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★★★★★ Link Processor: Indexing + Crawling + Link Pushing - The Best GSA Indexer - $9.95



  • Can i request your link processor API detail so that i can hire someone to build me a indexer plugin that can automatic send my blog post url to your service to fast index my page?

    If can then how do i request it
  • @wrc1010

    API details are at API page. Just login to your account and you will see all info.

    BTW, we have RPC option, so maybe we you can insert it directly to your wordpress blog without any plugin.
    Give it a try.
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    Update: AIO Wiki Poster has made interaction with Link Processor.
  • my link i not pass from GSA to your Service from last 2 days..

    Please help me..

  • You need to check indexing in each project in GSA.
  • @linkprocessor - I have subscribed to your 150K a day plan. How do I know the software is working? Can I see reports somewhere?
  • At first you need to enter your API key in GSA and to check indexing inside options in each project in GSA.
    GSA will send all verified links to link processor and you will see them in project list where you can see report for each project and generate pubic report link if you want to show it to your clients.

  • @linkprocessor - If I have setup the RPC option do I still need to have the Use LinkProcessor option tickedc below and the API entered?
  • Don't use RPC option but only API option.
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    @linkprocessor‌ How do I know if my backlinks get indexed on my linkprocessor dashboard?
  • Click on "List Projects" and on "Show Details" next to each project.
  • @linkprocessor I want to upgrade my plan but I already made a payment for this month. Any option to pay the difference for this month and move up?
  • @system0102 Yes, I'm sending you PM with more info.
  • Hi guys,
    I have paid for the 6 months package a while back and send all my links from GSA to LP but so far almost nothing is indexed.
    So either something is wrong on my end (settings) or on your end.
    I am really disappointed with the indexing rate so far.

    If nothing improves soon I need to ask for a refund for the rest of the remaining months.

    And please do not answer with: "... do not look for indexed links, look for ranking increases..." because this does not make sense. I paid for your service to get my links indexed in Google nothing more and nothing less and usually when a link gets indexed and so counted by Google the rankings increase automatically.
  • My advice is to compare SERP results on sites that are using LP vs those that not.
    Search engines are aware of your links for sure because we have informed them several times with different methods.
    Are they going to include link in visible search database - that is not in our control. It mostly depends of link and content quality.
    Most important is your position in SE, so better look on that and not just on what links are in visible google index.

    New google does not want to show in public results low quality pages, so your links does not show in public results.
  • But the task or job of an indexing service is to get the links indexed and an indexed link shows up in Google.
    Of course the quality of a link does play an important role here as well but this is true for all indexing services.

    And just because Google does not want to show low quality results anymore on page 1 to 10 does not mean it does not index links anymore.

    Only an indexed link is counted by the search engines. and so only an indexed link passes link juice and help ranking.

  • "Only an indexed link is counted by the search engines. and so only an indexed link passes link juice and help ranking."

    Who told you that?

    Do you have any reference like official google doc about this statement? Or did you make any experiments by yourself that can prove this?

    As I told you before - do your own experiment by checking SERP of project that use Link Processor vs another that doesn't.
    You will see what I'm talking about.

  • Amen @Tim89. Thanks for having my back.

    @linkprocessor. I want a refund for the remaining months please. PM me with the details.
  • i stopped using LP cause i noticed none of my links were indexing, the success rate is poor. 

    i compared the same exact links with another link service and my success rate increased and those exact links got indexed quicker. somethings not right
  • yes same experience here. Only a handful of my links got indexed. I switched to another service today and within 2 hours it had more links indexed than LP in a couple of days/weeks.
  • Compare your SERP results after 14 days and you will see what I'm talking about.
    Also check indexed links after 7 days and you will see that most of them are not indexed anymore.

  • Does not matter to me I am through with your service and your misleading information. Please PM me so we can clear the details for the refund for the remaining months. If you do not get back to me about the refund within the next 48 hours I will file a complaint.
  • Sure, no problem. I'm sending you PM.

    Here are reviews from other members:

  • I got my refund. @linkprocessor did not discuss and just refunded for the remaining months. I appreciate that.

  • @linkprocessor What do I need to do display project name from SER? At the moment all the links sent via API are with a time-date instead of project name.
  • That is how GSA developer set it.
  • Hi @linkprocessor - got this error - 15:44:12: [-] ERROR! No links where accepted by (Unknown Error)
  • So can anyone confirm now if this service actually does work and indexes links or not anymore? I'd really like to give it a shot, but I'm concerned with all of these crazy reviews lately..
  • Rayban, do u stil see that message? What is your settings?

    Spiritfly, yes everything works like described in sales page. We have over 300 happy clients and many positive reviews. There were just few of customers who didn't know what they want.
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