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The Incredible Indexer With Integrated API [Highly Recommended GSA Indexer]



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    We also have this script running across over several servers. We are taking every step possible to ensure there is no footprints whatsoever. I can promise you, that no one else is taking it to the level and we have done in the last few days. And NO one will. Not to mention the bonuses that we give out privately to our users. Our service by far has spoke for itself. We index over 60% in under 2 minutes, and now that the API is setup, it could be as high as 90% depending on the links.

  • Question, I assume for existing projects with existing submitted/verified links will not be sent via API for indexing? Only newly created ones?
  • Thanks Sven, that is better than expected :)
  • looks like links get indexed almost instantly with api.
  • How do you know if it's working correctly @sven and @cloudattack?

    I've setup the API key checked it's correct and tried indexing a few links.  When I right click indexed send to incredible indexer there is no response from GSA.

    Manually checks show that links aren't indexed yet and when I login to the web tool for incredible indexed select statistics from the menu the number submitted has not changed.  Thanks!

  • I thought the links were sent every 10 minutes, but I'm actually not even seeing them going to my indexication? Maybe we need a update? @sven
  • Actually it seemed to submit after a certain period of time.  Is there anyway to track what was submitted to incredible indexer i.e. see a list of links that were sent?

  • That's what I would need too - we have a pay-as-you-go package and right now there's no way to see what's been submitted and what's not (at least not from the interface on the membership site).
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    GSA sends links in 100 verified URLS packs. Check your emails for some screen shots. The API is working just as it should be.

    request about links that were sent - sent to the coder and looks like it will be added.

  • guys i just confirmed it works sent 300 links manually.

    @sven question does it only send every 100 new links generated in GSA overall or every 100 links per project?  the reason i ask is i have some tier 1 projects for new sites doing probably 5-10 linnks a day.  if it's per project it won't index till day 10?

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    As requested:

    Go to your Stats
    1. processed today
    2. today pending
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    You'll get back an email with your special ref link, and other details to track your sales daily. We are offering 20% for every sale, and payment to be sent after 30 days on the 15th of each month. 

    Only required to have gmail and have a paid account (this may change in future). 

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  • I'm currently using Indexification and their interface allows you to set to drip feed links X number of days to not have any "footprints". Does your indexer have that to?
  • @Glennf ;  Sorry, we don't have a dripfeed option. The best way if you were to use our indexer, filter your gsa project to do X verified a day and that way it will be dripped through GSA. I sent the request to the coder, but as of tonight, no we don't. We will see about the morning though haha!
  • Would it do any harm to send links to both GSA Indexer and your service? Or should we just send to one or the other?

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    @flowerbaron It's much better to just use this service to index your links as we are indexing at very high rates. There would no harm really but it's not actually needed. Must faster to just use our API to get your links indexed daily. 

  • If you want to drip use the API as @cloudattack works.

    Or if you want to micro-manage and control you can export all the links from GSA daily and pick which ones you want to manually index using incredible indexers interface
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    sonic81   Regarding how GSA sends packets. Sven said GSA sends in packs of 100 to the API (all APIs). If you don't meet that 100 links within 10 minutes, then whatever was made in those 10 minutes are sent. So as example I did a test a few minutes ago. I had verified 115, 100 went to the indexer right away and the 15 went after a few minutes.

    Good idea about exporting the links you made daily too. You could pull all your links that you made, pop them through SB, save the non indexed and manually add them in the members panel.
  • Definatly happier with the API and stats page. Of course it is missing a total count toward the monthly pan. We need some way to see how mahy we have submitted, how many we have left in our plan etc. Any ETA on that?
  • Wauw nice reviews!
    Too bad it's so expensive!

    Great service for extremely high quality tier 1's it seems, but not anything I would buy as I usually build way more links than that even for tier 1.
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    If you know your total daily plan its pretty easy. Go to your stats page and minus off the links there. It is updated every 2-5 minutes (generally). It is the weekend but I can see if its something that can be added. And in GSA itself, you can see how many links you have remaining when GSA sends the packets.
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    Trial Packages Now Available!

    For those who don't have the chance to test this indexer out, you 
    can now submit 1500 links (500 daily links). 

    Trial users are still able to use API during a 3 day period, after the 3 days
    you'll be automatically setup with a $25/month plan. 

    Cancel at anytime if you are not happy with the service.

    For looking to get started click here and select trial package. 
  • Since unused daily capacity rolls over it is really a monthly plan imo. On any given day I may go over or under the "daily limit". It only makes sense to have a running total don't you think?
  • Hello, i sent email to the admin, but don't get any response.. i think i just posted here..

    I purchased the service on 2 Oct.. which is now 500 link per day (before 250 link per day).. then at the same date i put around 2000 links in order to give a first shot.. then today 5 October.. the link statistic still show 250 links.. and surprisely NO statistic for 3 and 4 October .. is that some kind of glitch or the database being upgraded? do i need to wait or do i need to put back those 2k links..?

    Then today 5 Oct i added more new links.. just to test if the system work.. then it works... but how about 3 and 4 Oct quota? is that remaining 1750 links being processed? (2000- 250)

    I just wanna make sure.. and don't want to resubmit those 2k links again if it is already being processed (during 3 and 4 Oct)
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    @eyman if your daily limit is 500, why are you loading in 2k links? its not going to accept 2k links, it accepts the daily amount only. did you enter any links in for oct 3 and oct 4th? We have a rollover system with credits, but it rolls over at the end of the month. Not daily, sorry for any confusion there.
  • greeny1232 ok that explains why I did not understand what you are doing - it directly contradicts what I was told via PM.

    cloudattack "Absolutely Samx, you can use 30k links, however you wish for the next 30 days. "

    And think about it, given what you have said, how could we ever use the rolled over capacity if it will ignore anything over our daily limit? We get to use the roll over when we cancel?
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    I'll take a look and see if we can run it at monthly limits and not daily. It wasn't clouds fault .... he understands the system on the front end. I didn't exactly tell him it comes at the end of the month not daily, so miscommunication between him and me.  If you do cancel and you have rollover credits, then no you wouldn't be able to use them. You would lose the rollover credits.
  • OK...i am really sorry.....i did not know it works that way.... what i thought the system will eventually processed slowly whatever amount we put until it finished.. i mean still follow 500 per day system...

     now i think each day i need to log in and put url list manually.. but i just hope the system will work automatically as i think.. i mean whatever amount url list we put.. the system will process it according to our daily limit
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