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  • manojsemwal
    Hello Sir,
    Need your help, Today I purchased FCS Networker to boost my GSA SER Project, Please guide me how I connect FCSN with GSA SER. 

    what do I do?

    I need to create a project in FCS for project ID first or I just put FCSN API in GSA SER and give an ID in GSA?

    I hope your will guide me step to step

    July 2017
  • cod2k3
    Hey, competitor with large number of blogs which you mentioned in post about serE is fcs ? or some other app ? 
    March 2017
  • Kuhustletu

    I saw your comment about the road being paved as far as fcs networker. I was wondering how easy is FCS networker to use?
    How does it compare with SER Engines? Effectiveness, usability and cost?
    Any thoughts would be appreciated. 

    November 2015
    • viking
      Hi Joe,

      I have tried all of the 2.0 tools. I found RankWyz to have a great concept, but so complicated to use , that I dropped it straight away. It was too bad because I think if they have a better user interface, and someone other than Pavel does the tutorial videos, it would be a very nice product. The other ones I have trailed have come up short for what I need.

      So, I settled on FCS. And there are still things about FCS that frustrate me, but it is easy enough to use so it suits me for now.

      Ease of use - download the desktop software. It is pretty straightforward on how to use it. You need proxies and captcha service. The rest is down to you and can be as easy as just using the defaults all the way to creating your own data. It runs smoothly enough to create the accounts. On site, you need to stay organized with your networks and projects.

      One thing that I do that makes it go on hyper-drive is to upload a list of my own email accounts into the .txt file so I can create a very large amount of 2.0's at a time. I think the default is five email addresses a day, but adding your own is the way to go.

      Cost - seems to be reasonable for what they are providing. I can't complain about it too much.

      SEREngines - FCS blows it away. No comparison at all.

      I would definitely recommend a trial with FCS. If you have any questions on it just let me know. Happy to try to help out. Good luck!
  • umar
    hi can i get your skype id please 
    February 2015