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Separate whois/ping services

edited April 2014 in GSA SEO Indexer
Hello @Sven

I 've been trying for several days to take advantage of the index .

I test and compare with other soft specialized in the field .

Would it be possible to offer the possibility of separating the whois / ping services?

Let me explain .

If I want to index one site I prefer to use the whois .

If I need process a big list ( last tier ) I prefer use ping services .

In this regard, it would be possible to choose or change ping services ?

If i try to index 100 000 urls in same time, it's simply not possible ( within a reasonable time ) .

My point of views and what I want to do:

Able to ping my last tier (large quantity) with ping Google ( all blogsearch ) and Yahoo API only.

In the absolut and the best world (^ ^) they should be a strong Seo Link Robot Pro without the drawbacks points.

Strength: Good thread management, index simultaneously all the urls at the same time every services ping = efficiency. Edition Ping services in a .txt

Weak point : due to strong point, bug if the list is too large. Unable to choose the number of thread. No proxy support .

If 100 threads is chosen, it would have to ping 100 URL (User) on all ping services at the same time, then do the following.

I know I ask a lot :) but it is here that have made the best software ;)

Thank for reading.


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