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[SELL] 301 Nuke - Ultimate Protection Against Google Penalties!



  • Hi dimitribanks, if you have just purchased the guide will now be in your 301 Nuke installation folder :)
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    I never received the guide via PM

  • Can i get PDF. I bought software 7 days ago.
  • TheBigWeb  and it's there , thanks :)
  • I don't get any pdf :(
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    Hi netkam, tommy99

    Sent you a PM.
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    Should a link velocity penalty be a concern when building SER tiers to this 301 trick, or can you pretty much just go nuts with it since you arent linking to your own domains?
  • Hi mrpheer, I normally just send as many links to them as possible because you are spreading the velocity over 100's of domains rather than just one. Please take a look at the best practice guide in your installation folder for a couple of scenarios...
  • @Thebigweb
    Just purchased, can you send me PDF
  • Hi Serp_Demon,

    The guide is located in your 301 Nuke installation folder c:\301 Nuke\ :)
  • Awesome! No more doing things
    im sure this is going to kick ass in the serps!

  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    TheBigWeb PM me the guide
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at

    Can you send me PDF please ?
  • Hi @TheBigWeb,

    after not smart using of 301 NUKE and SER my domain is still sitting between 45-65 position for low competition kw with 3000 searches monthly. Before blasting it was on 65-75 position.

    The domain has PR0, some backlinks and about 1 year old.

    I run the campains about 2 months, using 301 - about 1 month and already think I killed my domain because I don't see any positive movements (the movement between 45-65 is not the good result, I think).

    What do you think about?


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    Hi @TheBigWeb, can you PM the guide too please? Thanks
  • nawshale, Brumnick  - Just sent you the guide.

    XXXX - Sending you a PM with some suggestions...

  • TheBigWeb Im not sure is it a bug but sometimes I get "?" at the end of url. Like I put "" and after shortening I'm checking link and I have 
  • Can i get PDF. I bought software
  • Hi emilio9, not come accross this issue before. I will do some testing my side.

    antonyalston, sending you a PM now...
  • can you send me the pdf too please ?
  • Hi olaf,

    Sent you the guide.
  • If you are unsure on how best to use 301 Nuke I have created a free guide you can download here: -
  • Just to let you guys updated. Im currently finishing of a big update (V1.4). I should have it finished in about a week. One of the main features is a '301 Checker' which will allow you to check all your 301's to make sure they are still alive before you use them in your link building. As always, V1.4 will be a free upgrade and everyone will be upgraded automatically :)

  • @TheBigWeb awesome, the link checker will be a great addition. 
  • I agree with you,,, , JJUMPM2
  • KaineKaine
    edited April 2014
    Thank you for this :)

    Another suggestion, if i enter 10 url's to shorten, it's possible to pass through all services shortener?

    Result= 10X (300-500) = 3000 or 5000 approx

    Less links jumps in case of report ... ;)
  • KaineKaine
    edited April 2014
    A timout would also be greatly appreciated. I have to wait a lot when it gets stuck on a url.
  • Hello,
    I am interested in this software but paypal is not available in my country. Can I make payment with BitCoin as an alternative to PayPal? Thanks.
  • Kaine, the 'multi' mode should do this for you. There is a time out of 10 seconds on each thread. I think the delay is caused when more than one thread has hit a site that is down. I will see if I can put a fix in place for the next version.
    mxwaymire, i'm sorry, i'm not currently accepting bitcoin. Maybe in future.

  • is there any problems which url shortners i only getting around 300
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