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Consistent crashing since version



  • 5.35 seems to be working better than 5.34. 
    5.35 was working for a few hours but froze later.

    It is much slower than 5.25 which had a high LPM.
  • @LeeG Yes, submitted and verified way down.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    I had the 5.03 exe backed up. Went back to that over night and its still running fine

    Over 100k submitted and 7k verified. Not brilliant, but it finding a lot more verified links

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    I am having similar problems... however mine are with verified. I am only getting a few verified per project in 24 hours... where as on 5.22 I was getting all of my camplaigns paused as I was hitting the verified limit.. My Keyword is at 9000 keywords per project and I have 27 projects... so no shortage of finding links.. not sure what has happened... None of my projects are hitting the verified limit for a long time now.. BTW My verified limit per project is 5-8 verified links per day... These are not massive numbers....

     any Advice would be great,

  • 5.35 working much better for me now. I haven't seen a crash in over 24 hours :)

    Thanks @Sven!
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    Tried the latest version

    Verified are still way way down. And so were submissions.

    Gone back to a faithful version


  • I can confirm that I get low submissions and verified in 5.36.  I take @sven's point people can concentrate on LPM too much esp. the newbies as it does bounce around I try to look at submitted / verified over a 12 hour window.

    but 5.33-5.36 i can confirm that there is consistent low LPM, verified and submitted for me.  i'm running 5.26 and getting good speeds on link submission / verification and LPM
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    LpM I dont take much note of

    I work out my submission rates by an hourly average, along with verified

    Again my submission and verified are done on averages

    Plus I keep an eye on threads in use

  • No crashes still which is good but...

    I would echo a few comments here that indeed the LPM is low and I know that is not the "end-all" but verified/submitted is down significantly from earlier versions (5.26?). If it were only running at 90% I would not worry about it but it's running more like at 20% of what it was. 

    I have been holding steady with the last few releases because I really like the "re-verify" feature but will probably go back to an earlier version soon.
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne

    What engines are you guys finding are missing on the verified types

    I know we all run different configurations on the types of engine we target

  • Hey @squirrelhunter do you have 5.22?  Anybody?  Another thing, seems like the search doesn't find numbers?  If 5.22 or any number for that matter is inputted into the search bar, there aren't any results.  How do you guys search when numbers are involved?
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    Hi I uploaded v5.22 to Mega - link below [I did not hear back that its not allowed to post the file - and I see no harm since its the original untouched]. But do let me know if its a problem. I download the .zip files from GSA SER when they are posted and I will share that one.  I did go back to 5.22 for about 4 days and then I tested the 5.38 version and for 24 hours I did not see any issues.!108yyL6a!HhPJ2Xq_bj75j_UDhWe1aHhkq4UgwdW20xAqGNiRXHU

    Copy/paste as the link when clicked removes the file details so i removed the https//
  • LeeGLeeG Eating your first bourne
    edited March 2013

    5.22 is the version Im running with very good results

    If you go back to using an older version, you need to check the proxy settings

    They will need resetting


    This was yesterdays submissions running it, just to show how fast and stable it is



  • @Rich 2012 - Thanks for that uploaded version on Mega. It works much better than what I had before.

    @LeeG - Thanks for all that amazing insight. Being soo greene, So much I don't know.

    Making changes every day thanks to you guys.!!!!
  • @Rich2012 Thanks for the upload. I finally caved and installed 5.22 and getting about a 5X increase in performance (submitted and verified) from 5.41. Probably not for everyone but the way mine is configured, this works well...
  • Yeah... I thought the performance issues would have been fixed by now (been like this since 5.30). I tried 5.41 for about 2 hours and went back to trusty old 5.26. :)
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    Ok, I've been using version 5.40 for over 24 hours continuously.  Seems like 5.40 has got it right.  I'm not using filters however submitting to all channels (web 2.0, etc) and getting roughly 13 LPM.  I know others have seen LPMs in the 100s but if I can consistently get 13 and maybe make some adjustments to get about double that then it's all good.  How's everyone's experience with 5.40.  I'll test out 5.22 too, thanks @Rich2012.  Is there a tutorial for importing projects from a recent version of SER to an older version or must that be done manually?
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    Guess I should've told someone to explain it to me like a 4th grader.  Think I just lost all my project data, I don't have 5.22 b/c it updated after inputting my name and license info (didn't realize at the time 5.22 was updating) and when I opened 5.40 to update to 5.42, it updated but no project data imported.  Now I only have 5.42, just like I just purchased the software 5 minutes ago squeaky clean with none of my projects.  This must be saved somewhere on my VPS.  Does anyone know, Can I somehow import my project data and how is that done?  Any help would be a blessing right now.

    **UPDATE**  Seems all my project data is intact upon restarting the software but everytime I upgrade to 5.42, none of my projects carry over to the new version.  I know this undoubtedly has something to do with my attempting to install 5.22 and use it.  Has this happened to anyone else before and if so what is the fix?  Thanks.
  • ronron

    Because you are doing it ass backwards. But that's ok because I did the same thing :) So I get to make fun of you.

    All you do is make sure that the old version is named whatever version it is, like SER 5.22.

    Then simply paste it in your SER folder: C:Program Files (86) > GSA Search Engine Ranker. Just drop it right in there.

    Notice you have the regular GSA_Search_Engine_Ranker.exe file in there, and GSA_Search_Engine_Ranker_old.exe file in there.

    But now you have the one that has been renamed with the version number. Right click on it and send a shortcut to your desktop.

    Just remember to wastebasket that old shortcut on your desktop, because now you are using an older version.

    Always remember to update SER - even if you are using an older version. Because sven updates engine files, and you get better working engine files if you do that.

    Remember to reconfigure your proxy settings because they change every time you do an update, even though you are using an older version.

    Now you know what to do. And it is now your job to help others.

  • Yeah I just got it (did it the hard way) but pretty much what you wrote here is what I ended up doing.  Thanks @ron, less the joke. :)>-
  • thanks @ron, I missed the engines part and was running an older exe on another folder with an old installation.
  • @ron, just summary what you said.

    Use 5,22 version to run but always update the engine file. hmm.. that's make sense... now, anyone please share the 5.22 file please.. i like to try it...

  • SvenSven
    Please all keep in mind that some engines might not work properly for older versions.
  • @Sven Is there something that can be done then about the performance issues a lot of users seem to be having with the latest versions as shown in the threads below:

  • ronron
    @sven - Generally speaking, what changed to make it unworkable?
  • @sven, i like to know also... why high LpM Club member was using the old version 5.22?

    Is it because the new version of GSA SER have to many feature and makes the new version of GSA SER slow.

  • SvenSven
    The new version uses less cpu and does e.g. many things at once, so lpm might be a bit lower but in the end it would be the same in my eyes. I am no fan of this lpm number watchers.
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    Unfortunately, I’m one of the LPM number watchers you speak of, as I’m purely interested in getting as many submissions done each day as possible, and as a result, I’m after a high LPM number as possible. I don’t verify at all, I have no need for it, I strictly submit. The newer versions of the software are totally unusable to me, as the thread count, and LPM and therefore submission numbers are so low. I have a high spec PC, yet it’ll sit running at 48 threads, barely doing anything in the newer versions, whereas with v5.22, I’ll get the full 800 threads and a high LPM, which is exactly what I’m after. 

    It’s your program, and you do what you think is best, but do you not think it’s better the way it was, whereby it may have been maximising people’s CPU’s, but they could adjust the thread settings manually as they saw fit, so that they could make the best use out of the program? At the moment, with the current version, i get barely any submissions at all, and submissions is all i care for.

  • @sven, i really respect you since you always listen to you customer suggestion unlike many other.

    @doubleup, i don't think this is @sven fault also, since @sven always update the GSA SER according to our suggestion and it makes new version of GSA SER had so many task to do that's why it lowering the LpM.

    @sven, i know you piss off because so many open thread about LpM but for us, higher LpM is what we are after. We want to use the GSA SER to his max potential.

    If you want to make us happy, think about how to increase the LpM in the next version. What feature is not need and cause the low LpM, you can ask us and we can vote to remove the feature or not.

    Thanks for creating this seo tool, and above is just a suggestion...
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @darman82 - "If you want to make us happy, think about how to increase the LpM in the next version." - just use trackbacks and referred and you'll get a higher LPM. Remove the PR filter. Remove all filters and your LPM will increase. Add more keywords. That should increase your LPM and make you happy. :-)
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