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[SELL] 301 Nuke - Ultimate Protection Against Google Penalties!



  • Hi @TheBigWeb can you PM me about how best to use your software please, that what keeping from purchasing it. I want to make sure I understand what I'm doing when I use is with GSA SER.

    Thanks in Advance!

  • @TheBigWeb yeah if you have usage recommendations I would love to see it as well.
  • TheBigWeb Can you shoot me the same PM with tips... Thanks
  • Hi coneh34d, sent you a PM.

  • TheBigWeb Can you PM me about how best to use your software? thanks.
  • Still accepting feature requests for the next version (V1.4). Some really good ones so far. Please send me a PM with your ideas / improvements. Many thanks.
  • I've just purchased this product. I hope I won't regret, but I don't worry since there is 14 days money back guarantee. Thank you, I'm gonna try it out now!
  • Thanks for your purchase :)
  • @TheBigWeb, please PM me your tips as well - I purchsed your software a while ago. Thanks.
  • Thanks TheBigWeb  for your PM, it explain what I need to do to take advantage of you program.
    Just Purchase and looking forward to with you. Will PM you for another quick question.

  • @TheBigWeb It would be nice if you could add Link processor into the settings. They give you a URL to ping as well as an API.
  • TheBigWeb - and GSA SEO Indexer as well.
  • Hi Samx, XXXX,  thanks for you suggestion. Will be sure to add it in V1.4.

    Hi Hutchirg, sent you a PM.
  • TheBigWeb - I'd love to have a look at your recommendations too, if you don't mind sending them to me.  I've read mixed things about 'tiered' 301ing, and to be honest, haven't really given the whole 301 effort a shot.  But between what I've read and the fact that you seem to be getting generally good feedback here with you tool, it sounds like something I should give a bit of effort to.  With a bit of insight/direction, I'm sure I'll pick up your tool to give it a shot.  Thanks.
  • @TheBigWeb, what about best tips I asked above?
  • Hi XXXX, Sent you a PM.
  • Could you PM me too, always keen to learn more. I've owned this tool for over a month and haven't tried the tiering system yet, but I can see that it's working OK for a couple of sites of mine - not my usual thorough testing but literally just threw it on a couple of spare domains. It looks OK and from my initial experiences I'm going to roll out and use it on my real sites. I have tested a few ways with this, ie. adding in other types of link building as well as having SER running through the 301s and it's cool.
  • Hi JudderMan,

    Glad you are seeing results using 301 Nuke. Sent you a PM.
  • I got a few suggestions for the program:
    Show number of loaded URLs and keywords (just put 2 labels next to textareas, like it is in output URLs).
    Fix the option to delete the log (when click Select all and Delete it doesn't delete the log)
    Fix the option to delete output URLs (same as log).
    Add proxy support (just to load a few proxies or just one, no need for proxy checker or similar things).
    Make sure it's uncrackable, like GSA (when entered the key in GSA, it will need to reset before checking the serial key and this will avoid error bypass)

    This is a great software, thanks for making it!
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    @JudderMan did you build any links yourself to those redirects, or did you just setup a project, create loads of redirects and that's it?
  • edited April 2014
    Hi rkt77 There is no option to delete logs. Where are you seeing the delete option? The logs are set to read only. I think maybe you are talking about the right click option menu? I set it to read only to prevent accidental deletion :)
  • TheBigWeb - any chance you could PM me your recommendations/guidelines?  I asked in a message above, but you may have missed it.  Thanks!
  • @TheBigWeb It might be nice to include the target URL in the report.
  • edited April 2014
    @TheBigWeb Can you also shoot me the same PM with tips... Thanks
  • Hi mexiken, Brumnick. Sent you a PM.

    Samx, thanks for the suggestion. Good idea.
  • KaineKaine
    edited April 2014
    Hi, i have error with 1.3 no problem if i no update 1.0 > 1.3.

    06:20:57 - SYSTEM LOG STARTED
    06:20:58 - Loading databases.....
    06:20:58 - URL database file missing
    06:20:58 - Definitions database corrupt

    I'm interessed by PM too ;)
  • @spunko2010 I have run it on two sites, site 1 is an aged domain with a poor backlink profile (my kill kill test domain) and the other is a new site with no backlinks (totally different niche, different hosting). Both sites are in easy/moderate competition. Both have had no tier 301s (by this tool) and blasted with:

    Site 1: blog comments, forums, guest books, trackbacks. Low anchor %.

    Site 2: blog comments, guest books. High anchor %

    Site 1 has Adsense on it too....

    I'm sure with plenty of more work, throwing in some aged domains/PBN, 301Nuke, SER, other links and maybe some social for good measure you could make this really cool but I don't have a huge amount of time to test this at the moment.
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