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The Incredible Indexer With Integrated API [Highly Recommended GSA Indexer]



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    Take Advantage Of Unlimited Weekends Submission

    We are allowing unlimited weekend submissions to our paid members. This is not available to trial users, so if you have not already you can sign up for the $25/month package and get UNLIMITED submissions this weekend :)

    From Friday 11pm CST- To Sunday 9pm CST

    You are allowed to submit unlimited amount of links during this period. 

    Can Trial Users Get This?
    This is only available for paid subscribers, to prevent abuse of our system, and to give top priority to paid users.

    Trial users may still apply for 500 daily submission for 3 days. 

    Where To Join?!

    So if you want to really index your links join here to get started.

  • Man, these guys kick so much ass. HAHA! Unlimited Submissions. Wow.
  • I like service really good lol
  • I have given it a go. Just an FYI, on the page after filling in the checkout that appears temporarily before redirection to PayPal, there are several PHP errors.
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    Just subscribed but didnt get trail yet ..already 1day passed want to make sure service cool for me ..before trail ends up... verifed details sent via PM ..Need to try ..waiting :)
  • nawshale  please register again. We had a database error yesterday and I think your trial wasn't sent through.
  • I just signed up a couple days ago and checked with GSA how many index links there were and it said 0 out of 700.  Glad I checked with scrapebox where there were a lot of indexed links.   Does the GSA index check not work or is it just me?
  • jd123 I noticed the same thing. Wasn't sure if it was a GSA bug or what but forgot to asking about it here.
  • jd123Samx

    Yeah GSA indexer checker isn't very accurate. I always pull them out too and recheck them in SB.
  • How do I integrate this with SER? Pretty sure I read the API was compatible :-S
  • spunko2010   Log into your account, go to main menu, drop down API. Your API key is in there. Copy and paste it over to the GSA indexer options (incredible indexer is ours)  GSA sends in packets of 100 links, or whatever you have done in 10 minutes.
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    Oh, in SEI. I was looking in SER. Thanks.

    Edit: can't find it there either. I am sorry, probably being a bit thick. Where is the option specifically?

    Edit x2: Found it after I upgraded SER.
  • cloudattack  I tried your service, but was not happy with your non existent support. I sent 2 emails with support questions and 5 days later I still have not received a response.

    I have canceled my subscription with you. I mean this in the nicest way possible, but if you wish to charge people money for this service and be successful long-term you need to provide support.
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    gsarver  Where exactly did you send the support ticket to? There is not 1 new email in the last 2 days, to  And that email gets directed to my phone and my personal email.  And I've looked through 7 pages of this thread and I didn't see any questions from you here either? I believe you are the trial user that canceled the paypal immediately after signing up. The system doesn't accept it when you sign up and immediately cancel the payment. The system is staying that way also so that users can't sign up and take advantage of 1500 free links in 3 days and then resign up again under a different name.
  • For the "unlimited weekend submissions", is that limited by the amount of links in your package?  For example, if you buy the 10k links/day package, that means you'll have 300k links in a month.

    So if you submit all 300k links on a SINGLE WEEKEND, does that mean for the entire month you can't submit any more links?

    Or is it that you can submit UNLIMITED you want on weekends, and then the 10k/day resumes on weekedays?  If this is the case, then it's a SUPER SWEET DEAL!! let me know, very interested! :)
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    @joland we tend to give out promotional offers like these to our paid subscribers at random during certain weekends (can't do it every weekend though lol). 

    During these special weekends, you may submit UNLIMITED links, but these are hosted as we see fit to give back to loyal subscribers that have stuck with us.

    If you are a current subscriber you would be automatically entitled to these Unlimited Submissions as well as other exciting offers :)

  • If we use API in GSA SER to automatically send the links over, and let's say I buy the 10k package, would the system automatically stop sending urls after 10k urls?  And want to confirm this wouldn't freeze GSA SER after the limit?  And then of course when midnight hits, I assume it's back to the 10k limit that the system will recognize?
  • Yes absolutely the 10k daily package will allow 10k links a day to be processed through our API. There has not been any issues with freezing since we launched the API.

  • greeny1232  The confirmation email we receive at sign up does not contain instructions on contacting you and does not contain the admin email you mentioned. I emailed both the alexkiv and cloudlinkbuilding (not posting your entire email address here for obvious reasons) emails.

    When I received no response I did indeed cancel my subscription. I don't care about the free trial. I'm fine paying for the service, but I DO need it to work for my needs, so you can't expect someone to keep a subscription with you when they are having trouble with your system and are still waiting for support.

    I have forwarded the emails I sent to your admin email you posted above.

  • Signed up and posted 1k links 1 hour ago but still nothing showing on the statistics page (

    Is this normal?

    Also - the mtb-bike page comes up with warnings in firefox when being redirected to it from paypal.
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    hungryim  Pop those URLS in again (make sure your at add urls) then submit links, then go check your stats page. it should be in there immediately for pending. If not, email me direct at

    Yeah I'm aware of the warnings. I sent it to google already yesterday to get the malware thing lifted. I don't know why that is there.
  • Did it again and its still not showing for pending. Sending you an email now.
  • getting an immediate bounceback on emailing:

    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

    Technical details of permanent failure:

    DNS Error: Domain name not found

  •  try that one
  • edited October 2013 i think it is
  • hungryim  from
  • hungryim   I get a email saying    mailbox is full: retry timeout exceeded -- try to email me at the yahoo address above. I deleted the account and making a new one. seeing what is wrong with it at the moment.
  • Got the email an d responded to that email above. Cheers
  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited October 2013
    cloudattack  are you still offering the 3 day trial with this service?
  • What's index rate for everyone now? 40% or more? How long will it take to achieve 50% index rate?
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