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[SELL] 301 Nuke - Ultimate Protection Against Google Penalties!



  • Hi P_B, replied to your PM.
  • I'm waiting to see that promised API and will buy for sure. Can you tell us which Indexer services will be supported in the API?

    Because I'm currently looking for an indexer and I would like to get the right one :)
  • KaineKaine
    22:41:27 - Definitions database corrupt ?

    Soft is dead ? no update ?
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    Yeah, any news on the promised updates? Seems the new update was promised months ago, I just purchased this last week and if the software is no longer being updated or maintained I will probably be asking for a refund
  • It's working fine here 470 URL's loading in database.

    Updates are slow coming out,software is working as designed and continues to be a worthwhile tool in improving rankings.

    In it's current state/version it supports the following indexers.

    Indexification API

    Lindexed API

    TheIncredibleIndexer API

    Do your own research and run your own tests on these indexers as well as any others you may hear about.

    My own tests and experiences lead me to us

    It also indexes my GSA SER projects as first choice.

    You can also boost the effects of the 301Nuke links by building contextual links to them with GSA SER.

    No indexer is a magic bullet to rankings,they just assist the discovery/crawling of the links you build the rest is dependent on content and link quality.

  • Hi guys, software is not dead at all don't worry! I'm working on the additional api's. If you are getting the corrupt DB message then this is caused occasionally when a new DB update is pushed out. If anyone is getting this message the. Please send me a pm. I'm still here coding away and answering all support questions. Don't worry 301 nuke is definatley not dead! :)
  • edited July 2014
    **** V1.4 Has Been Released! ****

    Now includes the following API's: -

    Express Indexer

    **** This update will be pushed out automatically ****

    Apologies for the delay getting this out guys. I am now working on the other features discussed previously. Please send me a PM or drop me a mail at if you have any problems.

    Thanks for your patience everyone :)

  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    edited June 2014
    The API for Lindexed is not working. Not a single link is send to Lindexed. This is the same problem as the previous version.

    This is all I can see when I download the report:
    "Link, "Submit Date", "First Crawl", "Last Ping"
  • xdigitalxdigital South Florida, United States

    Glad to see LinkProcessor was added.. It's working great by the way! Thanks alot man!
  • Hi miran, I tested it my side and all seems to work fine. Is anyone else getting this problem with lidexed? Miran, have you ticked 'send to apis'?
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    Yes I have ticked "Send to API". 301Nuke is creating a new nameless campaign at Lindexed but with no links.
  • Hi miren, I will take another look at this for you. It's strange though because it seems to work for me. Leave it with me.
  • Miren did you check both send to API Boxes or just one.

    There is one above the Start Stop Button on the main interface Send to API's and one for Enabled in the settings page.

    Both need to be checked.

  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    @wicked1 I have checked both of them. 301Nuke is creating new empty campaign at Lindexed but not sending the links.
  • Hi miren, I'm looking at this now for you...
  • Hi, TheBigWeb, I changed my PC OS, please reset my 301NUKE license key. the detail info sent your pm.

    thanks a lot.
  • Seems to be working perfect with Instant Link Indexer. Thank you.

    Only thing I can think of that would make it better (other than running projects on autopilot) would be if it made a sound when it was finished, to get my attention.
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    @MrPheer .. lol .. do you want it to make your dinner for you too?  :))
  • Well, the microwave makes a sound when it's finished :)
  • I'm sure I can add a 'beep' in the next version MrPheer  :)

    Hi sns4u, sent you a PM.

  • Hi everyone, just had a good question from one of my customers and thought I would mention it hear as I am sure some of you may want to know the answer too. The question was whether or not the 301 redirects should be indexed and my reply was almost always not however, ocasionally, if you send enough links to them your 'Money Site' or destination URL will be returned in Google. This is completey normal so don't worry :)
  • If I buy this, do you'll attach some guides how to use it alongside with GSA SER? I'm a noob in this 301's anyway. I think some guides from you will be useful for sure ^_^
  • Hi vahnz13, You can download the 301 Nuke Best Practice guide Here.
  • Hello every one.

    I purchased this soft long time ago and it is great. I have menage to rank one url shortner on 1st page of google, but here it is the problem.

    The link is and i got very good traffic last two moths from this link, but this morning i noticed huge drop on traffic. I checked and link is stil on google 1st page but now reddirecting to other page. How that could be possible. Are those webmasters from selling traffic this way or what?

    @TheBigWeb what do you think about this
  • Now I see that all links are reddirecting to one page. This is shit :)
  • The 301 redirects, is it a 301 right to your money site, or is it a double 301:
    301>301>money site

    which do you recommend
  • Hi DexterLab, glad you are having success with the software. Always good to get feedback. It's a shame that is redirecting all pages. Sometimes this happens with 3rd party websites :(
  • Hi tsaimllc, with 301 Nuke you can do both. You can create 301 Tiers if you select ;Tier' mode :)
  • edited July 2014
    It's common sense to build some redundancy into your 301's as any of the free services could close or redirect effectively breaking some of your tiers/links etc.

    This is why it's important to build non tiered links (single) as well as tiered.

    I also build tiers to the tiers quite often meaning from the first tier project you take each of the tier one 301 urls and create a new tier for each link.

    In the event any of those 10 tier one link providers goes offline you now have more solid coverage of your other links being backed up with their own tiers.

    It's time consuming and maybe a suggestion for an addition for future updates to have some kind of import of this list to schedule the building of these secondary tiers from each tier one url.

    This method also tends to make the 301's appear in Google serps which means you can have 2,3,4 serps results which all redirect to your site in results bringing you more traffic in the short term.

    Google does filter them out but it can take from 2 weeks to a month before that happens in my tests.

    Obviously your results will vary as do mine depending on the level of competition for each search term however you can get fast long tail rankings using this method.

    Be sure to diversify your keywords when building projects or use generic keywords like read more,click here as your keywords become your anchor test in links.

    Building tiers using one main keyword eg: "show me the money" is likely to show you an automated penalty or be filtered out giving little to no result.

    Run your own split tests on other sites and measure results before unleashing any "untested hunches" on important sites that already make money.

  • Good information there wicked01.
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