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The Incredible Indexer With Integrated API [Highly Recommended GSA Indexer]



  • I just purchased, hope it works good.
  • Yep working well for me.
  • so far not seeing the results as shown in the first post. I have a project with now 14K verified links, but after using GSA indexer and this one after about a week ahrefs still only shows 1.5K indexed...
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    It would be great if every indexing service out there would post a comparison: 10k articles built from a verified list and no indexing service used, and another 10k articles from the same verified list but using their indexing service. Then scrapebox indexing checker screenshots from 48hrs, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days.

    Not mocking at this thread or anybody else, I'm just at the point of signing up with a service but can't decide ~X(
  • @johnmiller - just try Incredible Indexer you won't be disappointed. There may be better ones out there, I dunno, and there certainly are more expensive ones, but this one indexes my links super-quick, which brings rankings, which brings payments, which means Incredible pays for itself over and over and over again, which means I'll continue to be a customer.
  • @tsaimllc Were all of the links created after activating the API or were all sent manually to their indexer? I am not sure how their function works but maybe I think it only sends the new verified URLs and not the old ones (unless you manually push them). Maybe that could be the reason?
  • 1/2 and 1/2.

    I created prob about 8K (verified) before purchasing, I put those links manually into it, the rest were sent automatically.
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    I bought sub today and i sent 25k links and these were procesed, but i see only 2 backlinks on Ahrefs on my money site. How long does it take to update? Sry, it is my first indexing service, be nice! :P
  • @tsaimllc you could always send a support email about this question to admin (at) to figure out why its not indexing at high rates. Although in most cases, certain links are prone to being indexed instantly even by the best indexer services. 

    @chela1980 Within only 24 hrs your links will be processed as we deal in huge quantities only, this works in favor for everyone. 
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    @cloudattack their status is processed so its lagged anyway? I dont need it to be indexed right now, just want to know if i set it up corectly and i never used that kind of service before sice am seo beginner. Anyway hope i didnt waste 25 bucks ;). regards
  • @chela1980 Well the links take up to 24 hrs, so it can happen within a few minutes to a few hours. If your stats says processed, then your links have been successfully submitted :)

  • @JudderMan: Thanks, that was the final push I needed. Cheers.

    @cloudattack: When does the cron run to process links (GMT + ?)?
  • @cloudattack I see, so am still waiting for magic to happen (7 links on ahrefs, 272 in gsa)
  • chela1980

    You have to remember that we don't control when or what ahrefs picks up for links. The indexer is running at full speed and not behind at all. The best way to see if your looks are good and getting indexed is to put them in SB and check them being indexed there.
  • @greeny1232: Can you tell me when the cron job(s) runs every day? I.e. I have submitted around 95k to the system and have another batch, just wanted to know when the "new day" begins, i.e. when I have a quota of 100k again. Thanks.
  •  join the FB group, it seems daily updates on what date it is indexed, and instant support in most cases.

    Looks like the que is 250k right now, it does 60k a hour roughly. The cron runs every 1 minute. I will have to find out what time zone the server is on for when a new day begins.
  • @greeny1232 yes, so i started to check them via SB. after 48h 27 out of 160 are indexted for my new blog (using articles, socials, wiki, microblog), any good?
  • We have another company on board with indexer, and it was totally unexpected!   they are saying this

    chela1980  I would check it within a few hours after it runs and then a few days later.

  • your numbers are okay maybe.. but when you build 25K links and it doesnt even seem like 4K are indexed, no good.
  • @tsaimllc yes, am bulding more than that, i just focused on one fresh blog and see how indexer works. Maybe someone have some other experience and wish to share? Cuz i dont know if i should look for some other service or not since its my first indexer service (didnt even use gsa one)
  • @greeny1232 - I've had no links being sent to Incredible for the past 2 days. My SER has been throwing around 30k per day...I've checked the API is OK but they aren't being sent. Any ideas?
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    JudderMan   Can you email me the Name you signed up and the Email. I will take a look what is going on.

    We just did a purge again, so that might be why your stats aren't showing up, I will look at the backend of it.
  • maybe i'll try this later as the indexfication result is very bad
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    Hi guys, I seem to have had a double payment taken for my second month (asked me to resubscribe).  I have emailed the email address found on the paypal receipt.  Thanks!

    EDIT: These guys have RAPID support! Nice one. 
  • FYI -- I will be out of town this weekend, if any problems occur, I will address it on Sunday.
  • @greeny1232 - is indexer down at the moment ?
    In SER log I see - "13:06:17: [-] ERROR! No links where accepted by TheIndexer (empty reply)" I am 100% sure I haven't reached my daily limit. Please check.
  • Same here, when I try to go to the indexer in my browser to check for links it just times out. Confirmed with
  • For the last 2-4 days my links aren't sent to the indexer :\ I add the manually . Also ,my payment date is 21 ,but in mail is written that my account will be blocked/deleted on 20th if i will not make the payment :\ Any advice on this ?
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