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[SELL] 301 Nuke - Ultimate Protection Against Google Penalties!



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    Hi antonyalston, I am pushing an update out later which will increase the amount of successful submissions. I am currently getting between 350 - 400. If you are running other SEO software at the time of running 301 Nuke you will reduce your success rate
  • hi thebigweb, sent you a pm a few mins ago. I've had good results so far with your software and have a question about local keywords. thanks.
  • @DannyP - Replied to your PM.
  • antonyalston, sent you a PM.
  • Can you add the api please in the next update as cutting and pasting is becoming quite tedious.

    Otherwise thank you for for just what I needed for fast ranking several sites so quickly I was almost in disbelief..
  • Hi wicked01. I will add the indexer in the next version which is out soon. Great to here you have managed to rank your sites so quickly using the software. Always nice to hear feedback :)
  • @TheBigWeb your tool is really great it helps me ranking :) 
    When are you planning to release new version with 301 checking?
  • Hi meph, great to hear you are having good results. I am a bit delayed releasing V1.4 but hoping to have it finished soon. Sorry for the delay everyone.
  • I have sent you a PM.
  • Hi HUBBA, replied to your PM.
  • Currently testing 301 Nuke's 'Tier' mode on a Youtube video after a customer asked if 301 Nuke would work on ranking. I will report back on this little experiment shortly :)

  • @TheBigWeb - I can already tell you tier mode is awesome, best upgrade yet. Although, really cannot wait for verification, that will make the software really slick..
  • @TheBigWeb
    What is the longevity of these 301's? Do they often get disabled/die?

    That is my concern for these 301's because much effort building backlinks to these 301's and for them to get disable/die would be a waste of time.
  • Hi jpvr90, the Tier 1 sites are pretty stable and it's unlikely they will die anytime soon as they are established sites. The others are not as stable but are used in quantity to back up the Tier 1 301's if used in tier mode. The new 301 Checker which I'm just finishing the coding for will help weed out dead sites though.
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    add skype help me :( my skype: REMOVED

  • Hi zenthang,

    Sent you a PM.
  • Any updates on the new version ETA ?.
  • Hi wicked01, Finished coding the main updates. Just adding the additional API's. Hoping to release by the weekend as I want to do some testing before release. I've also improved on submission engine too which will give a higher submission success ratio :)
  • aquaticmineralsaquaticminerals Planet of the Apes
    @TheBigWeb have you included express indexer into the updated version? I want to test this out but reluctant to buy it if it doesn't have integration with a service I use. thanks in advance
  • Hi there aquaticminerals, express indexer will be coded into the next version. I am coding the indexer API's as we speak...
  • aquaticmineralsaquaticminerals Planet of the Apes
    @thebigweb that's great thank you I shall be purchasing.
  • Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

    How will the update roll out ?. I don't see any check for updates button options in V1.3

    Just wondering so I don't miss it .
  • Hi wicked01, When the update is released, 301 Nuke will update automatically when you open it up :)
  • @TheBigWeb

    Did you have any results with your YouTube testing? Very interested in hearing what happened.



    Currently testing 301 Nuke's 'Tier' mode on a Youtube video after a customer asked if 301 Nuke would work on ranking. I will report back on this little experiment shortly

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    The video was ranking very well but I messed up by buying fake views which caused YouTube to remove the video :( I'm going to retry the experiment but this time only use 301 Nuke as I was getting really good results.
  • Update coming... today?
  • so this 301 nuke is an add on to gsa ser?
    or its a separate tool?
    should i run this before running gsa ser?
    or should i just run this to protect the links/site from google?

    any samples that you can show via videos? wanted to know before purchasing..
  • Hi MrPheer, update coming. Just a bit delayed getting it out. I will announce in this thread when it is released. Sorry for the delay everyone.

    Molex, this is a tool in it's own right. It can be used to shield your links and also provide a SERP boost if used correctly. Please see the best practice guide below: -

    Again, sorry everyone for getting the update released late. I will let everyone know once it's out.
  • Any idea when the update is coming? I've stopped using this because cut & pasting the links into my indexer was taking up way to much time. I'd really like to be able to use it without babysitting it.
  • Hi MrPheer, I have finished the update but I have discovered a bug which caused the program to hang and I am currently tying to fix it. I appreciate you are eager to get the update so I will ensure to PM you directly when I release it. Thanks for your patience.
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