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  • Appreciate the update by email and the offer of 150k daily links but rather than 150k links which I and most of your users get nowhere near how about an extra 10 days on the renewal date?
  • +1 for @Mitch. 150k links per day does me no good, giving comp days would work much better.
  • greeny1232  i recommend or for cheap good server
  • agreed with @mitch and @irank
  • ronron
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    I rarely stick up for vendors if there is a problem where customers get impacted. Especially if we lost the opportunity to actually get our work processed.

    However, this isn't one of those situations. None of us are out any money. All of our links will get processed. There was simply a delay because of a technical issue. This isn't a situation where we were deprived of our ability to get links processed - they were just delayed.

    I do expect this vendor to get the proper equipment to handle the load. Plus, he's been very generous with the pricing. This started out at 10,000 links per month, and then went to 100,000 for the same price.

    In stark contrast, people who used Spamvilla were directly impacted because the service being down all the time prevented them from actually creating links. That's an example of actually being deprived of a service - and getting hurt. Plus, that clown doesn't even communicate with his customers like these guys do. These guys have been excellent with their communication and servicing.

    Btw, I do agree that increasing the limit does not help 99.9% of people using this service. I just don't think it is a big deal. I am simply trying to be fair in both directions.

  • @ron you're assuming we all use this service for the same purpose where delayed indexing does not matter. That's not always the case. I understand where you are trying to come from though.
  • @ron totally agree dude. I said earlier in this post, not bothered if there is a delay. It's a standard $24.99 payment for the month that most people won't even be able to make 30 x 100k links per day, so who cares if there is a few days wait?

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    You guys can have the option of 150k daily links or free service. It should be fixed in the next couple of hours. The server has been upgraded a shit ton, the crons are back to working, we are just optimizing the database now. As you can imagine, 35 million URLS cleaning takes a bit.

    Once its up and running, I will resend a email out, requesting either that you get the 150 daily links or free days off the end of your renewal date. Either one, it doesn't matter to us.

    We are looking at other places to put up the next few servers. We need to keep about 40-50 users per server to keep it going at a exceptional level, so after Christmas that is one of the first things to do.

    We also will be closed up for new members until we have everyone moved where we want them and make sure it all is running good again.

  • **Update**

    Server is back up and running. Indexing from 12-16 is going on now, It will take a bit to catch up, please keep that in mind before asking "is the indexer working"
  • Kudos for this @greeny1232 - it's the holidays and shit happens. People should realise that. I really like the service and couldn't care if it takes a while to be sorted.
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    @greeny1232 @cloudattack I just came a few hours too late to renew and my account was deleted and I couldn't renew it on time because I hadn't access to internet. Could you please add my account again ? I already contacted you on mail and I would love to keep using this service as it helps me a lot in my projects and getting rankings. I hope one more user that was using the service before won't make a different ^:)^
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    Ok guys, I'm starting to move some people over to Server 2. You will get a email saying, your login etc, but PLEASE PLEASE do NOT change anything in your api setup in GSA. YOUR api will not CHANGE at all. Do NOT change your current setup. The api is just being redirected. If you are going to WANT to check your stats, and your moved to Server 2, then You would log into SERVER 2 and check your stats there. 12-16 to 12-23 stats will be on server 1 still, but there is just a huge backlog, don't even try to check them right now. It will time out, hence why I'm moving people so they can get back to indexing.

    I have some Christmas shopping to do, but I will be moving people through the day. Check your paypal emails, by the end of night tonight, I will have moved everything that I needed to. (at least I hope)

    If your a heavy hitter, it would be good to send me your email and name you log in with and I will get you moved over right away.

    We are also setting up at least #3 and #4 after christmas also to get about 50 on each server so the backlog isn't there anymore.

    grax1 I will get to your account tonight, I need to get people moved around first and then I will fix your account.
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    @greeny1232 thanks :-* , as soon as I get the access again I will renew
  • This service is a mess. My links aren't even being processed, and there is no communication on the ticket I opened. I am uploading over 30K links per day, and the history is showing anywhere between zero and 5000 links processed.

    I understand problems, but lack of communication is inexcusable. I am quickly losing patience.

    How hard is it to send out a bulk e-mail to your customers telling them what is going on?
  • @Satans_Apprentice I got an email and the url to the facebook update group. Not sure why you didn't. I would check your emails on the 26th. Thats when i got mine. My urls are being processed fine. A few days behind but thats fine. :)
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    Again someone that doesn't check there email. I sent 4 emails in the since Christmas Eve. If you don't check your emails, then that is MY fault? I think not. GSA forum has been down since christmas, so I have been sending emails to your paypal. YET AGAIN check your paypal email. The email CLEARLY states what we are doing to fix this problem, and mind you, worked our asses off on christmas eve and christmas day. AND another email asking to join so you can see daily what date its processing.

    Read the 13 page thread next time also. It clearly states, when the server resets at midnight all links are in the backlog and are process through. So just because they are not in pending, doesn't mean they will be processed. It simple means the date is reset and a new day starts.
  • My apologies or not seeing the email. The account is in my boss's name, and he did not forward the email. As long as you make good on the service, I have no problem.
  • Update:

    Registration has been re-opened for those eager to join. 

    Issues have been straighten out and links indexed are being processed at full speed.

    Register here
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    Just signed up, and all set up, but there is some errors on your add to cart page, but all worked find and i am all set up, will send you a PM about the error.
  • royalmice  yes we are aware of the error that you are talking about. We haven't been able to fix it still. We just tell most people to just refresh it. Your payment and registration goes through, it appears to be on the developer side of the script (the error)
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    No worries, all is working fine, got my api key without any hassle and all is set up in GSA SER, I can already see 719 urls in the pending que at the, hopefully they will start to get processed soon.

    Looking forward to being indexed <:-P
  • @Greeny1232 do you plan on having an index checker for the links that have been processed or at least an export button (I don't do anything with my SER lists of verified links currently)? I can obviously use Scrapebox but it's tedious and would be cool if your tool had one built in. I guess it would be a pain in the ass for you to do ie. proxies etc but it would be handy. 
  • JudderMan  We have looked into adding a few things like that but we decided not to.
  • No problem dude :) 
  • Just a update, Both Servers 1 and 2 are running up to speed and no issue so far. Make sure join the FB page as I update it everyday to tell u what date it is indexing (in case there is a backlog). Servers are indexing at 60k URLS a hour, so right now it is take about 2 hours to get it ran through system. We prefer it at 10-15 minutes, so we still have plans to put up S3 and S4.

    New members are now being taken also in the indexer, likely for a limited time only though.  Register at
  • Seems like "processed URL´s" show way fewer than supposed to. Comparing that to how many verified links GSA sends. Is there an issue with this or some way to fix it? It works correctly even though I have the option in GSA under indexing called "submit backlink URL to blog search engines" unchecked right? I do have "use" incredibleindexer with the API key.
  • Are you still offering the 3 day trial with this service?
  • Anyone know this indexer service still working to index link fast?
  • From what I understand, GSA sends packs of 100 verified links to the indexer (all indexers) Or every 10 minutes. Sven can probably verify that more then us. But if you look back into the threads, it was asked before. The api is working fine as it suppose to be. We are not doing trials right now, grab a sub if you want one, we are getting alot of new signups and will have to close it up again until another server is up. Of course it is working fast to index, thats where it got its name!
  • SvenSven
    @greeny1232 you are right about 100 urls / 10 mins.
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