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  • squidol
    do you have any coupon for Xeon E3-1240v3 16 gb ram usa ?
    July 2016
  • toviq
    i need vps for GSA ser and CB..my GSA run slow and get low VpM and Lpm..so i want to try a stronger VPS get better Vpm and LpM.. can you give me best recomendation for that i need? thanks
    January 2016
    • solidseovps
      I would suggest any of our highline, will be easily do it and its available in 21 locations to choose from
  • whatdoesthefoxsays
    Please check Ticket #640167
    January 2015
  • jackrice
    am having problem logging each time i try logging in to make purchase am always logged out  and right now am kind of stocked since i have stopped my former provider hoping to start off with solidseovps and yet can't log in have even reset my password each time logging in always loged out

    am thinking of sending in my password and email so that you help me generate the payment then I can compete through my paypal just a suggestion
    November 2014
    • solidseovps
      sure we can help you with that however please try first another browser could be a cookie or cache issue on your end
  • osas123
    • solidseovps
      Hi we are looking at this for you
  • jamesmurren
    do you have coupon code?
    November 2014
  • davford
    hey solidseovps, to run GSA on a dedicated server do I need to use my own domain name as my hostname?  In other words, do I still need to include a registered domain in my hostname even though I'm not hosting any web sites on the dedicated server?

    Can you please let me know what options I have in order to set the hostname and dns config settings for using GSA only.

    July 2014
  • JamesRoss
    Hi SolidSEOvps,

    I heard that you require proxies for GSA to run on your VPS, is this true. Is there anyway I can run GSA on your VPS without proxies?

    June 2014
    • solidseovps
      why would you want to run gsa ser without proxies? your ip will be banned and you will get very low seo success!!
  • spainops

    I'm looking at the Geek package.

    As a newbie I also saw this offer - https://www.solidseovps.com/cart.php?a=confproduct&i=2

    What are the advantages of taking the second offer in terms of spec. Do I need to add windows as I think I may be abit lost without it ?

    Is there a coupon available for The Geek Package please ? :)



    May 2014
  • itsme
    Hi, i am unable to login to my server, any issues?
    May 2014
  • itsme
    Hi, just wanted to know when will you deliver my server?

    May 2014
  • itsme
    Ok, Paid.
    May 2014
  • hostname should be the machine name you want, incase you have more than one with us, to help you better identify them
    May 2014
  • itsme
    Wow, thanks for super quick reply.

    Under hostname, i can enter anything, it will be my username?
    May 2014
  • itsme
    I am interested in buying your new offer under this thread...


    Actually i am not that tech person and presently have GSA on windows VPS.

    Now i wanted to know if i will be using "Remote Desktop Connection" to login into dedicated server as well just like i do it for logging into my VPS?

    And to have my dedicated server with Windows 2008, i need to buy this extra? Is this one time payment?

    Also, what is Cpanel VPS Optimise? What for that is needed?

    Let me know.
    May 2014
  • soIO
    Can you please answer this question?

    April 2014
  • valib4
    Hi i want ot order a vps from you can you setup in 1 hour ?
    March 2014
  • spunko2010
    Hi are you still doing promo code for GSA users?
    February 2014
    • HaviJavi
      10% Discounts coupon code for Most of the solid SEO VPS server AFKFOVS4I3 ,baseline will not work as they are cheap but the Dedicated server of solid SEO VPS you will save 10% with this promo code.