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    Just a update guys:

    *We are doing removal of links daily, so we are only going to be holding the links in the database for 7-10 days. So your stats will show only 7-10 days. This will help the backlog.

    *This weekend -- My very awesome coder is going to backup the script and we are going to send the heavy users to another server/site. So basically we will be splitting up the users so that should take care of the backlog issue. If you are going to be moved, YOU will get a EMAIL to your paypal address with your login information. Hopefully by Monday it will be running like it should be.

    We again thank you for all the support and patience.

    ** Might have some down time today, so if you can't access it its just because the backend is being cleaned out or it's being restarted**
  • I am looking for a really big package, can you please pm me so that we discuss your offer?
  • Hi, i have subscribed today and put api on GSA but don't know why api is not working. PM sent please take a look of my account.

  • We have been doing a database cleanup for the last 2 days, I believe the API should be working now or shortly will be.
  • greeny1232 please check PM and solve my problem. still my api is not working.

    and my manually entered urls also not accepting.
  • My api doesn't seem to be adding any urls to the queue either.
  • cannot even use mine. never loads. looking bad
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    The api is disabled until the database removal is done, again it has 26 million URLS to be removed, which is it doing. We are hoping it will be done by tonight or tomorrow. (I was previously wrong when I said the API was working fine a few posts above). The coder worked 12 hours on saturday and sunday alone trying to fix it. This was the last option to disable it and clean it out. Please check your Paypal Emails, that is where I will contact you guys and let you know its all back to working again.

    If you try to log in, you aren't going to be able to see stats or anything because its working hard to remove them. It's best just to hold on a day and everything should be back to normal.
  • It's all back up and running now. Everything was processed to Friday was removed/deleted. So nothing will be in stats currently. There is a backlog that it will be indexing hopefully overnight and you will see the weekend links being put in your stats.
  • greeny1232 still my api is not working so please check PM and solve my issue. almost one day complete without index anything.
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    baba   Check your PM. I see URLS in your pending in your stats, and on the backend from stuff that is being processed. It hasn't been processed yet, I think that is what your asking me about. There is a back log and it will take time to catch up as the server was down for 3 days.
  • **The indexer is doing link submissions that were entered on 11-12 finally** Likely it should be all caught up tomorrow and running normal speed. Thanks for your patience.
  • Do you still have trials?

    If you have, please pm me details.

  • Why does it nolonger show links in the "urls processed today" box. I use that to test the links and see whether the service is actually working.

    Could you add a download button next to the archived link numbers so we can download our previously submitted links.

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    @ pclweb  I'm not sure what your talking about? I went into your stats and I can see what has been processed up to date. I think your talking about what has been processed in the last 24 hours, it's looks like its processing links still that were submitted on 11-15 so no one will be able to see anything processed yet for 11-16. If you submitted say like 10k links on 11-15, and only 8k links are in your stats, that just means that 2k are in the backend and i will be showing once there processed.

    I have been gone for 3 days, so hopefully I can get with the coder and get the 2nd server up and get some of you guys moved over.
  • @greeny1232 thanks for the explanation. looks like I'll have to wait till it catches up to see them in the 24hr list then.
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    We have moved over some users to the 2nd server. Please check your paypal email, as that is where the new information has been sent to. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • @greeny1232 I'm having same problem as @pclweb. I just singed up yesterday and still waiting for them to be indexed. Perhaps you can shed some light as to how much longer it takes because I didn't had idea it'd take this long when I saw people saying 60% indexing just after 5 minutes of sending links.

    Thank you.
  • @greny1232 - so what is the default time we should expect submitted links to be indexed ? Other services promise to do that within 10 - 20 minutes. Is this for incredible indexer 24 - 48 h ? 
  • @ Pratik  @ RayBan

    Last week the server was down for 3 days because we were cleaning it out (26 million urls in the database) Mysql wouldnt remove them and it took 3 days to figure out the problem. So in that 3 days, you guys were submitting links (that ended up in a backlog of 1.9 million links to be indexed) We let that go for the week and expected it to catch up quicker then it did. Monday I decided to move over a handful of heavy users to another server so that those guys can submit to that one and the server 1 can clean out. Right now its down to 700k and I fully expect to to be back to normal tomorrow. If I need to move more guys over to the 2nd server then I will (your API doesnt change just indexes on that one).
  • @greeny1232 - what's the typical indexation time  we should expect from your service ? 
  • Can I be moved to the second server for faster links processing? I am hardcore user.
  • sasuke24  Send me your paypal email and I will see about getting you and a few others moved over today. Normal indexing should be under a hour or less.
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    @greeny1232 I have sent you the requested info in PM. I am quite unsure what happened. I added around 60k links yesterday and I can see that none of them have been processed and it shows (1288) List of pending urls for today (PENDING status). Can you please explain?
  • Only had this service for a few days, but I'm really impressed and the way you're handling the problems/backlog is cool as all people really want is communication, which you're giving. 

    Can't ask any more than that :)
  • Seems like its starting to show up now in the processed logs. Will keep an eye. Thanks.
  • sasuke24  the server rests at midnight and it resets your stats for the day. So when that happens, it goes into the backlog, it gets processed and shows up on your stats for "yesterday". So the links will be processed. I just checked and it looks like its just about done cleaning out and it should be running smoother now.
  • The server has caught up FINALLY with all the links. Current processing links should be under a hour, but more like 15-20 minutes as long as it keeps up again.
  • @greeny1232 - i just recieved a letter that my subscription has expired and subscribed for it once again, by clicking the link in my profile.
    However, in paypal I see that:
    • Item name - One month recurring Subscription / 100,000 links per day
    • Last payment due - Indefinite - continue until canceled

    Was that an error or have I now payed twice for your service ?

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    @RayBan  That is the system reminding you the payment will come out. Ignore it completely. I will make sure with Mike that you didn't double pay today.

    The system is running 100% better now with some people moved around, also guys. No backlog that I can see, during the prime times, it's indexing in under 45 minutes, otherwise it's within minutes right now.
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