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    It's excellent shaun
  • @shaun awesome donation of content, experience, and knowledge. Thank you. 
  • 710fla710fla ★ ★ #1 SER VERIFIED LIST
    Also saw similar results using GSA contextuals when I tested Elite Link Indexer vs using a tier 2 of non contextuals
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    Cheers guys,

    Finally got on top of all the bugs on the backend and got my theme looking the way I want it with little cartoons of me :p.

    Some new content online too.

    Does The Google Sandbox Really Exist?

    @710fla yea I think checking the index rates of index services is going to become a monthly service for me tbh just to keep on top of things.

  • Thanks for the Sandbox post Shaun, can I ask whether you use Webmaster Tools and Analytics?

    I was experiencing the same as you but once I let Google in through the front door from the outset then lo and behold the site started climbing, the inner pages got better indexed and traffic appeared.

    I actually ran a small test on just a handful of sites where I installed Piwik on some and Google on the other and the difference was not insignificant.

  • shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
    No problem it is definitely something I am going to revisit once I have more domains online. I only have two of my sites with webmaster tools right now but I have or have had Google Analytics on about 80% of them.

    Just to confirm, was it the Google analytics batch that indexed better than the Piwik batch? Do you have any data available on how much better they performed?
  • @shaun are you taking requests?  :-)

    would LOVE to see a post on setting up a VPS and installing SER. Your level of detail would definitely be appreciated.

  • +1 to the above post and maybe something on a kvm over ip to make things cheaper for people who use dedicated servers!
  • shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
    Yea I take requests, I have a bunch of ideas on my trello for the blog but its just finding the time.

    What type of tasks are you wanting? I already have this post on how I set my tier three projects up to blast at over 900 LPM, is that the kind of thing you mean?
  • well, from my perspective, I would like to see detail of beyond choosing the provider. If you make a few bucks off the referal and your are recommending the service, then count me in. But I would like to learn about the process of having a VPS, setting it up, how to install SER on the VPS, etc. more nuts+bolts detail. I agree with your post already there that VPS is the key to better results. I have reached the limits of my desktop solution and gotten good results. now I want to unleash things on a wide open VPS. Just have no clue how to transition.
  • @shaun Yes, analytics over Piwik.

    I'd tried Piwik simply to be able to analyse the traffic without Google (Big Brother) looking over my shoulder but I noticed that generally posts took longer to index, the sites were slower to climb, I had less pages in the index and so on. I took the view that Google treat it like a 'quid pro quo' where a trade takes place.

    Unfortunately this was over a year ago. I had 12 sites with Piwik on and when I flipped them it was an effect I noticed. But even with 12 sites I'd still take the view that it's too small a sample size. Just treat it as anecdotal evidence, it may be something to look into closer.

    I often feel that people using GSA / PBN networks tend to steer clear of using anything Google but in a sense not using them at all is as much a flag as anything else. And really the information held in the Google console isn't anything Google don't already know.

    +1 for me on a VPS setup. I have a beast of a home computer and found that when I used a VPS from Solid that it was noticably slower. But I'm sick of having my computer running 24/7 and it stops me from doing other activities on it. So, I'm now looking for a fast reliable host but maybe also the best way to get my money's worth. I've dabbled with using Vultr for various things and never had a problem but always feel I'm 'getting away with it' there because I can't imagine they're keen on SEO tools being used.

    Cheers mate, keep it up!
  • shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
    @johan thats interesting, I might actually run a case study on that when I get some time.

    In all honesty lads, I have no idea about hardware, people tell me their specs of the VPS they use and the processor name and I run off and check a benchmarking website to see how it compares to mine :p.

    Most of it was trial and error too, try a package and see what I can crank it up too. Solids customer support nailed it for me tbh.

    Not sure if that is the type of thing you's were after as unfortunately I doubt I would be much help with that stuff :(.

    For a number of reasons, I am actually planning to downgrade again from the wizard package to the geek package next month so I will be starting with a totally new VPS. I have had a post planned on how I layout my VPS screen to maximize the information available at a glance but I could probably work that into something else.

    I also have a post planned to show my methodology for optimizing my SER settings for a particular VPS specs.

    Would this stuff be any help? Any suggestions I havent touched on that you would be interested in?

    Would yous be interested in a review section where I break products and services down completely? I was recently asked to go over a guys "report" for one of the SER services he bought over on BHW and  it was a total waste of his money. It wouldn't be stuff plastered with affilate links unless I rate the service, more of this is what their sales letter says but this is actually what you are getting for your money. Kind of what I did here and here.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @shaun - maybe you could get a guest post from someone who does understand hardware and can do some kind of guide for noobs. I'd be interested in reading something like that. :)

    Reviews sound like a great idea. Your takedown of Captchatronix months ago was extremely helpful.
  • shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
    @redrays mate that's an excellent idea, I just reached out to solidSEOVPS to see if they are willing to take up the offer. They are the only ones I would really feel comfortable with writing the guest post tbh as they are the service I use and I have never had a problem with them.

    Lets hope they are up for it :).
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @shaun - awesome. My experiences are the same as yours, problems with just about every server vendor I've tried except Solid.
  • solidseovpssolidseovps
    @shaun @redrays Thank you for your business and continuous support

    @shaun thank you for reaching out, we will be happy to help you guys with anything you see useful, please let us know what you guys will find useful for the guest post and what kind of information you need and we will be happy to help with the best to our knownledge
  • @shaun Why don't you opt for a dedicated server? You'd get pretty solid dedis with the same amount of money you've been paying.
  • shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
    @solidseovps Cheers mate.

    Anything particular you would like solid to cover?

    @Alden I have had dedis in the past but when I downsized I went with a wizard as it worked out cheaper than a dedi and I could run RX, SER, CB, Scrapebox and a few other things on it at the same time with no problems.
  • @shaun

    It's the daft stuff that you think is going to be straightforward but often isn't because there's a lack of information out there!

    Like how much RAM does GSA SER consume? What would be the minimum spec for a VPS? Should you run Captcha Breaker on the same VPS or another one? If you run it on the same VPS then how much extra RAM do you need? Is RAM even that important or is CPU what you should be looking for? Like you mentioned yourself, different VPS specs are going to lead to different SER setups - is there a rule of thumb that can be followed? How to get the balance between a smooth running of the machine and the maximum output ... ...

    I would imagine that most SER or Scrapebox users have at one time or other paid for a VPS that was underspecced or paid for a VPS that they didn't even need. Others will sit somewhere in the middle. I felt when I switched from my home system to the Solid VPS that it was like driving with the handbrake on but that's not a reflection of their service, I think it's more a reflection on how I set it up.
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    How can I intergrate? 
    The T1 link generated by rankerX, how can I make t2 link in gsa ser for the link generated by rankerX.
    Do gsa ser have this inbuilt facility? Or should I make this manually. 

  • shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
    @webm200 yea I do it all the time, its explained in this post.

    @johan some good points there, CPU requirements depend on what you are doing with the tool but do you think this is something you would be able to cover in the post @solidseovps?
  • solidseovpssolidseovps
    edited January 2017
    Mostly about How much Gsa ser consume and CB question, I think Sven is the best one to answer here

    From what we have seen that at most it go to 3GB-3.5GB based on what we have seen with the clients

    Regarding your question about CPU, specially if you are shopping for a vps, choosing the best virtualization platform your apps will run on, is the key factor here, so regardless what processor model the provider is using for their nodes such as Intel E3, E5 or AMD Opteron etc...,  is 90% of how reliable this vps will be

    Our advise is to avoid KVM at any cost with Seo tools, this wont work for you guys, try to stay with vmware and hyper-v as virtualization it works better for your tools
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    @Shaun @Sven

    Last 2 months my campaign running but web 2.0 create article pagebin engine only, other engines not create.
    I'm using private proxy

  • SvenSven
    oh well Im not sure if they still work!? Turn on debug mode and check closely in their.
  • shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!

    If you want to make web 2.0s in SER then its probably best to get the SERE plugin.
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    Thank u @shaun
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    @solidseovps - the virtualization tip is useful and not something that I've seen before. A couple thoughts on things you could touch on:

    - how much CPU do you need to run some arbitrary number of threads, say 1000?
    - how accurate is SER's estimate of resource usage? I remember seeing something on here ages ago claiming its estimate of CPU usage was way off.

    I really do think you and @shaun should work together on a full length post.
  • solidseovpssolidseovps
    edited January 2017

    Q- how much CPU do you need to run some arbitrary number of threads, say 1000?
    A- everyone does things differently, it really depends on the person and how good he is tweaking his projects at this point, for us normally we would advise you get a dedicated server at this point, any server with quad core cpu would run it smoothly, if you still need to use a vps we would advise a 6+ cores vps for you to reach this number of threads and still be reliable

    Q- how accurate is SER's estimate of resource usage? I remember seeing something on here ages ago claiming its estimate of CPU usage was way off.
    A- This one i think Sven would be the best to answer, we have seen people max out cpu with 1 project and on the same vps plan others running 60-80 projects with tiers without any issue, it really depends on who is in control of that vps and if they are knowing how to get the best out of what they are using
  • Hey solidseovps, I was wondering if you could write about kvm over ip switch for installing a os in a dedicated server instead of having to pay 25$ dollar per month for a Windows license. Not really for running multiple virtualization.

    Shaun can you let me know where you for those cartoon characters of yourself. Those make your website look really good.
  • shaunshaun - The Ultimate Resource For Free GSA Tool Tutorials!
    @angrykor Here mate, I love her work like :).
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