Take2  We removed the 3 day trial from the website. We suddenly had a ton of users sign up and it was the same  IP range. So if you are interested, send me or cloud a PM, we will get you setup for a trial. Just send us your email.

    brianhill Cloud mentioned that your indexing rate was low. I pulled your links and took a look at them. Quite a few of them are the web 2.0 that don't well with the service. I suggest trying GSA type links if you can. There are certain web 2.0 that work very well and certain ones that will not index no matter how much we tweak it. We are working on a list of the ones that are low percentages so we can let the users know to not waste there submissions on them. I think your links are from FCS and the indexing rate is quite low for FCS type links. But it all depends on what links you are trying to get indexed.
  • Why would FCS type of links not work?

    AFAIK they post to 50+ high authority web 2.0s

    Justo curious.

  • Actually all of my contextual backlinks are built with GSA SER. Haven't used FCS before. It's better you can get ready your list of not working site asap, otherwise i can't see much effect from index rate side.
  • Yes i am waiting for the list also... it will help us a lot.. and save us a lot of credit... and also we can only target specific type of links..

    Besides, do you have any plan to implement drip feed features inside the tools? not via gsa ser
  • Some of the ones off the top of my head that don't like to be indexed:

    pure volume sometimes/sometimes doesn't index

    If you have ones that aren't indexing, send them to me in a text file, I'll take a look and see what the problem is.

    I don't really know why some of FCS won't index or any of the other web 2.0. I can get it to index with my stand alone code, but I don't release that as of yet.

    No plans to drip feed, at the moment at least.
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    Exciting news, this coming weekend (oct 26th) we'll be doing unlimited submission weekend. During this period, you may submit unlimited links during the 48 hour period. More to be announced as we reach coming to the date. 

    We are also proud to say that backlinks monitor and rankwyz will be integrated very soon (this week). So users who use those tools will be able to use API key for drip feeding. 

    On top of that, we'll be shortly integrating monthly limits and awesome changes in amount of submission allowed, you won't want to miss this!

    For those interested in subscribing:

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    Backlink Monitor has just integrated our API, it has been tested and will be available in the next few days. 

    More updates are to come, we are planning on some big changes. 
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    Exciting news, this coming weekend (oct 26th) we'll be doing unlimited submission weekend. During this period, you may submit unlimited links during the 48 hour period. More to be announced as we reach coming to the date. 
    Ill signup if its sure unlimited this coming weekend, I got heaps of pages that needs to be indexed. :)
  • 500 links for 25$.   I don't know much of what goes on  With how that works or how well it works, Suppose I could read the previous 7 pages. 

    But 500 links for 25$ seems a bit steep?  If not please someone tell me why? :)
  • That is 500 links/day for  $25
  • Rankwyz has just released a update and is integrated now.
  • I can go through 500 verified links in 30 seconds. :/
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    New link packages implemented today, you may now experience BULK indexing of your links like never before. Packages start at $25 a month, with allowance of 100,000 links a day. For those who need more are able to select from different packages ranging from 100,000 to 300,000+ daily submissions. 

    This is effectively the most cost efficient indexing solution on the market, for your Tier 1, Tier 2 or even Tier 3 backlinks. 

    What about current paid users? 

    Loyal users of Incredible Indexer will be getting upgraded accounts, and Pro Rating (extra monthly usage) for those that qualify. 

    Emails will be dispatched for more information regarding this. Stay tuned!

    For Those Interested: 

  • livejournal

    it easy why it not indexed, just check robots.txt on this sites. I have such problem before with indexation of web20 on this sites.
  • ronron
    Finally giving this thing a shot. I was one of the betas, and it was completely mind boggling. Anyway, looking forward to using this going forward with the api. 
  • lol,  I actually just signed up for it as well.  Testiting on 1 Server before I throw it on the rest. :)
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
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    For anyone who's interested...

    @greeny1232, kindly set me up with a free trial and the results were as published, about 50-60% URLs indexed pretty much straight away. - I will keep an eye on them over the next couple of weeks to see how they end up.

    Seems like a good service, especially at the price they are now offering it for.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Testing the service now

    One of the few indexer services that is set to handle quantity and more on top

    Your not restricted to trying to choose what to submit to be indexed

    Looks good so far, very impressed

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    Been a user since we've had to submit links through dropbox. Very good service and it keeps improving. Plus my main tools are supported now. GSA SER, RankWyz, and Backlink Monitor (Can't wait for this one)
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    Just a heads up guys, we are trying to find the right timing for the cron to run. The links are being processed slower bc we are seeing what the best rate is. Just be patient, should have it figured out by the end of the day. We need to make sure its not running to fast, links will then be skipped. Just remember, once it hits the processing mode, its likely under 2 minutes and it indexes 50-60%. So if we have to keep the backup to make it index at that rate, we are going to have to. That is what makes it so incredible right! I'll keep u guys posted on how long it is taking for them to go through the system. Right now I believe its a few hours (which isn't bad IMO). I will take a few hours to get it indexed at that rate.
  • ronron
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    Yeah, I dumped in 100,000 links just to see what would happen, and they were all processed within 12 hours. Very nice. Nice to see the API being integrated with other good services.

    p.s. I dumped Lindexed.
  • Hi, @cloudattack - two quesions:
    1)  do you plan to offer cheaper plans for users who do not need such indexation power ?
    For example it would be more than enough for me to index aprox 10`000 urls per month, but the current pricing model would be not suitable in such cases.

    2) What's the difference between incredible indexer and GSA Seo Indexer. Where do you submit all of those links if the success rate is much more higher ?
  • RayBan   The price isn't going to be changed again, even for smaller users.

    The difference is that our indexer gets them indexed within minutes in most cases 50-60%. We aren't stating what the indexer does, but it does not build rss feeds, links, blackhat crap, social shares. Its a one of a kind system, literally.
  • @greeny1232 - i uploaded 100 test links 1 hour ago, but they are still in pending list.
    How long does it take to proceed them ? You mentioned "within minutes"..
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    RayBan   The server started out running about 10k a hour, then we bumped it to 20k, and now its at 60k a hour. It should cut it down a lot on the back log. Within minutes = Once it is process, you can check your indexing within 2 minutes and you should be able to see a stuff getting indexed. Go to your stats, in there it says if its pending or has processed. We will be lower it to every 30 seconds = 120k a hour then. But we need to make sure its keeps its indexing level before we change it.
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    Ya. I agree. I don't have that many projects that will spit out 100,000 links a day. Can you add a lower cost package for less amount of links indexed.

    I'm not that up to speed on indexers but does this service get backlinks to your backlinks?

    Also, is there a "drip feed" feature yet so the big G does not see a whole lot of links at a time like Indexification has?
  • Hi, I just bought it yesterday and submitted 11k non-indexed links to check if it works.

    Today 12 hours later I don't see my links under "pending URLs" nor do I see them under (0) List of urls processed today (updates every 2 minutes):or Processed Links for last 30 days...

    I checked them and none is indexed, what's happening? Aren't they supposed to go from pending URL's to processed URL's?
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    @supermandem can you email admin at to have a look at what is going on with your account

    About Our New Subscriptions:

    As many know, we have upgraded our system, and increase the link allowance to the standard 100,000 daily submission. Various new features are in the works, once they are tested and integrated you'll be notified via email. 

    $25/month is our smallest package at the moment, there probably won't be a smaller subscription as that's already a reasonable price for indexing for majority of our users. 

    Best Way To Index Links:

    It is recommended to drip only new links (few days old), and avoid sites that don't index well. Without using the best practices, you may experience different results than most of our current users.  

    Indexing is not done using RSS feeds, backlinks, or using any anchor text so no footprints to your links for Google to find.

    For Support:

    Be sure to also email admin at for support inquiries.   

    Additional features will be scheduled out accordingly, thank you all for the support and reviews! 

  • @ supermanden  If you PM me your registered name I can take a look in the backend and make sure its in the que. Basically how it works is that when its the start of the new day, all of the pending URLS listed will be reset within your stats page, but not on the backend que. So they are in there still as pending, you just can't see it. So they are still in there as pending, you just can't see it until they are ran. Once they are ran on the backend, it will show up in your 10-25 stats log saying it was ran. If I confused you more, send me a PM and I can show you a backend screen shot so you can see there in there as not processed yet. But I would need your registered name or email.
  • Yeah I think they have processed now, I see 12k under processed they just disappeared completely from the cpanel for some hours.

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