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SER & Tiers

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Just thought I would show you guys what I do. A lot of people are visual, just as I am.

@Ozz did a very similar thing in the beginning which is here: where he goes into a lot of detail.

So here is my version...


The main point here is that contextual properties are able to accrue value with link juice much better than other type of properties.

  • I am willing to bet that most people just stick everything in Tiers 2 & 3. That's the lazy way.
  • Why would you ever build links to something like somebody else's blog post?
  • Or to a guestbook comment that will roll off the front page?
  • Some people like building links to bookmarks. In real life, do people link up to somebody's bookmark? Is that natural?

I try to keep my tiers 'pure'. Either pure goodness, or pure crap.

  • Think of this system like Legos.
  • You can add as many projects as you like.
  • You can have T1B, T1C, etc. all pointed to T1, as an example.
  • You can literally create any type of special purpose project - coming from any direction - to any project.
  • You can add projects and shoot linkjuice from any tier...from any any set of links.

Since this is related to how the software works, I thought this might help people.

NOTE: You can shoot whatever you want at your moneysite. That is entirely up to you. I'm not going to advise you on what to do, and get involved with SEO questions.

If you need SEO help, go to an SEO forum. That really is not the purpose of this forum.



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    Just a couple of questions, what sort of quantities of links are you sending on each level (T1,2 and 3) ?

    Do you limit the kitchen sink levels or just fire away?

    High PR blogs I assume you talking about blog networks?

  • ronron

    - That is where you need to experiment. New moneysites will obviously get less.

    - Pretty much no limits

    - It can be both high PR comments and blog networks.

  • OzzOzz
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    very, very nice! i also have the feeling that too many people just don't think about how to create a more or less "natural" campaign. to avoid such errors just imagine how someone would do it in "reality" whenever you have to decide how to set up your campaign.

    one note to doc shares: once the platform trainer is available and there are some more platforms that allows you to upload documents than those could be used as 'T1 Contextual' as well.
  • ronron
    You are so right, and I can't wait for the platform trainer :)
  • Cool, I am experimenting. Thanks for the diagram, it really helps.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @Ron - What about a few high PR "PAGE" blog posts at the moneysite. That would also be "natural". As well as some higher PR (3+) Social Bookmarks at the moneysite?

    How often do you go all the way to T3?
  • wow saved as pdf same with ozz great tut thx guys! yeah that platform trainer will be cool !
  • @ron I can't read anything off your small image, can you share a larger one? Thanks.
  • thanks Ron... I have been using something close to this but I like this better. What are you doing about verified links? I know you said you do not  like to waste link juice, which makes sense. So If you build 100 T1 links and then have 1000 T2 pointing to them you want to do your best to make sure T1's still exist. My only solution is you age your T1 a bit make sure links stick and then build out your campaing. But that is slow if you wait one week after you build your last T1 link and then reverify them all. What I would like to do is just build the whole thing on day one and let it run. How do you handle that issue?
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    wow, 3 tiers + secondary.. that must be some competition out there..

    how many  submissions do you do per day for T1? rough number would suffice, like 20 or 150..

    how many excact match keywords do you target? I guess it muss be something above 30 or 50 k searches a month, otherwise 3 tiers would be too much.

    web 2.0 like wordpess, tumblr, webs?: do you do set them  up manually?

    would you mind posting some URls of your money site to spoon-feed us more ;-)


    great work

    (but I still would enjoy some live sites as example)
  • @Ron - Thanks for the time and energy you put into this. 

    Do you find contextual links (articles,web 2.0's, social networks) to be enough in terms of link diversity for your money site? What other platforms in GSA would you set up as separate projects pointing directly to your money site - if any?

  • @Ron when doing this campaign how many URLS are you using from your money site? Generally i do about 4-5 making sure I get inner pages in but based on the diagram you have above how many URLS is that for?
  • ronron

    @Domainer - I do that for all URLs that I am trying to rank. For unimportant urls, I group them together in one project, and create a more generic set of linkbuilding with just contextual links.

    @gtsurfs - SER gets most of the job done, and many times it is enough. If it isn't, then that's where you need to expand your knowledge of seo. But whatever you do with direct links to your moneysite, you need to make sure it is safe and high quality. Some things need to be learned outside of this forum.

    @ranknow - When you build links in bulk like we do, you can't get caught up in constantly making sure every link is alive and perfect. It defeats the purpose of building a zillion links. I just set the T1,T2,T3 in the diagram above to verify once per day. Once per week I re-verify those tiers. That is all I can be bothered doing...too many campaigns.

    @thisisalex - For that answer, you will have to find my other posts because I have spilled the beans on that. But I can tell you that I build a lot less on the top tier than most people would expect. 

  • Thanks for this helpful post.
  • ronron
  • Hi. Thanks for this post.

    I am just curious if you use other tools than gsa for your linkbuilding? Or is gsa enough for getting good rankings?

    I own a copy of xrumer, but I need to limit the time used on linkbuilding as I only have 24 hours a day. So if I can use only gsa and get good rankings (in niche market), then I would rather use my time finetuning gsa than use both gsa and xrumer.

    What do you think?

  • in my opinion, try to rank till you reach the first page in Serps with GSA only (if you are in niche market), take a breath there and have a look how the traffic and the ROI is, then xrumer or other techniques like rons mentioned High Blog PR and so on...

    other : you know, how the ROI is, and give everything! ;-)
  • ronron
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    I have used ser to rank in a number of difficult markets - with nothing else. It is completely worth your time to get into it.

    Once you get going with ser, xrumer can still play a valuable role for you by helping to index your ser backlinks. You can do a dump everyday out of ser into xr and then you will really be rocking, with a minimal amount of interaction.

    Yeah, I wish I had xr as a backend thing to help out in that way, yet I am able to make a fulltime income with just ser and nothing else.

    But I could not make a full time income with just xr and no other software. So that tells you something right there. xr is at its best when you can leverage it against other software.

  • =D>
    congratulation! =)
  • @ron Thanks. I might use both tools, but I will fokus most on gsa.
  • Hey Ron,

    Thanks for this! Having just bought SER about a week ago, I'm trying to learn as much as I can before "unleashing the hounds".
  • @ron Thanks for sharing this. It may be off-topic but I was wondering for your T1 Articles, do you insert a link and spinned anchor text in the articles or you just paste spinned articles and leave it as it is?
  • ronron
    I spin with KM and insert the url/anchor token in KM. So when SER uses the spin, it automatically inserts my various anchors - just once per article.
  • Yep that's what I do too %link% and %anchor_text%
  • ronron
    I use %url% and %anchor_text%. I have no idea if that does different things.
  • Sorry typo on my part %url% is correct
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    @ron and @sonic81 Thanks for responses. The reason I was asking is because I have secondary anchor, generic anchor, domain as anchor boxes checked with certain %, and I don't want GSA pick random anchors from the entire set of anchors with all those generic anchors and domain. It would look very odd in the middle of the article. So what I do now is putting my URL with {anchor1|anchor2|anchor3} in my article body myself
  • Is there a Turbo Wizard feature in this like in SENukeXCr? This looks like a lot of work to set this up? I need the nuts & bolts to do this. Is there a video on it?
  • ronron
    Glenn, come on, I laid it all out. I even named the platforms I use. Just select them in your projects, right click in that box, give it a name - and you can copy those settings to every similar project with one click. 
  • @ron - What do you mean by High PR Blogs and Social Bookmarks?
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