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[SELL] 301 Nuke - Ultimate Protection Against Google Penalties!



  • TheBigWeb please get rid of the sites that don't really create 301 redirects. I've seen several sites with asian symbols that have advertising on them, no redirect at all, not even a link.
  • @TheBigWeb please update the list of 301's in the software - there are far too many in there that are not even indexed in Google. No point sending links to de-indexed 301's. Last project I did had 30 odd deindexed 301 services. It's a really pain to manually check and remove them.
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    I installed it on my VPS, but it's stuck in a "update to 1.4"-loop
    I can click no and run ver 1.3

    Any suggestions? 
  • Is it still working. OP didn't replied yet ?
  • Hi Nicklas, sending you a PM.
    Hi Redfoxseo,still working :)
    Hubba, Black3st, looking at the DB now.

    Sorry for the late reply guys, have a good weekend...
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    @TheBigWeb You are gonna update the url database or you want me to scrape some urls for you?
  • hi
       i have 301 nuke and try some times but not get success at low competition keywords  can any one tell me how i try it and then i can do GSA blast as well but i need high ranking at very low competition keyowrds
  • Hi narutohits, sending you a PM.
  • I also tried with low competition keyword on youtube video, but no success
  • no reply from thebigweb
  • Hi narutohits, it was the weekend so I couldn't reply..
  • ok waiting for your reply about my issue
  • What is the difference between your product and ?



  • Yep good question @‌ haas2
  • xeroxiasxeroxias United States
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    Guess this software is dead. The creator has not responded for a long time and the list of redirect sites is has around 40% success rate.
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    Hi everyone, Miren this software is not dead at all. As you have probably guessed, there has been a couple of competators sprung up. (301 Nuke was the 1st of such software) GSA has also developed a very similar product. Both are advertised here in this forum so my sales have pretty much dried up. I'm still offering support for the product and I do reply here, to PM's and emails if anyone needs help or advice. I do have some big features which will make 301 Nuke stand out from the other copies and I will let everyone know when they have been released. Thanks for all your support...
  • i was ask you question but you are not reply me proper
  • Is that update coming? Need proxy usage asap please.
  • Look forward for the update!


  • Anything new about the update?
  • Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to let everyone know the status of 301 Nuke. As you are aware, there have been several products launched in competition with 301 Nuke. To move forward and make 301 Nuke even better with the features you have all requested I have hired a full time programmer to work on relaunching the software (Version 2). Until this time I have made the decision to prevent further sales until we have released the new version. It's important to me to provide a solid product that beats the competition. I will be supporting existing customers as usual so please don't worry.

    My new programmer has already started picking up from where I left off and adding the new features as we speak. We will also be releasing some really great tools along side 301 Nuke V2 so please stay tuned.

    Thanks everyone...
  • Great to hear so!

    That's a great step toward success in the software development business and any business of any kind as well. It will surely pay for itself and give the profit expected as people customers and those interested start seeing this app continues to get updated rather than abandoned.

    My suggestions:
    Become creative
    Ensure the programmer hired is a good one

    I encourage you to continue on this path = success.

    Miami - YV
  • Sounds good, but do you think it would be possible to make a fast workaround banned sites? In the start I received around 400 links, nowadays I only get around 150 using 301 nuke.
  • Hello OP, please PM me when the new version is out. Cheers!
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    Is there a discount coupon here for this?
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