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[SELL] 301 Nuke - Ultimate Protection Against Google Penalties!



  • No hard feelings but...isn't this the same as if I create a project in SER and only tick all "URL shortener" engines?
  • Hi John,

    301 Nuke has several different engines built in which creates over 400 URL's (all 301 checked). I don't believe GSA has all the same URL's as 301 Nuke.
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    what is pr breakdown of domains? i dont mean like many of each pr0, pr1, etc.?
  • It sure is an interesting product, but is it not a known fact that a 301 redirect passes a penalty after an uncertain amount of time? Thereby only making you temporarily protected. Has your tests proven otherwise?
  • Hi jpvr90,

    The domain PR range from 0 - PR 5.
  • i dont mean like pr0-pr5...for all i know they can mostly be pr0.

    how many of each
  • Hi fakenickahl,

    I've done lots of tests with the 301 Nuke on my own sites. I've never had a penalty passed thankfully. I've had some great success pushing sites from the bottom of page 1 to #1 by taking the top PR domains that's created with the software and then blasting them with Scrapebox :)
  • Hi jpvr90,

    Here is a rough breakdown: -

    PR 5 = 1
    PR 4 = 4
    PR 3 = 2
    PR 2 = 8
    PR 1 = 25
    PR 0 = 380

  • That sounds great man. I've also been using 301 redirects with great success so far, but I've due to other factors been unable to verify whether or not I was going to get penalized. May I ask for how long your sites has gone without a penalty?

    Sorry for all the questions, and I'm definitely not trying to discourage people from your software. I simply want to know more before I buy it myself as there's no doubt 301 redirects work very well as buffers. I have even had success with using a keyword anchor 100% of the time!
  • I've used 301 Nuke on my sites for about 6 months (before I released the product) and I have had great success ranking my sites (many to #1). 301 Nuke is just a tool though and can be very powerful if used in the right way. For example, I tried the following as an experiment: -

    1) Entered my money site URL into 301 Nuke with 5 of my primary keywords with variations (this created Tier 1 301 redirected URL's)
    2) Ran a 301 Nuke blast and took the created URL's and put back into 301 Nuke for a second blast with just my primary keyword (this created Tier 2 301 redirected URL's)
    3) I then blasted my second tier 2 URL's with scrapebox

    Scrapebox -> Tier 2 URLs -> Tier 1 URL's -> Money Site

    This method took a site that was sat at #5 for months to #1 within just over a week :)
  • If I don't respond to further questions for a while it's because I will be sleeping (it's quite late here in the UK). I will be sure to answer and questions / queries in the morning :)
  • Hi @TheBigWeb what sort of competition was the keyword? What was the general niche? What are the G results for intitle:"keyword" inurl:"keyword", just quotes, just intitle, just inurl? Was it the keywords that are in your OP?
  • Hi JudderMan,

    I have used 301 Nuke on numerous keywords / sites. The one that moved from #5 to #1 was a local keyword (reasonably competitive). I can't give details on the keyword itself because it was for a customer. The keywords in the screenshots were just used for the screenshot. I did not do any back linking to these URL's nor is the site optimized to rank for these keywords. To get the best out of 301 Nuke you need to blast the URL's with another Tier or use the method mentioned above. Hope that helps.
  • No problem dude, just wondered as I see lots of 'I got to #2 in 3 days' claims on BHW etc but they never say what niche or give an indication of the difficulty of that keyword ie. it could be 7utvybiheruonfdsh7gybiw for all I know LOL. 

    Thanks for your answer :)
  • I know what you mean. There are a lot of false claims out there. I stand by my product though as I use it for my own sites and my customers and it works like a charm :)

    What works great is using it on a High authority parasite host. I created a blog on an .edu domain and used 301 Nuke along with Scapebox and I got one of the highest selling fat loss product on Clickbank to #1 for 'Product Review' in about 3 weeks. I raked in over $200 a day until they closed my blog lol

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    What is the diffrence between me using normal aged domains, backlink those domains with my tools like SER and SB, and then 301 redirect to my moneysite and your tool?
  • Hi PaulieP,

    Another way I have used 301 Nuke is to use it as a second level 301 Redirect. I had some aged domains which had content which I 301 redirected to my money site. I then put these domains into 301 Nuke.

    I have had great success with the following: -

    GSA / ScrapeBox -> 301 Nuke URL's -> 301 Aged Domain -> Money Site

  • Sweet, thanks @TheBigWeb that's the answer I was after, thanks for confirming. 
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    Whats the DA for all the domains in the soft ? If are low , I dont know how exactly good they are ? Also , if you say you can rank #1 with the soft , For what keywords exactly ?

    With 100 - 1000 searches or even 100k searches ? Exact searches ? 

    How many blog comments you used for your Tier 2 redirects ? 

  • Hi Ghetum,

    301 Nuke is just a tool like any other SEO software. If it is used in the right way then it can be very powerful (same as GSA or Scrapebox). Simply running your money site through the software isn't going to do much. However, running your HQ Tier 1's and our money site through it and then backlinking your 301 Nuke URL's you are going to see results. You need to use it along with your other methods. The software is used to complement your backlinking methods.

    Unfortunelty I can't give you my keywords as these are for my own projects / customers sites. Some sites (parasites) I have had top places in a few weeks. I have pushed a local keyword for a customer to #1 in a few weeks but I have been using 301 Nuke with my other SEO methods / tools.

    End of the day all I can say is experiment. I use 301 Nuke in lots of different ways. Some work some not so much. It's all about experimenting.

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    Thanks for your answer, but i am still not seeing the benefit of why i would put a redirect service between SB/SER >>>> aged domains >>> moneysite.

    Because i just can link the 301 domain directly with the certainty that the links are not gone when a third party service decide to shot you down or just call it quits

    I'll stick with my 301 as it is until i understand it better, goodluck with the sales

  • Hi Paulie,

    There are a few reasons: -

    1) 301 Nuke URL's are created on 400 separate domains (unique IP's and some with PR) so you are getting the benefits of passing PR / authority to your money site or Tier 1's/

    2) Some people build links to a buffer site (web 2.0 or tinyurl etc). 301 Nuke creates 400+

    3) 301 Nuke gives a buffer between your money site / Tier 1 sites

    4) You can also have a multi-layered 301 redirect (301 Nuke URL -> Your domain 301 redirect -> Money site) giving an additional layer of protection.

    5) Not everybody has 400+ domains to use as a 301 redirect.

    Cheers :)

  • Hey sir . I experienced before the 301 Redirects and they can rank it . But what I used , only High PR .. over 5 and DA more than 60 . I usually got results in 3-4 days after starting . So , I think will buy a license of your software and test it for one week . If I get any improvements at all, will keep the software . 

    if not , I will ask for a refund ( see you have 7 days refund ).
  • Hi Ghetum,

    You may want to give it more than a week to see the full benefits but yes I do have a 7 day refund policy if you decide to buy and then decide you don't like the software. I hope you will like it though :)
  • For your business to work well , and software sells to work better I suggest you to put atleast 15 Days refund policy . Why is that ? Because buyers have time to see or not see results with your software . Thats my suggestion for you . Like you said , you need more time than 7 days to see the benefits of the software . Probably most of buyers will ask you for refund , if they dont have results in 7 days. 
    This can give you more buyers for sure . I said this just to help you with your sales :)

    You have a skype ? PM with the adress. Thankyou
  • I stick by my product so I am increasing the money back guarantee to 14 days as recommended by Ghetum. More 301 targets coming soon :)
  • How many PC's can I install this on?
  • You can install it on 3 :)
  • V1.2 released. Now includes API.
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