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  • tyduslow
    any kind soul over here offering course of learning how to use gsa ser?
    May 18
    • shaun
      I don't use SER on my sites anymore, I have a bunch of content published explaining stuff that may help you get used to the tool though.
  • monitorr
    Shaun, I'm really stumped here with this no submitteds. Hve you any idea what can be wrong? 

    I have been using the Loopline List for almost 1 year without hassle. Is it the list or other?

    Do you use a pre-paid list or scrape your own?

    Not sure what to do here.
    January 2017
  • AttaRamzan
    I have seen your thread and you are working on indexing. You have mention you one method works and able to index 80% links. Would you like to share that method with me?
    December 2016
  • Vanfu88
    Hi Shaun 

    Previously i have said that i have around 189 submission and only 3 verified links for hours. i accept your advise of use private proxies from instead of GSA proxy scraper. 

    and i am running T2 project for blog from and , i am ticking blog comments,trackback, image comments,articles and guestbooks for my T2 project.For hours, only 438 submitted, and only 12 verified links, with a LPM of 1.79; in the 12 verified links, two were blog comments,10 were guestbooks..

    Did you also get such a LPM in desktop running ? my cpu was only 5% occupied. 
    Besides, for these un-verified but submitted links, is it useless ? 

    Thank you.
    September 2016
  • manoj29076
    Hello there,
    I am running a GSA SER campaign for my client, and campaign is going very well but last week my all keywords going down and i found my Domain Showing Blacklisted on some sites, I am using VPS, Semi Dedicated Proxies, Captch Breaker and verified list. Please check attachment and HELP Me
    August 2016
  • manoj29076
    Hi shaun,
    My self Manoj. I have GSA Ranker, Captcha Breaker and scrapebox. I am SEO expert but not familiar with these tools. I am trying some tutorials (google) but not get any result. I want to make tier project. Please help me if u have time. i read your comments/suggestions in this forum. HOPE u will help me.

    June 2016
  • VMart
    Hi sir,
    I'm new this filed, I'm planing to create tier project's to my YouTube channel, Is it correct? Kindly advice me.
    March 2016
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    May 2014