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[SELL] 301 Nuke - Ultimate Protection Against Google Penalties!



  • i also bought this product when sending out PDF best practice please send it to me too :)
  • edited April 2014
    Can you send me the best practices PDF as well please,the Help button asks you to install flash but flash does not install and work properly on my server so I have no help function.

    Otherwise this software rocks,I'm seeing boosted rankings in under 12 hours in my first test.
  • Hi wicked01, the document is located in the installation folder. The help menu is currently not used. Great news about your success in such a short period of time :)
  • Hi again TheBigWeb !!

    I had PM you!

  • Hi Badboy104, just replied to your PM :)
  • Thanks, you are aswesome  :) 
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    TheBigWeb PM me that pdf
  • And me please :)
  • Thanks,After reading the documentation and better understanding what this software is capable of doing I've got to say if you are not using it you are leaving money on the table.

    Would be great if it supported the API of
  • can u add instantlinkindexer API
  • i also bought this product when sending out PDF best practice please send it to me too
  • Sweeet, and thanks for the PM dude. In fact, with your experience/skills I'd like to see more products you've done/or will do in the future.

    Also, could you, if you haven't already, add Link Processor API into the mix.
  • Hi all,

    Many thanks for all your positive feedback. I will be sending the Best Practice guide out to everyone by the end of the day. If you haven't received it by tomorrow then I have probably just missed you so please let me know. Thanks for your patience...

  • Just purchased, so please send the PDF to me as well. Thanks.
  • purchased, send me pdf please.
  • KaineKaine
    I send PM for PDF too

  • purchased, send me pdf please.
  • Already purchased and awaiting PDF.
  • edited April 2014
    TheBigWeb is there any discount available?
    I would like to give it a try :)
  • awaiting pdf also, sent you PM
  • Have u sent it? I haven't received the best practices PDF
  • I havent received my PDF either.
  • Hi guys, i'm sending it out to everyone at the moment. Please bare with me. If you haven't received in within the next hour please PM me.
  • PDF received, thanks
  • I think I've included everyone. Please PM me if you haven't received it. It's quite late here in the UK so I might not be able to reply until tomorrow.
  • Thank you for the PDF file,, gonna read it tomorrow :)
  • Please send me PDF. Thank You.
  • Please send me a copy of the PDF. Thanks
  • Hi netkam, tommy99

    Sent you the best practice guide. Please check your PM.

  • TheBigWeb  jest got your offer , will give it a try , can you please PM BP Guide to me !
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