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[SELL] 301 Nuke - Ultimate Protection Against Google Penalties!



  • Cool. Now I am new to this 301 redirect method. Is this a churn and burn kind of thing, like the money site will die eventually and we should know this going into it, or is it safe? Like, would you use this on a 10 year old clients website. Or do it to a web2.0 / Tier 1 instead.
  • Welp, I just purchased :)
    I am unclear if there is an actual instruction manual or the 'best practices'
     guide. that guide doesnt tell me fully how to use this. What is multi mode?
    it doesnt say

  • Really you need to take what was mentioned above and run your own split tests as results vary.

    I never recommend using any technique directly on a clients website or any site you own that will effect your living terribly if you lose it.

    You may not know if they have analytics installed or google webmaster tools installed.

    The examples I've given are food for thought for users to experiment that they may not have thought of before on test sites until they get a feel of reading the play.

    Using any method that you have not tested and do not fully understand is risky.

    For example if you don't know how to setup gsaser and just let it run it can get sites penalized quickly.

    The rest of the skills have to be learned yourself.

    The smart way is to always use web2.0 buffers,this way if later down the track google hands out penalties for the links you simply break the link at the web2.0 level and every link below it ceases to effect the money site.

    If you build thousands of 301 directly at a money site and a penalty is given how do you remove them ?.
    Long story short you don't.

    If anyone has any more questions please PM me as I do not wish to block up the sales thread.

    It's not possible to give a one size fits all recipe for success,every site and term has different competition and domain age,existing links etc.

  • hey @thebigweb something is wrong with your email or something, when I email support@, I get replies that are all chinese code its really weird.
  • Hi tsaimllc, I don't think so. Do you want to send me a test now with the subject line 'Test' and I will reply?
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    Hi i bought this the other day and just now fired it up i shot you a ticket i cant get everything to load right on it.
  • Hi wackiin, replied to your email.
  • edited July 2014
    @TheBigWeb after last update I can't make this program run. Check this screenshot
  • Hi DexterLab, sent you a PM with a fix.
  • I sent you an email, did you get it?
  • Hi tsaimllc, best send me a PM because your email (including email address) is in Chinese for some reason?
  • BigWeb The problem is doing the same thing on my new VPS will try one more when it arrives then give up
  • Hi wackiin, would you like me to connect to your machine via teamviewer and take a look?
  • yea one sec ill reinstall it on my main 
    Shoot me your Skype or hit me up on AtlantaProMarketing
  • Just sent you a skype request
  • Well Guys BigWeb is a good guy it took prob 20-30 minutes lol but he got it fired up and working very good
    thanks BigWeb
  • Glad we got it working :)

  • Just one tip if you fire 301 redirects to your money site: install a redirect script like yourls on your webserver and create your own redirects with your own domain. Then point 301 nuke to your own redirect. If you get caught by big G then just cut the redirect. It's very easy because it's your own domain :-)
  • Hi!

    Just bought 301Nuke and need confirmation before using it! ;-)

    Considering: is my domain ranked PR2, and my domain contains 6 different activities (but same context wich is information security) and I want confirmation before launching 301Nuke on it. My terms are between 1st Google page up to 6th page, too bad...

    I think about launching 6 times wich each url: with 4/5 keywords linked to activity #1 and being on 1st Google page, 10th position with 4/5 keywords linked to activity #2 being on 3rd Google page

    Please confirm me that I can launch multiple internal URLs with the same domain, with different keywords??  I am right or wrong ? 

    Or should I use differently???

    Thx for your feedback guys!
  • Hi stormbyte, you will need to run 301 Nuke for each of your url's IF you are using different keywords. If they all share the same keywords then you can just run it once. Hope that clears things up?
  • Thx for your fast answer TheBigWeb!! 

    Another question: what about my root  what keyword using since I'm already using them on internal pages??  Any tips?
  • yeah @thebigweb that is what started happening when I was emailing.. weird! ill pm you
  • First of all this is my first post on a GSA forum.  I've been lurking awhile.
    The GSA forums are great... There's so much user activity.  It's great.

    So now to my point.  I just fired up the script.  I entered the url to my yelp profile  and I added a couple of keywords.  I walked away for a moment, just a moment and came back and I had 325 - 301 created urls.  I stopped the script and saw a report produced on my desk top.  Wow - fast and efficient.  I clicked on a few and bam I was at my yelp profile. I was really excited until I realized that I just created 325 urls in 90 seconds effectively to my money site.  My yelp profile has a PR of 2 and I get lots of calls from it. All I wanted to do was drive more local traffic to my profile.   Obviously though I don't want to hurt myself inadvertently. 

    So my concerns are:  
    1)  Is it prudent to point my 301s to yelp?  
    2)  Is the velocity too much too fast? 
    3)  Will this be a problem for/with Google? and 
    4)  If it's not a good idea to point to my profile, how can I remove/disable these links before Google crawls my profile on yelp?

    Finally, the best practices guide is a little light;  I hope that you'll put a little more time into fleshing out the theory and practice of utilizing 301 redirects in the context of using this script.  And in using it in tiers.  And in my downloading the script from jvzoo there was no mention of documentation explaining the mode settings single, multi, tiered??? ( I don't exactly remember the mode terms)

    I'm just trying to use the software properly.  Thanks in advance to all for your feedback.

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    Hi Charles, I'll try to answer you questions the best I can below: -

    1)  Is it prudent to point my 301s to yelp?  I don't have much experience with Yelp so I can't really advice on this one however, it is just another platform which will behave like any other so you should be good to do this.
    2)  Is the velocity too much too fast?   - Your 301's will not get spider-ed right away by Google unless you send them to the indexers. I recommend a GSA SER contectual campaign instead as I have found this much more effective.
    3) Will this be a problem for/with Google? - If you follow my guide you should be ok but like anything in the SEO world, Google can change anytime so you will have to use your best judgment.
    4)  If it's not a good idea to point to my profile, how can I remove/disable these links before Google crawls my profile on yelp? - magix suggested a really good method to protect your money sites. His suggestion is further up this page.

    As for the best practice guide, well yes it is short but I feel it covers some of the ways to use 301 Nuke. It seems from chatting to my customers that you guys have even better uses for it than me and are having some great success adding your own twist. There are many ways to use 301 Nuke and you are only limited by your imagination ;)

  •  I think I will grab a discounted copy but I have a few questions : 

    1. How long does it usually take to complete say 500 submissions? 
    2. How can we usually rank websites with the help of these? 
    3. What kind of SERP movements have you seen so far? 
    4. Can you rank websites with only the URL shortners?

    Pardon my ignorance but I would like to know all of this before I jump in. 

    Thanks a lot 

  • hey I was wondering something,
    when you start building links to the 301s, does your money site show the links in ahrefs, or no (just the 301s)?

    and what about 301's to 301's (to money site)
  • Hi tsaimllc, I believe it shows just the 301's.
  • Hi clickster, normally takes about 60-120 seconds for 301 Nuke to complete. You will get between 350 to 400+ successful 301's depending on the target website availability. I would not use 301 Nuke alone as I recommend you use it along with your other link building routines. I have had the best success on aged sites with a healty backlink profile. Speed of ranking entirely depends on the niche so it's hard to say. Sorry for being a bit vague.
  • hi,

    just want to confirm thing.s

    how this tool works?

    should i import my verified list from gsa to this tool? or ill use this to submit my web and campaign?

    or should i import those links that i have made from gsa to this tool? is there a video that shows on how to do all of this stuff?

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