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The Incredible Indexer With Integrated API [Highly Recommended GSA Indexer]



  • Tim89Tim89
    edited September 2013

    not much, your tier 1 link will get de-indexed and your rankings you 'once' had for that anchor, will plummet.

    that's ofcourse if you manage to get 100% index ratio on your 5,000 links.

    Rapid indexing is fine guys, but when and if you start to index mega amounts of links all to a single URL, that url can be deindexed because of it, just saying.
  • Tim89 do you have a study on that or are you assuming?

    My guess is that if Majestic/Ahrefs knows about a link G does as well - even if it is not indexed. So why would rapid indexing mean more than rapid link building?
  • @Tim89 you could definetely be right but I still like to experiment :)

    Don't want to start a big debate but honestly, I think the quality of the links plays a big role. These are contexual links so lets see what happens anways :)

  • Tim89Tim89

    I've tried it myself at a higher scale.

    indexing 35,000+ links to a single url.
  • Tim89Tim89
    edited September 2013

    My theory is this,

    you can safely build a million back links in one day.

    you can not safely index a million links in one day.

    majestic and ahrefs aren't using the google index, I once had a site that I had built around 50,000 links to, majestic said I had around 3,000 links and ahrefs indicated I had 10,000 links, now you tell me how many links I have?

    I have around 50,000 links because I built them myself and I am monitoring them links with BLM.

    this is why I cringe when people look at majestic seo and ahrefs for their link analysis, it's pointless, fair enough you may be able to indicate a trend in link loss to counter act any possible ranking drops but this is not a great indicator when it comes to actual link volume.

  • A million links has got to be a huge outlier for any search engine!! LOL. I'm not that bad ;)
  • Tim89 that is kind of interesting. I don't doubt your test but I think more testing would be in order to better understand what's really happening and what the limits are of it. Maybe the G crawler is aware of all links (approximately) but the ranking / penalty algorithm only concerns itself with indexed ones. Actually that does make sense.

    So then maybe we should be setting our limits to indexed link per day rather than submitted/verified.
  • Tim89Tim89
    @Samx Indeed, ask yourself, how can a non-indexed link carry any weight in rankings?

    The crawler can possibly crawl the link and knows where that link is, but I doubt it is contributed to rankings or as you mentioned the algo, until it is indexed..

    There were a few members on this very forum complaining about their links not being indexed as they used to before the May update earlier this year, that just proves this theory even more, links were not being indexed as easily and therefore rankings were not increasing as they normally once would.

    It's common sense that a non indexed link has no effect in rankings, this is why SEO is so random, I'll give you an example;

    lets say we begin on a site and we've created 50 exact anchored back links with our 1 keyword..
    and then we create 150 raw urls and generic anchors for our anchor text diversity...
    lets say by day 7, 10 of our exact anchors have been indexed and 10 of our generics have been indexed, this means we currently have a 50/50 anchor text diversity, which in effect gives us mediocre rankings..

    However, lets say, by day 14 all of our 50 exact anchor back links have been indexed and none of our generics have been indexed at this point, we would in fact get penalised not because we've built too many links.. but simply because none of our generic anchor backlinks have been indexed, many people at this point shit a brick and start building more and more and more links, this is bad.

    When to put it simply, you just needed to concentrate on indexing those generics you already built which in return 'should' get you out of the gutter and where you want to be.

    the algo is dynamic, some times when you fluctuate it could be anything, from link loss, to not having enough generics due to some link loss yet again..

    Personally, I wouldn't start a campaign without having an understanding of how many tier 1 links I WANT TO BUILD, so I can keep track of the numbers, normally this is 3x the amount of base exact anchored back links that I would need, so if I needed around 50 exact anchored back links I would build 200 tier 1 links in total then start tiering them out from there.

    anyways, I'm rambling and I don't think I'm making sense now
  • 9 hours later and TONS of my links are indexed. I sent in 10,000 links and MORE than half are indexed and the days not even over. 

    MIND = BLOWN.  

    I'm canceling all my other link indexing services effectively now. Nothing comes even close!!! 

  • @cloudattack - thanks for the info - sent you an order and my info a few hours ago - looking forward to my account info to get started.
  • This index service incredible all my tier 1 pr3 50% above indexed in few hrs
  • I use GSA SEO Indexer along with GSA Capcha Breaker. How is this better than GSA SEO Indexer?
  • Have you tried GSA SEO Indexer for deep links? It does nothing in the short term. Maybe, if some of the links it gets are catched up by Analytics, they might do something in the long term, but the difference is huge.

  • @sweeppicker Awesome stuff! You really will see faster better results by using our indexing services ;)

    We have sent out all login details to new subscribers today :)

    For those asking about where to purchase go to 

  • Is this indexing service based on links, social signals or something different?

    Just curious, because for example I wouldn't want my 100k links to be plus-ed by the same 1k accounts.

    So if you can shed some light on the technique without revealing too much or just assure that there's no footprint, that would be nice.
  • edited September 2013
    @komakino The indexing service does not use any links, rss feeds, or build any anchor text. It does not leave any footprints for any submitted links, and has not harm any of our networks. 

    The method works, and takes a lot of resources to get such a high volume indexed at 50-75% rates.

  • @Cloudattack. I think you're gonna put every other indexing service out of business ;) Heheh.
  • edited September 2013
    @sweeppicker absolutely our success rates and speed are untouchable at this point ^^

  • SvenSven
    @cloudattack any api to add to SER ?
  • I'll probably wait a few days to see if you guys can hold it off even after few days. I'd like feedback then. Thereafter I'll be definitely interested to try this service out.
  • Is this service comparable or even better than ? It's the #1 indexer.

    This question has probably been asked before, but how does this service integrate with GSA SER projects?

    What results can I expect when i sign up for a package?
  • Count me impressed - and that rarely happens. This service is legit.
  • edited September 2013
    @sven we are definitely going to get API for you to add :)

    "The Incredible Indexer" is now the #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 indexer now. The indexer is like a bottle of Henri Jayer Richebourg Grand Cru ( --- all other indexers are like a bottle of miller light, stale and warm.

  • Again,

    How does this service integrate with GSA SER projects?

    What results can I expect when I sign up for a package?
  • edited September 2013
    @glennf The API won't be ready for at least a few weeks so when that does happen, you'll be hearing about us quite a bit :)

    The results you'll find would be 50-60% indexing rate on typically T1 and T2 lists. If you want to test it out on a small list, just add me on skype: cloudlinkbuilding

    For those who are asking:
  • I purchased an account yesterday. The submit order page is down.
  • edited September 2013
    @jiggsaw please check your email that sent, it contains full instructions on how to submit links. 


    We are now using dropbox only for submission, it is faster for everyone to simply copy and paste into a shared excel file. Emails were sent to update everyone who have joined recently. 
  • Ok... thanks. I have to create a new dropbox account. I'll send the email in the next 15 minutes.
  • OK. I'll wait until the API is integrated into GSA SER by Sven assuming he will be doing this.

    Forgive me. When you say "the results you'll find would be 50-60% indexing rate on typically T1 and T2 lists", does this ultimately mean I will see faster and better rankings in the SERPS, assuming I used good content for my GSA SER projects?
  • Not that it is needed but to update my last post, I am now seeing 50-60% indexation as claimed. Nice job :)
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