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[SELL] 301 Nuke - Ultimate Protection Against Google Penalties!



  • ok thanks
  • Any news?
  • Hi MrPheer, sent you a PM.
  • Hi everyone!

    I have pushed out a URL database update tonight which has stripped out a lot of dead URL's. I am now getting a 390-400+ success rate. I have also added a few different high pr Tier 1 sites for the Tier mode.

    This is in preparation for a series of updates I will be releasing very shortly. I have decided to release the the upgrades (features) in 3 stages. The first will be the '301 Checker' as this is what everyone wants the most. The second will be the additional API's and the final one will be an upgrade to the submission engine to improve the success rate further.

    I am almost ready to release the 1st upgrade. Your software will be upgraded automatically when released. Thanks everyone for your patience and support!

    Any problems with the URL database that was pushed out tonight please drop me a PM or send a mail to
  • @TheBigWeb

    Did you release the update? Mine's not been upgraded till now.
  • Hi brianhill, just a dayabase update so far...
  • xdigitalxdigital South Florida, United States
    I've been working with 301s for the past couple of months and they are really great. I've been eye balling your software for the past month and I have finally purchased it. I'm looking forward to trying it out.

  • Hi xdigital, many thanks for the purchase. I hope you find the software useful. Feel free to drop me a PM if you have any questions...
  • Any ETA on the API update ?.
    Love the program but going insane needing to cut and pase each tier into the indexer.
    Manually processing several hundred tiers per day is hell.
  • Hi wicked01, understand your frustration and working on the updates as we speak. I will update everyone shortly with an ETA.
  • Hi antonyalston, sent you a PM
  • Hi guys,

    There has been a problem with the payment gateway for a few days but now everything is back up and running. Apologies if you have tried to purchase and couldn't.

  • Hi 

    WHat is the latest release for this? I haven't used the software for a while so not sure how I check if it is the latest?

  • Hi micb11, currently on 1.3. Don't worry, 301 Nuke will update automatically when an update is released.
  • "Update is coming" - for the past month.

    I wish I hadnt bought this.
  • Hi MrPheer, I'm sorry you feel this way but I think it's a little unfair for you to say this as the upcoming update is for additional features to make 301 Nuke even better not to fix any bugs. I have already released several updates, a free best practice guide and a new database upgrade a few weeks ago. I pride myself on offering all my customers great support and a great product. If you have any issues with the current version of 301 Nuke then please send me a PM and I will work with you directly to get them resolved. I know you are eager to get the new '301 Alive Checker' released but I did send you a PM a few weeks ago offering to check all your output URL's with my own personal software each time you use it as a gesture until the new feature is released but you didn't reply.

    Development of software and fixing bugs takes time. I will not release a buggy upgrade. I appreciate that I have been a bit slow releasing this last upgrade but I endeavour to release it as soon as I can for you guys.

    Sorry for the rant everyone but I feel I needed to reply back to MrPheer in this thread although I would have preferred to have discussed this privately via PM. MrPheer, the offer is still here if you want me to check your output URL's. Just send me a PM and I will happily do this for you until the new feature is released.

    Thanks everyone for your continued custom and support.


  • Paddy, don't worry dude, I and many others really like the tool - keep up the good work.
  • Great tool Paddy and for the price a steal.

    Real happy with it and creative uses with it under priced in my opinion,
  • Many thanks davidryan :)
  • I dont even care about an "Alive Checker". Never said I had any interest in that.

    I want to be able to use the software without having to cut & paste URLs all day into an indexer that I already use & pay for. Really, that's it. That's all I've been waiting on.
  • Have to agree the software is great but we need the API support to make daily usage worthwhile without wasting copious amounts of time cutting and pasting.

    Try generating around 30,000 301's a tier at a time and cut and paste them into the indexer 396 urls at a time to feel the pain :)

    You need to be able to build bulk links before they need checking.

    Several people have asked me about the software,I told them it's great for what it does and the cost the only thing holding it back is lack of API support for alternative indexers which we've been promised an update soon.

    Personally I tried the supported indexers with less than impressive success otherwise I'd just subscribe to the services and get on with work.

    Time = Money.

    Pretty sure both Mr Pheer and I have spent more time than the software cost in cutting and pasting.

    This is the frustration here,not the quality of the software as it's working flawlessly if you have many hours in your day to cut and paste.

    I can vouch for 301 Nukes effectiveness in ranking sites all day long with no reservations at all, we just feel like what you have here is a high performance Corvette locked in Valet mode when you're a professional Street Racer being blown away at the lights because of lack if API support.

    This is not meant to be personal towards you or the service,just real user frustration point of view from seeing massive potential by adding API support and it's on the backburner for less important features.

    I'd rather build more links than care about how many are still alive,that can be checked other ways.

    For example one site I've used to rank with 301Nuke has generated over 60,000 Se hits in a very short time for a very competitive term and in the last month of waiting it would have been possible to build many similar sites and rank them without wanting to avoid using it from frustration of cut and paste endlessly.

  • edited June 2014

    Hi wicked01 ,

    It's great to hear you are getting great results with 301 Nuke. I didn't realise that people were using it to the extent you and MrPheer were. I never thought that 301 Nuke would be as popular as it's becoming. I certainly can vouch to the success I have using it on my own sites and it's fantastic to hear you guys are having such good results too.

    It's also great to get constructive feedback too. Sometimes as a developer we like to work on the exciting new features and get a bit blinded to the features users really want. So as of right now I am going to pause development on the new features until I release the additional indexing API's.

    Thanks again for your feeback :)

  • Will there be a function in your update where you can process a list of urls in tier mode ? Not only one ?
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    Just picked up a copy, looking forward to having a play!  ~O)
  • Hi magix, I am currently working on the additional API's in this release but will consider it in future releases. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Hi MorphMan, thanks for your purchase :)

  • i am not able to work with soft today it shows URL database file missing :(
  • Hi deNiro72, let us know how you get on...

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