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  • bluntman
    Hello Sven, I have lost my email forever, it was hacked, and I cannot go into it to retrieve my serial for GSA and Captcha breaker ... I need help retrieving my serial, and I was told you could assist with this? Thank You
    December 6
  • yamalajatt
    Hello Sven. I need help here. Please guide and correct me if I am doing something wrong.

    October 31
  • fogverdy
    hello sir, i want to buy GSA SER, but in the first time i want to ask, is the serial key possible use at my laptop and computer in same time ?
    July 18
  • Toby
    Hi Sven, i run Add RSS feed (use <title> and <link>
    I think it will use title as anchor text, right? But i cannot leave empty anchor, why? or how to setup? Thanks
    April 3
  • cpafly5
    Hey Sven Hi 
    Want to know is it posible to transfer license for GSA cause I have plan to sell my own..?
    November 2017
  • starpulse89
    Hey Sven, how is it going? I just updated my GSA and now it won't start. Error: Cant run on your PC. To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher.
    I am running it on a VPS by SolidSEO.
    October 2017
  • draculax
    Could you give me the name of a forum member who is expert in gsa and seo strategy so I ask him if he can train me for remuneration?
    August 2017
  • manojsemwal
    Hello Sir,
    Need your help, Today I purchased FCS Networker to boost my GSA SER Project, Please guide me how I connect FCSN with GSA SER. 

    what do I do?

    I need to create a project in FCS for Project ID first or I just put FCSN API in GSA SER and give an ID in GSA?

    I hope your will guide me step to step

    July 2017
  • mo1962mn
    Hello Sven,

    GSA Captcha Breaker was not working, so I uninstalled it and then downloaded a new version, When I start GSA CB up I have the options "Buy now, register, Ok" when I select Register and then enter my name and serial key, I get a prompt to "Please restart the program now" so I click Ok.

    I am then then asked to restart the program, I click ok, I get this message "As the demo version expired, you can only use the captcha editor now, open captcha editor" if I click yes it opens the captcha editor and if I choose no it closes the program. When I open the program again it goes back to the 3 options again " Buy now, register, Ok" !!!! what's going on, how do I solve this, it`s driving me crazy!

    June 2017
  • putinchmo
  • rezaulkhan
    May I request you to see my case using team viewer to fix my email verification issue.
    April 2017
  • sipomisery
    Hey Sven i need to download GSA Email Spider, GSA Email Verifier and GSA Targeted Email Finder. I have licenses for all 3 and i cant download them since they are not on sale anymore. Please help
    March 2017
  • fng
    fng Sven
    Title with kws has typo --> additinal :)
    March 2017
  • echanney
    my trail period has expired.
    March 2017
  • fng
    fng Sven
    Its been awhile since I have visited forum and just noticed you are working on content generator. I use Article Forge and would like to beta your product if possible to compare it.

    I promise to run as many tests as I and you would like.
    February 2017
    hi sven do u have skype account >??
    February 2017
  • joaquinrios
    Hey Sven!! What happen with GSA? Doesn,t work, One week without work like always.
    October 2016
  • ziffa27
    Hey Sven,
    Look like you are the man that fix all problems :)
    I have a problem with a GSA which i made a post, kindly can you help me please?
    This is the post: https://forum.gsa-online.de/discussion/comment/137284

    October 2016
  • joeblue
    Hey Sven, who would you recommend for ser list?
    October 2016
  • VMart
    No issue working well.
    I have just inform you, SER new updation popup like this, 3,4 times I ignored.


    September 2016
  • webcrawler
    Do you implement captcha that doesn't work in GSA ?
    September 2016
  • MariosElGreco
    Hi sven ,
    Can you tell me how can i use multi-thread in the same domain ?
    i am posting on localhost some articles (wordpress site) but it post with 1 thread .. Any modification to post more than 100 ? 
    ps. my apache can run multithread tasks.
    August 2016
  • webinaz
    hi give me your email i mail you details 
    July 2016
  • snoweye
    Hello Sven,
    Can you replace "skip site with PR with Moz DA and PA or even CF And TF". since google PR no longer counts.
    July 2016
  • karollito
    Hi Sven,
    I saw thread about pingbacks were you said: [Pingback should not be used unless you do some tricks on your website.]
    I'm looking for method to do these fake pingbacks.
    Are you willing to discuss about this?
    I'm also willing pay for the method.


    May 2016
  • Dailafing
    Hi Sven, I want to move to a VPN but I seem to have misplaced licence keys for GSA SER, CB and SEO indexer. What is the procedure to have it resent?
    April 2016
  • kaori
    btw is there something wrong with my vps? should i switch to another OS?

    March 2016
  • DannyZhang
    Hi Sven,

    I've just did a clean install of GSA with the lastest version 10.68.

    However, it is not writing to to the verified folders although I have checked the box for it to save the urls.
    March 2016
  • useruser1
    Sven, hi :-)
    Where can I get ProxyScraper v1.52(with old proxy sources) ?
    February 2016
  • tenoch21
    Hi, I have some blogger accounts that I want to add the GSA to post to. I looked at https://forum.gsa-online.de/discussion/comment/65686/ but it didn't help at all. Can you please show me how to add my blogger account step by step with screenshots? Thank you.
    February 2016